What Makes Free Fire Chrono Character Special and How One Can Get It

How to Get Chrono Character in Free Fire: Free Fire powered by Garena game developers have collaborated with different personalities across the world, such as Joe Taslim and Hrithik Roshan to enhance the approach of Free Fire game at the global level. On 7th of December, Free Fire game developers announced its significant collaboration with a famous footballer of Portugal named Cristiano Ronaldo. They have planned many events associated with the collaboration and launched a new character named Chrono Character according to the Juventus Star.

Free Fire Chrono Character

Procuring the Latest Chrono Character 

Free Fire have allowed its players to get the new Chrono character from 19th of December. As per the notification comes from Free Fire in-game, users may get their favourite Chrono as rewards for the top-up. Accordingly, players have to buy total 100 diamonds for claiming the character. Once a player completes his or her required top-up, he or she may claim the Chrono character available easily from the gaming event section.

What Makes Free Fire Chrono Character Special 

Chrono of Ronaldo has Time Tuner active ability. When you activate the character, it makes a force field to block about 600 total damages from enemies. The character also buffs the movement or speed of allies and players by 10percent and 15percent respectively. These effects will last for about four seconds and come with 50seconds cooldown. Once the level increases, the movement boosts by 15percent and 30percent respectively. The duration of the effect will thus increase to 9seconds and the cooldown one goes down to 40seconds.

Chrono Character

Steps to Get Chrono Character from Character Royale of Free Fire

Character Royale of Chrono Character will last for 38days to give players an opportunity to get their favourite Chrono Character with plenty of other rewards.

The steps to follow to collect diamonds include the following:

  • You have to open Free Fire game and wait for the display of default screen. 
  • Navigate to the section that highlights Luck Royale present on your screen left side. 
  • On doing so, you get a new menu on your device. 
  • Players now should tap the segment that shows Character Royale present at the left corner and bottom area of the device screen. 
  • Now, you will get the draw on your screen. 
  • Here, you will have two different options related to the spin. A single spin will cost you 25 diamonds and 11 spins cost total 250 diamonds.
  • At the last step, users have to confirm their purchase of diamonds to get Chrono.

Obtaining Chrono characters in Free Fire is easy. Only you have to follow simple steps to obtain and claim the in-game characters of your choice.

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