Google Chrome Dinosaur Game Hacks: Bot, Speed 2024

Many Google Chrome users have spent their valuable time playing Google Dinosaur whenever they lose Google Chrome or an internet connection. Even though the game is easy and involves lots of fun, it becomes tough while you progress. In this situation, you should learn a few Google Dinosaur Game Hacks to make the dino invincible, change its height, or vary its running speed.

Google Chrome Dinosaur Game Hacks

Dinosaur Game Hack to Alter the Dinosaur Speed

Do you want Chrome Dinosaur to jump low or high? Alternatively, are you willing to run T-Rex at a relatively fast pace? You should try the following steps:

  • Once Google Chrome Dinosaur Game loads in your web browser, you should right-click on its webpage and select Inspect to open the panel showing Developer tools. However, if you do not get the panel directly, you should click the menu button of Google Chrome and select More Tools followed by Developer Tools.
  • Click the Game Console tab present in the panel of the Developer Tools. Now, copy-paste or type the code for Running-instance T-Rex jump height in the text box of the Console and press Enter. You may choose any number, say 15 to decrease or increase the jump height of the T-Rex.
  • Once you adjust the height, you should take steps to adjust the running speed of the Chrome Dinosaur. For this, you should use the Running instance code with the suffix of set speed. You may add a numerical value of your choice to obtain a fast or a slow pace.
  • Select the window Developer Tools and press the Spacebar to begin your new game. By doing so, you will notice changes in the running speed and jump velocity.

Note- You will also get a new slider of Start Slower at the bottom of your game console screen. The slider allows you to control the gaming speed.

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Dinosaur Game Hack to Make the Dinosaur Invincible

If you have become tired of the early end of your gameplay because of pterodactyls and cacti, you may use a cheat to make your dino invincible to such obstacles. In other words, you may remove your game challenges and let your dino run for a long time. The steps to apply the dinosaur game hack are:

  • Like the previous section, you should open your Developer Tools panel and click on your Game Console tab from the respective panel.
  • Copy-paste or type the code of Runner Game Over in the text box and press Enter.
  • Now, the system will disable the Game Over function and allow the invincibility of the Google Chrome Dinosaur.
  • Close the panel Developer Tools and press Space to start your new game. Now, the T-Rex will go straight through pterodactyls and cacti.
  • However, invincibility may sometimes become tedious after some time. Hence, you may return to your original game from the same Developer Tools panel.

Dinosaur Game Hack to Play the Game Online as Well

Almost every Google Chrome user knows that they can play the secret dinosaur game whenever their devices lose the nearby internet connection. However, one can even go office to enjoy their favorite dino game. The steps to play the Chrome Dinosaur game are:

Google Chrome Dinosaur Game Hacks
  • Type Chrome://Dino in the address bar of the Google Chrome browser and press Enter. Doing so you will get a dinosaur graphic followed by the instruction “Press space to start your gameplay.” Here, you should press the keyboard’s spacebar to start the dino game.
  • Continue to press the upper arrow or spacebar as you find the dinosaur running across the landscape of the desert for jumping on the cacti. The gameplay becomes faster steadily and puts frequent cacti on the dinosaur’s way once it progresses. In this situation, you should be careful, as your game will be over if you accidentally hit the dinosaur.
  • Players will get another obstacle in their path which is pterodactyls flying towards them once they achieve 500 points. Make sure to press the down arrow key towards the duck or simply jump on pterodactyls to avoid contact dinosaurs with them.
  • The dino game automatically switches to dark mode and displays white graphics on a black background whenever you cross 700 points and later, return to standard mode at 900 points. Such a situation will repeat when you achieve 1,400 points and other multiples of 700.
  • If you want to pause your existing game, you should select the Alt Key from your keyboard. Alternatively, you may choose F11 to obtain the full screen or hold your gameplay. Later, click anywhere on your device screen to resume your paused game.

FAQs: Queries on Chrome Dinosaur Game Hacks

How can I undo the Google Dino hack?

You should use specific commands to stop your Dinosaur and undo the hack once your score becomes high.

How can I get T-Rex on Google Chrome?

The T-Rex icon will display on your Google Chrome whenever your device loses an internet connection. To start your game, click the Spacebar so that the dino runs and hops on the cacti coming on into its way.

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