Google Pay Selfie Stamp – 7 Working Tricks to Collect Selfie Stamp

Google Pay Selfie Stamp

How to Get Selfie Stamp in Google Pay 2020 Offer. Here are 5 working methods to Collect Selfie Stamps (100%).

Google Pay Selfie Stamp

As you all know about Google Pay 2020 Offer. In which Google Pay is giving us a guaranteed cashback reward of ₹202 to ₹2020. To complete the Google Pay Welcome 2020 new year offer you have to collect all the Google Pay 2020 Stamps.

To get the assured cashback upto ₹2020 you need to complete the “2020 Cake“. In the cake you will be given 3 layers, each layer has different stamps as soon as you complete a layer you will get a reward as scratch card. Which you will be able to unlock on 3rd January 2020.

Almost 60% of Google Pay users are Completed their Google Pay 2020 Offer and they already win cashback reward of ₹202 to ₹2020. But many users have facing the problem of collecting Selfie or Disco Stamp. In this post, I’ll cover all the working methods to collect selfie stamp.

Which Stamps you need to Complete the Google Pay Cake Offer-

  • Disco
  • Selfie
  • Toffee
  • Pizza
  • DJ
  • Sunglasses
  • Balloon

There are 5 stamps are very easy to collect, which are Balloon, Sunglasses, DJ, Pizza & Toffee. But, for collecting Selfie or Disco Stamp try more and more you can’t get this in 1 chance.

How to Get Selfie Stamp in Google Pay 2020 Offer

There are some easy stamps which we can collect from the easy methods like Google Pay 2020 Scanner or Google Pay On Air. By this, You can collect Stamps like – Balloon, Sunglasses, DJ, Pizza etc. But, Disco & Selfie Stamp is Very Rare to collect & you can’t get this by using simple methods.

Google Pay Selfie Stamp

Try this methods which is mentioned below. I hope this will help you to get rare stamps like Selfie & Disco.

Method 1 – Pay Bills 2 Times

Make Bill Payments of ₹300 or more using Google Pay App. You have to pay your bills 2 times. Because the chances of paying once are less, on the second payment of ₹300 or above, the chances of getting Selfie Stamp increases.

  • Open the Google Pay App.
  • Click on New Button.
  • Tab on Bills Payment
  • Enter the Amount & Select your Bank.
  • Click on to Pay button
  • After successfully transaction, hope you will get Selfie Stamp.
  • If didn’t get the stamp, repeat this transaction one more time you will get Selfie on your 2nd Transaction.

Method 2 – Use Google Pay Refer Trick

Some stamps are extremely difficult to find out, one of them being the selfie stamp. You can use Google Pay Refer & Earn trick to collect that stamp.

  • Open the Google Pay App.
  • Click on Invite Friends option.
  • When your friends joins the App
  • Using your Referral Code
  • Tell them to makes his first transaction
  • You’ll get Selfie Stamp.
  • Remember invite 2 or more friends to collect Selfie.

Method 3 – Use Cred App to UPI Payment

You can also use third Party app to complete the 2020 Cake Offer. All you need to download the Cred App from Google Play Store & makes the payment through Google Pay UPI, I’m pretty sure that you will get Selfie Stamp.

  • First of All, Download the Cred App in Device.
  • Signup for new Account.
  • Add your Card Details.
  • Now make your first transaction
  • Enter your PayTM Number
  • Send money through Google Pay UPI
  • After it, there is 70% or 80% chances to get Selfie Stamp.
  • Remember Pay ₹98 or more to Get Stamps.

Method 4 – Share the Stamps with Your Friends

You can Share your other rare stamps like Toffee or Pizza Stamp to your friends. Some of my friends & readers got Selfie Stamp by doing this.

  • Open the Google Pay App.
  • On homepage of the app, click on 2020 Offer icon.
  • Tab on Gift option.
  • Share the Extra Pizza or Toffee Stamp
  • Make sure, Always Gift your Stamps to Different Users
  • When he claimed your Stamp
  • In Return you’ll get stamp too.
  • Check it on the Gift Board.

Method 5 – Make Transaction on Urban Clap

Recently, Google Pay Added new offer in their offer section that is Urban Clap Offer. If you have order any services on Urban Clap using your Google Pay UPI. There is 80% Chance to Get Disco & Selfie Stamp.

  • Open the Google Pay App.
  • Open Offer Section
  • There you will see Urban Clap Offer.
  • Click on that & book any service
  • Place your order using your Google Pay Balance.
  • Make sure payment amount should be ₹250 or more.
  • After successfull payment, you get one Selfie Stamp.

Method 6 – Google Pay 2020 Scanner Images

Use Google Pay 2020 Scanner to get Selfie Stamp. Scan near 2020 images using 2020 scanner if you are lucky enough you will get Selfie or Disco Stamp in Google Pay.

  • Open the Google Pay App.
  • Goto the 2020 Offer icon
  • Tab on 2020 Scanner button.
  • Scan any near 2020 images
  • If you’re lucky, you will get Stamps as scanner reward.

Method 7 – Google Pay On Air 

Google Pay On Air – By doing this you will get 2 rewards first you get 1 rare stamp & get Scratch card worth upto ₹100. Listen Google Pay Ads on TV, Youtube Playlist or Use other smartphone play the Google Pay Ad in that device.

  • Open the Google Pay App.
  • Click on Google Pay On Air offer.
  • You have 30 seconds to recognize Google Pay Ads.
  • When he successfully identified Ads.
  • You’ll get Stamps like Disco & Selfie Stamp.

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Google Pay 2020 Selfie Stamps

Google Pay Selfie Stamp

Selfie Stamp is Very important stamp in all over 7 stamps. Without this, you cannot get anything. I hope, all tricks are mentioned above helpful for you to collect Selfie Stamp.

If you have still any questions please join our Telegram Channel and ask us to there.