JasmineWhite403: Who is the TikTok User Jasmine White 403?

TikTok has always remained an exclusive platform for stars to show their singing and dancing skills. However, one of the TikTok stars named Jasmine White 403 earned fame on the TikTok app after she shoot her film as having a raw chicken.

Jasmine White 403

@JasmineWhite403 is a TikTok username, who horrified the entire TikTok with her viral video. The video has the star filming as chomping on raw chicken. The entire community of TikTok was grossed out and failed to believe her actions. A few TikTok users have perceived the post as a traumatized one after they saw the video. She also shared a few other videos, where she ate a raw fish and a steak piece with sugar. However, her video post of eating raw chicken has become viral.


Current Situation of Jasmine White 403 TikTok Account

TikTok administrators removed the account of JasmineWhite403 from its platform. Instead, users interested in knowing about TikTok user may find her video in pieces and bits under the new username jasminewhite403. However, there is no update related to the disappearance of her old account. The new TikTok account will let you find another video where she is biting off the head of a raw fish and swallowing it in a hurry.

Queries on JasmineWhite403 Twitter

What did Jasmine White 403 do on TikTok?

Jasmine White 403 is a TikTok user whose videos on eating raw chicken have recently gone viral.

Did TikTok suspend the account of Jasmine White?

Yes, the TikTok platform has suspended the user account of Jasmine White 403, as her user account has recently disappeared from TikTok.

How can I see Jasmine White’s videos of eating raw chicken or raw fish?

You may check a few screen recordings and copies related to her posts shared by other TikTok users of her chomping raw fish or raw meat. A few users have also shared warnings based on her antics.