Jio Balance Check Number & USSD Code 2024

Are you looking for the Jio balance check numbers? If yes, then this article is for you. Below we have shared all ways and Jio USSD codes to check the balance of your Jio number.

Reliance Jio now becomes the most common connection that every one of us used. There is 52 per cent of users available in India who used this connection. This is a brand name that is emerging as the Young telecom connection of India. Besides that, it is popular among the people because of its offers and benefits. The best perk of this telecom is free voice calls with 1 GB of data plan even in the lowest recharge plans. 

But do you know that Jio offers a process to inquiry about the current plan and validity, balance through the Jio app? You can check all the Jio plan-related information through the Jio app online & offline. Here in this article, we will guide you on how to access the My Jio app and Jio balance check enquiry, details and plans.

Jio Balance Check Number

To Know Your Number*1#
To Know Your data balance, check ussd code/TalktimeDial 1991
Check 4G data usageSMS MBAL to 55333
To Know Bill AmountSMS BILL to 199
To Know Prepaid Balance And ValiditySMS BAL to 199
To Know Current Tariff PlanSMS MYPLAN to 199
Activate 4G dataCall 1925 or SMS START to 1925
Check Net Balance*333*1*3#
Caller Tune Activation Code*333*3*1*1#
Deactivate Caller Tune*333*3*1*2#
Check VAS Balance*333*1*4*1#
Check Call RateSMS TARIFF to 191
To Know jio number of JioFi deviceSMS JIO to 199

Jio is one of the most emerging telecom operators in India, and initially, it launched the 4G LTE services on September 5, 2016. The company has been gaining more and more users from then just because of the features they provide. This telecom company bought a revolution in India and left all the other telecom companies in the race like BSNL, Airtel, and Vodafone.

Because of the adoption of Jio, the cellphones bills are reduced to 70%, which is not a small quantity. Now in 2024, it is still having the demand from the users.

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How to Check Main Jio Balance

Jio Balance Check

If you have recently subscribed to a Jio tariff plan and want to know its details, you have to send an SMS – MY PLAN to 199. After that, you will receive an SMS on your Jio number with the complete details of the Jio plan that you are currently using. There are so many other ways that you can follow to get details about the Jio tariff plan & jio balance check code.

Jio Balance Check USSD Codes

Are you excited to know about your Jio plan balance? If you want to identify the validity of your plan, then you can try the below-discussed jio balance check USSD codes:

  • *111*1*3#: Dial this to get proper information on Internet Balance
  • *333#: dial this to evaluate the Main Balance
  • *333*3*1*1#: Want to activate Jio caller tune offline? Dial this to Activate on your number
  • *333*3*1*2#: Are you bored with the existing caller tunes? Dial this & Deactivate Caller Tune

Jio Balance Check No Code 2024

There is another way to check your existing Jio balance through missed calls and SMS. To jio balance check and existing validity, you should dial 1299. When you connect with this number, the call will automatically cut, and you will receive a text message on your Jio number and the information about the existing plan. You can also type MBAL and send it through your Jio number to 55333.

In reply, you will receive a detailed text message regarding your balance and validity. In this text, you will get information on your plan, SMS usage, data usage, plan an expiring date, and recharge balance. For future reference, you can send messages to the below-discussed details.

  • Do you want to know about your bill amount for Jio postpaid customers? Write BILL to 199
  • Are you excited to check the current plan of your Jio number? Write MYPLAN to 199
  • Do you want to activate the 4G data plan on your Jio number? If yes, then message START to 1925
  • Does anyone want to check the call rate of their Jio number then message TARIFF to 191
  • Sometimes we forget our number because if we have lots of SIMs. To check your Jio number Message Jio to 199 and send through the Jio number
  • If you are interested in checking 4G data usage, text MBAL to 55333 and receive instant notification
  • To check your validity and prepaid balance, text BAL to 199

Jio Balance Check Call Number 1991

If you want to know your Jio balance check information through call, then you can follow the below steps:

  • To Jio balance check, dial a customer care number 1991 or 1800 889 9999 from your Jio Number.
  • After you connect to that, you will receive a reply from an IVR machine. According to the instruction, you have to select your preferred language. There will be an option for languages like Hindi, Kannada, Oriya, Punjabi, and English.
  • Choose any of the languages by pressing the button which is asked.
  • After that, the IVR machine will inform you about your daily data balance and the plan’s validity.
  • The IVR machine will also be asked you about what you want to know, like information on recharges and plan, ISD plan, current data balance and activating Jio caller tune, Work from Home packs, and so on. Press the selected key to know information about the selected plans.
  • If you want to know about the balance, you should check current data and validity options. Besides that, you can get information about so many things and get an answer from the customer care representatives about jio balance check.

Install My Jio App

Jio Balance Check No

In this world of the internet, so many people are there who use MY Jio Apps. This is the common application that almost everyone has on their phone if they have Jio SIM. It gives the proper control to the Jio users to access anything. You can track your Jio number and know about the balance, internet plans, validity, new plans, and another complete guide about Jio SIMS.

This is the way to Jio balance check and validity quickly with few taps. My Jio app also allows its users to get a detailed statement of their last call details; the internet uses details and text messages through Jio number. If you still don’t have this app, you can download this from the app store and follow the below steps.

  • After downloading the application, you have to complete the registration process.
  • To do the registration process, use your Jio number, and then you will receive an OTP through text.
  • Use this OTP to login in My Jio APP user and now open the application.
  • After opening, click on the view detail option, and you can see the expiry date of an existing plan, data balance, SMS balance, detail plan information, main jio balance check and voice call balance too.
  • If you want to check the new plan through the My Jio app, click on the recharge button.
  • Now you will get a screen full of exciting recharge plans from which you have to select one.
  • To click more information about any plan, click on the view details button beside each plan option.
  • Now select the plan by clicking on the Buy button, and then you will be redirected to a payment gateway.
  • Now select the payment method and pay. Once the payment is made, you will be notified by the Jio team that your number is recharged or your recharge is successful.

MY Jio application is loaded with amazing features. You can easily connect this to the secondary Jio account, JioLink, Jio Fiber, and JioFi account. This application gives you the complete power to control your account & jio balance check from time to time. You can also link this app to other Jio applications like Jio TV, Jio News, Jio Saavn, Jio Cinema, and so on.

Visit Jio Website to Jio Balance Check Online

Jio Balance Check Code

This method is known by the few people, but yes, you can check the balance on the Jio website. For this, you have to visit If you don’t have much memory on your phone and don’t want to depend on the Jio apps, you can try this convenient option.

Jio Website:

  • First, you have to go to the Jio official website and click on sign in
  • Then select the mobile option & then enter your Jio number
  • After that, you will receive an OTP on your Jio number 
  • Enter the OTP and click on the submit button.
  • Now you will receive your data balance and plan details.
  • To know the balance in a detailed version, click on the Check usage.

At this moment, visiting the Jio website, you can check the overall details of the Jio number & main jio balance check code, like the recharge history, last six months statement of your calls, texts. Besides this, it also helps to recharge your Jio number quickly.

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How to Check Jio Prepaid & Postpaid Balance?

To know the Jio balance check for the prepaid number, you have to send an SMS BAL to 199, and in reply, you will get notifications or SMS on your Jio number. You will receive complete information about the validity and Jio pack. At the same time, if you want to check the Jio postpaid balance, then send a text to the BILL to 199. In reply, you will receive an SMS to your number.

Ways to check the data balance of your Jio number?

You can easily check the Jio internet speed of your Jio number by downloading the Jio app on your smartphone. Besides that, you can also use so many other applications to test the download and upload speed of the Jio network. You can check your data balance in 2 ways: one from the My Jio app and Let’s check the steps of identifying how many data balances are left on your Jio number.

1. Check Data Balance through MyJio App

You can check the data usage details through the MyJio app by following the below details:

  • Sign in to the My Jio application after downloading it through the online play store.
  • After that, press the button to check usage from the homepage and then go through the categories to check your data balance like Data, voice, SMS, and Wifi.
  • After pressing the required button, you will get the details of your recent usage transactions.

2. Check Data Balance through Jio Website

  • To check the data balance & main jio balance check through the Jio website, you have to visit the Jio website first. 
  • Log in with the website by using your Jio number, and then you will receive an OTP.
  • Click on the Summary or Usage tab to check your daily and weekly data balance through the graph.
  • Besides that, here, you can also view the detailed plan of your recent usage transactions. You can check the transaction of calls, Data, wifi, and all usage details.

3. Check Jio Data Balance using USSD Codes

  • To check the data balance through the USSD code, You should open the dial pad first
  • Now dial *333# Jio USSD code on your Jio number
  • A pop-up notification will appear on your phone screen where you can read the Jio data balance details.

If this method is not working on your phone, then you can move to another method.

4. Call Customer Care to Jio Balance Check

To know the data balance of your Jio number and main jio balance check no, you can also call the customer care number and ask about the Jio data balance. This is the oldest method, but it works. To call Jio customer care, you should dial the customer care number and then follow the below steps:

  • Open the keypad on your mobile phone
  • Dial Jio customer care helpline number 198
  • Listen to the voice and follow the steps to choose the language. 
  • After choosing a language, you can press 1 to continue. 
  • Now you will listen to the computerized voice.

5. Jio Net Balance via SMS

This is the easiest method from which you can search Jio data balance and main jio balance check no. For this, follow the below-detailed information.

  • Open the messenger and press to create a new message
  • Type BAL and send it to 199
  • After that, You will get the text from “JMJioNET.”
  • This message includes all the details of our existing plan

6. Check Jio data Balance through Missed Call

You can also check the Jio data balance through a missed call. You can try this method if all the above method doesn’t work for you. You will get an instant response after giving a missed call.

  • Open the dial pad on your phone and dial the number 1299
  • The call will be disconnected automatically 
  • After the disconnection, you can receive an SMS from JMJioNET.
  • You can see the overall information on your phone screen.

Jio Balance Check USSD Code 2024

USSD code directly refers to the Unstructured Supplementary Service Data. This number code helps to connect the computer software to mobile devices. Here in the below section, we share some of the best codes that users can check their plan validity and jio balance check.

Nowadays, almost every one of us has a Jio number, and this number is still increasing as the day passes. The popularity of the Jio telecom company is increasing immensely. You can know about the data balance, main balance, offers, and validity. As a customer, you should be clear about your queries. Knowing all the USSD codes will help you to get instant information about jio balance check. Now you can get all information about your Jio information without having any internet connection. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the USSD code for jio?

If you want to know your jio main balance, data balance or other details, you can check by dialing *333#.

How Can I Jio Balance Check Number?

To Know Balance *333#. To check 4G data balance SMS MBAL to 55333. To Check Plans & validity, SMS BAL to 199.

Where to Get Latest USSD Codes?

Visit for latest and working jio balance check number codes for jio and other network providers.