Manifest Season 5: Release Date, Episodes, Netflix, UK, India 2024

Welcome to “Manifest,” an exciting television series that has captured viewers worldwide with its captivating storyline and incredible fandom. As an avid follower, you are aware of its enormous success as an international phenomenon.

“Manifest” has hooked viewers with its perfect blend of drama, mystery, and supernatural elements while providing answers to numerous questions that have arisen throughout its run.

This article discusses the Manifest Season 5 release date, its fan theories and speculations, as well as any other updates.

Manifest Season 5

A Recap

Season 4 of “Manifest” embarked on a gripping exploration of the passengers’ intertwined destinies and the profound consequences of their extraordinary abilities. With the central focus on the elusive Major (played by Elizabeth Marvel) and her shadowy organization, the passengers found themselves caught in a dangerous power struggle.

The personal lives of the passengers also experienced significant developments in Season 4. Relationships were put to the test as old wounds resurfaced and new bonds formed. Ben and Saanvi (played by Parveen Kaur) grappled with the consequences of their actions. At the same time, Michaela navigated a complex love triangle that challenged her sense of loyalty and duty.

Meanwhile, the journey of Zeke took a poignant turn as he faced the imminent danger of his death date, defying the limitations of time itself. His storyline became a poignant exploration of love, self-denial, and the strength of the human spirit, captivating audiences and leaving them emotionally invested in his fate.

Will there be a Season 5 of Manifest?

Name of the SeriesManifest
Original NetworkA Netflix Series
Seasons4 Seasons
GenreDrama, Supernatural
Season 5 Release DateYet to be Announced
Season 5 CastMelissa Roxburgh, Josh Dallas, Athena Karkanis, J.R. Ramirez, Jack Messina & More

Manifest Season 5 Expected Story: Unraveling the Mysteries

As you await the Manifest Season 5 release date, anticipation for its riveting plotline grows exponentially. After being teased by cliffhangers and unanswered mysteries from previous seasons, your mind whirls with questions as to how this season’s narrative will progress and which revelations await us all.

The passengers will uncover the true motives of the Major and battle against her sinister plans. The origin and purpose of the Callings will be explored, shedding light on ancient prophecies and the passengers’ destinies. Resolving Zeke’s fate becomes crucial, prompting a desperate search for a solution. Deeper connections and shared histories will unravel, forging alliances and reshaping perceptions. Personal journeys, romantic relationships, and character growth will be explored.

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Manifest Season 5 Release Date

Manifest Season 5 Release Date

As there are unanswered questions, fans have always expected them to be answered in the next season. We have always waited for the Manifest Season 5 release date, and to our horror, NBC canceled the show. Although there was no specific reason as to why the broadcaster canceled the series, it has something to do with the monetary issues.

Even though the drama was midway and garnered the attention of people worldwide, NBC canceled it for some reason. Therefore, there will be no Season 5 of Manifest, and we cannot expect the broadcaster to renew it later next year.

As a fan, you will be disappointed to note that NBC canceled the much-hyped series that captivated all through its twisting and supernatural elements.

Speculations and Theories

While the Manifest Season 5 release date will never come to light because the show is canceled, fans across the globe are spreading speculations and theories about it. They are keeping the flame alive and ensuring that NBC will consider them and revive the series.

Please remember that these are speculations by fans, and there could be no season 5 of Manifest. However, let us hope that NBC will reconsider its c of canceling the television series that did hook many people to their TV sets.

Theories by many fans stated that NBC is considering reviving Manifest for a new season after their announcement of cancellation. A theory went viral, saying that NBC revoked their cancellation and is starting the production of Manifest Season 5. Such news and all others going around on the Internet are not valid.

NBC, along with Netflix, stated the discontinuation of the Manifest series.

Manifest Season 5 Cast

Actor/Actress NameCharacter
Melissa RoxburghMichaela Stone
Josh DallasBen Stone
J.R. RamirezJared Vasquez
Luna BlaiseOlive Stone
Parveen KaurSaanvi Bahl
Matt LongZeke Landon
Daryl EdwardsRobert Vance
Athena KarkanisGrace Stone
Holly TaylorAngelina Meyer
Ellen TamakiDrea Mikami
Will there be a Season 5 of Manifest


Flight 828’s journey of secrets, supernatural powers, and complex relationships has kept viewers at the edge of their seats since season one. Each season has delivered compelling revelations with thought-provoking themes and surprising twists that captivated audiences around the globe.

Fans rejoiced when they heard about Manifest Season 5 release date. However, as stated in this post, it is a false news. Several fans have speculated that NBC will revoke their cancellation and start production. But that is not true, as Netflix officially confirmed the Manifest series’ cancellation.

 So, there is no Manifest Season 5 release date because of the official announcement about the show’s cancellation. What you see online about Season 5’s release date is untrue and misleading.

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FAQs: Most Asked Questions

Will Season 5 see its main cast returning for another installment?

While official casting announcements for Manifest Season 5 have not been made, the main cast members are expected to reprise their roles. Watch for news regarding the returning cast members as the production progresses.

Will Season 5 provide answers to the show’s mysteries?

Manifest Season 5 aims to unravel the mysteries that have captivated viewers throughout the series. The creators have promised to provide satisfying answers and closure to the overarching storyline.

Will the Manifest Season 5 release date be revealed soon?

The exact release date for Manifest Season 5 is no longer available because NBC canceled the show.

Where to watch Manifest?

If you heard about Manifest just now or like to catch up with the previous seasons, head to NBC for the first three seasons and Netflix for the fourth.