Watch Peacock TV on Vizio TV at tv/vizio (2024)

Since Peacock TV emerged onto the streaming scene, its rise has been phenomenal, offering users premium content such as movies, shows, news, sports, and original programs at reasonable subscription fees. PeacockTV is beloved among entertainment enthusiasts due to its comprehensive library and affordable subscription plans. This article will outline how users can add and watch Peacock TV on their Vizio smart TVs to enjoy all their favorite shows or movies more thoroughly than before!

Peacock tv on vizio

Peacock TV

You will enjoy live streaming of on-demand channels, live channels, sports, news, and much more on Peacock TV. NBCUniversal operates the application and offers three plans for users to choose from Free (with ads), Premium, and Premium Plus.

Integrating Peacock TV with Vizio smart TV opens a world of entertainment, giving users access to an extensive library with different subscription options. Following this comprehensive guide, viewers can effortlessly stream their favorite shows, movies, sporting events, and more onto their big Vizio Smart TV screen. From classic films and binge-worthy series to Peacock Originals – the app will provide an exceptional viewing experience for entertainment fans everywhere!

Why Choose Peacock TV?

Peacock TV stands out in the streaming market – thanks to its extensive content library that features popular shows, classic films, news updates, sports, and Peacock Originals. Furthermore, its cost-effective plans offer cord-cutters an appealing solution.

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Vizio Smart TV Compatibility

Vizio smart TVs feature SmartCast, their proprietary smart platform. Vizio TV users can access various streaming apps directly on their television using SmartCast. This feature is helping turn the TV into a one-stop entertainment hub. The app’s compatibility with Vizio smart TVs makes it convenient and accessible.

Minimum System Requirements

Before connecting PeacockTV to your Vizio smart TV, be sure that the following criteria have been fulfilled:

  • Internet speed of 5Mbps for SD content and 25Mbps for HD or 4K streaming.
  • Vizio smart TV compatible with SmartCast
  • Peacock TV subscriptions such as Free, Premium, or Premium Plus

Add Peacock TV to Vizio Smart TV

1. How to Add Peacock TV?

You should have access to SmartCast App Store to add PeacockTV. You can access it by:

Step 1: Power the television and link it to the internet.

Step 2: Start the SmartCast app and go to the homepage by pressing the “V” button on the remote.

Step 3: Choose “Apps” to open Vizio App Store using the arrow keys.  

2. Search Peacock TV App

Once in the Vizio SmartCast App store, follow these steps to search the PeacockTV app:

Step 1: Locate and click the search icon (typically a magnifying glass or search bar).

Step 2: With that selected, use your on-screen keyboard to enter “Peacock TV.”

Step 3: As you type, search results will begin to populate. Select PeacockTV from the list.


Follow these steps for installation:

Step 1: Once you have identified “PeacockTV,” press the “Install” button to initiate its download and installation on your Vizio smart TV.

Step 2: When the installation procedure is complete, you will notice the PeacockTV icon on the SmartCast home page.

Creating Peacock TV Account

Vizio Smart TV users can quickly create a PeacockTV account to start watching Peacock TV on their Vizio smart TVs.

Step 1: It involves navigating to the homepage on Vizio smart TV and selecting PeacockTV.

Step 2: After opening the app, click “Sign Up.”

Step 3: Follow the instructions displayed by the app to create an account. You will also be selecting a plan here.

Activating Peacock TV on Vizio Smart TVs

If you are already subscribed to PeacockTV, you can use the code appearing on the Vizio Smart TV to activate the app. The steps to do the activation are as follows:

Step 1: Open the Peacock TV app.

Step 2: Sign in using the credentials to set up an account.

Step 3: On your TV screen, an activation code will appear.

Step 4: Use an alternate device, such as your smartphone or computer, to log onto the Peacock TV activation website at with your Peacock TV account.

Step 5: Input the code you notice on your Vizio smart TV in the activation field on the website.

Step 6: After entering the code, click “Continue” to complete the activation process.

Once Peacock TV is added and activated on your Vizio smart TV, you can explore its vast content. The steps to do the same are as follows:

Step 1: Open PeacockTV from the SmartCast home screen.

Step 2: Navigating through the interface allows users to search and browse shows, movies, news events, and sports competitions, as well as Peacock Originals.

Step 3: Choose what media content to watch from the available options. The content will begin to play on the Vizio smart TV after selecting it.

Troubleshooting Assistance

For any assistance needed during viewing sessions, here are some troubleshooting solutions that you can use:

Firmware Updates on Vizio Smart TVs: When encountering issues with the PeacockTV app on your Vizio smart TV, both firmware and app must remain up to date. Outdated applications or firmware may cause compatibility issues and malfunction.

Internet Connection: A smooth streaming experience is possible with a stable and secure internet connection. Checking the connection is preferable if there are playback and buffering problems. Consider connecting the TV via Ethernet for increased stability.

Clear Cache and Data (if Applicable): If the PeacockTV app continues to give you issues, clearing its cache and data might help resolve them. Open the Vizio smart TV’s Settings and search for “Apps.” Now, search for “Peacock TV.” You can then proceed with the “Clear cache” and “Clear data” options.

FAQs: Most Asked Questions

What is Peacock TV?

Owned by NBCUniversal, PeacockTV streams live channels, sports, on-demand content, and more.

Can I add PeacockTV to my Vizio smart TV?

To add Peacock TV to a Vizio smart TV, follow these steps: Open the App Store of Vizio and search for the Peacock TV app. Select the official app from the list that appears and proceed to install.

Are all Vizio smart TVs compatible with Peacock TV?

Most Vizio smart TVs with SmartCast capabilities should work seamlessly with PeacockTV.

Should I have a subscription plan?

To access and stream content onto your Vizio smart TV, you will require a Peacock TV subscription – Free, Premium, or Premium Plus.