PUBG Character List 2021 – How to Unlock All PUBG Character for Free

PUBG Character

How to Get PUBG Character for Free – Earn Character Voucher

Pubg Character List, Free Carlo Character, Free Andy Character, Free Sara Character – PUBG mobile Battle Royale game has launched many special characters to enhance the attraction of the players. Each of these characters has special abilities to give boosts in the entire game. If you are looking for pubg character list 2021 & how to unlock them for free with pubg uc or without uc, then you are landed at perfect place.

Pubg Character

Accordingly, players may select any one from four different special characters in the PUBG mobile game. A few of the characters need character vouchers or UC while you have to purchase other special characters. In this exclusive content, you will come to know the best characters in PUBG mobile and various ways to unlock them.

List of All PUBG Character 2021

PUBG Characters ListCharacter Price
Victor CharacterFree
Sara Character600 UC
Carlo Character1200 UC
Andy Character1200 UC


Victor Pubg Character

Victor is the first special PUBG character launched in the popular PUBG mobile. The character is available free for all of the PUBG mobile players. The specialty of Victor character is that it has firearm expertise to reduce the overall reloading time whenever a user wields a submachine gun.

The character mainly reduces the reloading time of SMG by about 4% and it eventually goes to 5.5% whenever Victor approaches to Level 2. Accordingly, Victor reduces the reload time in SMG to a maximum of 10% when it reaches Level 9. Along with this, the character has three different upgraded outfits, which are Legendary Conquest, Alloy Armor and Scorching Armor, along with its default cloth.

How to Unlock Victor Character

If you want to get Victor free, you have to click on the tab highlighting Workshop and select the character. On doing so, you will find Victor as appearing on your device screen with the description of his story, skills, emotes, outfits and voice. You may even find a clickable option of Get Victor free below the character to use it.


Carlo PUBG character

Carlo is a good-looking character in the PUBG mobile game. He has an excellent outfit and fabulous hairstyle. Besides, Carlo comes with a special ability of reducing the fall damage by approximately 24% when you upgrade it to Level 9.

How to Unlock Carlo Character

You have to pay a price of 1200UC or character voucher to get Carlo character. Alternatively, you may get it free by following some easy steps, which are:

  • Visit the Events section to view event missions, where you have to complete different missions to collect plenty of free rewards.
  • Once you succeed to collect the required number of character vouchers, you should visit the Workshop to click on Carlo character.
  • Finally, you have to click on the option of unlock to get the Carlo character.

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Sara PUBG Character

Sara is the single female special character found in the popular PUBG mobile game. The specialty of this character is to enhance the durability of a vehicle. When you upgrade Sara completely, you will expect to increase the durability of vehicles to up to 10percent.

How to Get Sara Character

You have to unlock Sara character in PUBG mobile by using 600 different character vouchers available free. Alternatively, you have to spend 600UC to unlock the respective character.


Andy Character

Andy character is the latest addition in the list containing special PUBG mobile characters. The character may enhance the gun drawing as well as putting away speed to up to 16% when you upgrade it fully.

How to Unlock Andy Character

To unlock Andy, you have to pay 1200 character vouchers to 1200 UC. However if you want to unlock Andy free, you must participate in Andy character launch event. For this, you have to follow some simple steps to unlock it, which are:

  • Open your PUBG mobile game on your device.
  • Visit the puppet show event of Andy character.
  • Now, you have to tap the option of puppet show and you will get free character vouchers.
  • You have to accumulate total 60 character vouchers to get free Andy character.

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The Best Special PUBG Mobile Character

Based on the abilities of each of the PUBG mobile characters mentioned here, Sara is the best special character of PUBG mobile. The reason is that whenever players move in vehicles, they often deal with vehicle explosions. Luckily, with Sara female character, one can enhance the durability of the vehicle and move it safely for a relatively long duration in the PUBG game.

How to Get Free Character Vouchers

If you want to unlock all pubg characters for free, then you will need character vouchers. The character voucher is like a coupon code which contains points, we can use these points like UC. Keep in mind, character vouchers only helps you to unlock the character. Either you use it as a discount or you can get the character for free with the help of these vouchers. In these steps, we have shown how you can get character vouchers for free:

  • First of all, open pubg mobile app in your device.
  • Now go to the events section.
  • You have to go to a new event.
  • After coming to the new event, look in the rewards section, you can collect free character vouchers after completing the mission.
  • Complete all those missions.
  • And collect as many character vouchers as possible.
  • At last, use this vouchers to buy your favorite character in pubg.

PUBG Character Names & Images – FAQs

Q1. Which PUBG Character is Best?

All the characters in the pubg mobile are very powerful, the most liked character among them is “Carlo”. Carlo’s emotes and outfits were well liked by the players. We also got a lot of feedback on how to get carlo character for free. After this, the players also love andy character. Both pubg characters are quite impressive, you play with any character but remembering these skills is everything.

Q2. How to Unlock Pubg Character?

You can use UC (Unknown Cash) to unlock pubg characters. We presented this guide because UC prices are expensive, not everyone can afford them, most students. You can acquire character vouchers in the manner described and use them to unlock your favorite pubg character for free.