AirTel Balance Check Number (USSD Code) Balance & Validity 2023

Are you looking for the Airtel balance check numbers? If yes, then this article is for you. Below we have shared all ways and USSD codes to check the balance of your Airtel number. India has more than 740 million smartphone users, and most of it has the Airtel connection. Its data and prepaid call offers have made it people’s favorite.

Bharti Airtel Limited is a top telecom services provider in India. The company operates in over 18 countries and has a large chunk of the telecommunication market, making it a market leader. The brand enables its users to check balances without much hassle. So, if you are confused about checking balance, validity, data, and other services, there are several ways to go about it. The best and most straightforward way to go for this is to check Airtel balance through USSD codes.

Airtel balance Check

The days are gone when the telecommunication company used to send reminders about your balance. There are several ways for checking Airtel balance, be it the data, Talktime, or SMS on prepaid and postpaid connections. There are a few simple steps to check the main balance, data balance, validity, and many other things for making it easy. All these things can also be checked with USSD codes, and before anything, you should learn about it first.

Airtel Balance Check Number 2023

To Check Postpaid Airtel 4G Balance*121*8#
Airtel Night Data Balance*121*197#
Airtel Loan Number*141*10# or Dial 52141
Airtel Value Added Services*121*4#
To Check Airtel Special Offers and Rewards*566#
Missed Call Alert*888#
Local National SMS Packs*777#
DND Activation/DeactivationDial 1909
To Know Your own Airtel number*282#

What are USSD Codes?

USSD refers to Unstructured Supplementary Service Data that is a certain number code also called Quick codes. The codes connect mobile devices, and computer software service providers manage to receive or send SMS. USSDs can be longer, up to 182 alphanumeric characters.

A USSD message usually begins with a * symbol and combines a certain digit that depends on the intended task. These codes end with a # symbol, and for some commands, the data may also be separated using an *s in the center.

Several USSD Codes Usage for Airtel Balance Check

By using USSD codes, one can quickly get the services provided by Airtel within the fingertips. With USSD codes, you can know about many things, and some of these things are listed below.

1. Airtel Mobile Number along with Validity: USSD codes can let you check the number you are using and the current plan you have availed of. You need to dial the respective code and check the balance validity of your Airtel number.

2. Airtel Balance Check: You can check the main balance in the Airtel account and remain aware of the number of SMS or calls you have remaining in the plan. It is convenient to know through the airtel balance check codes.

3. Check Data Balance in Airtel: The data balance checking is possible with USSD codes, whether you have a 3G, 4G, or 2G connection. You can stay updated on the internet data you have used to date and how much is still left.

4. Special Data Packs and Validity: With USSD codes, Airtel Special Data Packs along with validity can be checked. You can also check the validity for all the packs and can activate your mobile number.

5. Roaming, STD, and Local Call Minutes: You can check all STD, local, and roaming call minutes whenever you need just by dialing the USSD codes to keep track of the remaining calling minutes.

7. Exclusive User Offers: USSD codes help you to heck the Exclusive Offers that Airtel currently has under them.

8. Unlimited Plan Checking: An Airtel prepaid user can activate the Unlimited Plan and check the validity, data usage, and balance details by dialing certain Airtel Balance Check USSD codes.

Airtel SIM Number Check Methods – Airtel Balance Check

1. Check Through Airtel Mobile Number USSD Codes

  • First, check whether the SIM is inserted into the phone or not, your SIM card will then needs to be activated before proceeding further as the code will never work on a deactivated SIM.
  • Dial the Airtel Balance Check USSD code *282# and then press the call button.
  • Now the message will be displayed on the screen about the mobile number of your SIM.

2. Working USSD Codes

  • Another code for it is *121*1#.
  • The only difference is that the previous one displays a message having a special offer, and once you click ok, it shows another message displaying the Airtel number.

3. My Airtel App

Airtel Balance check Number
  • The Airtel users include downloading and installing the My Airtel App from the Google Play store.
  • This app shows all information associated with their Airtel mobile numbers, such as active data plan, caller tunes, data airtel balance check, activation, and expiry services, active services, and much more. Users can easily check the number from this application.

Main Airtel Balance Check, Plan & Validity

Airtel Balance Check Number: Airtel offers several ways to easily check many things such as SMS balance, main balance, Airtel recharge plans, and validity. Users can also utilize the app or USSD codes to get all those details. You can follow specific procedures to check Airtel Main balance, plans, SMS, and validity.

1. Check Airtel Main Balance

Checking Airtel Main Balance becomes easy with the Airtel Thanks app. You have to follow these steps:

  • First, download and install the app from App Store or Google Play Store.
  • Then login into the app using the Airtel number and provide the OTP. Visit the home screen page, and you can view the Airtel main balance there.

Otherwise, you can utilize the USSD codes to know about your main balance. To do so, dial *123#, and then you will see a pop-up message that will reflect the main Airtel balance check.

2. Check Airtel SMS Balance

For checking the SMS balance in your Airtel mobile number, you can go for the above-mentioned procedures.

You need to download and install the Airtel Thanks application and then look at the home screen to find the details about SMS balance. Or else, you can dial *121*7# to check the amount of remaining SMS you have or to know about the SMS balance.

3. Check Airtel Plans & Validity

The Airtel customers can also check the recharge plans and validity using both USSD codes and apps. For beginning with the app, you have to see the app’s home screen ad click on balance. There you will see which recharge plan you currently have and also view the validity along with it.

Alternatively, you can use the Airtel Balance Check USSD code *123# for checking the mobile number’s plan validity. You can also dial *121*2# for knowing your recharge plan details and validity.

airtel Balance check Code

Ways of Checking Airtel Data Balance, Airtel Balance Check Number

One can check the data balance in Airtel in multiple ways. The data balance can be checked using the Airtel Balance Check USSD codes or Airtel Thanks App or Airtel Self-care services.

1. Check Airtel Data Balance through USSD Code

USSD codes are used for several things, but data balance is one of the most common usages of the codes. Here are certain ways for using the USSD codes to check the data balance in Airtel. Open the dialer of your phone and then dial the following codes.

After dialling the code, you have to press the call switch. It is a handy way to utilize the phone’s features for checking the data balance of the Airtel mobile numbers.

  • *123# – It is the code you can use to check the Airtel mobile number’s validity, and it also tells when the next recharge plan is due.
  • *121# – This particular code enables all the Airtel 4G and 3G customers to check the balance remaining on their mobile phones.

Both the USSD codes are important, and you will find these codes working at almost all places. However, there are also other ways to check the data airtel balance check. You can know about the balance of the Airtel number, data balance, and many other things by using codes such as *121*1#, *121*10#, *121*9#, *123*#, *123*11#, *123*197#, and *121*8#.

2. Check Data Balance through My Airtel App

MyAirtel application is created for people who have either iOS or Android-based smartphones. One can download the app, known as the Airtel Thanks app, available in the App Store and Google Play Store. Then you have to log in using the Airtel mobile number. If you have more than one number, you can also track all of them in just one place.

In the Airtel Thanks application, you can check the Airtel data balance and main balance and easily access the customer care bots of the company and the help sections.

The application is the easiest way to keep track of the Airtel data balance that you may have used in the prepaid connection of Airtel. It happens to be a convenient method even to recharge the Airtel data balance without any hassle. You can purchase new data packs or add top-ups from the application.

3. Checking Airtel Data Balance through Self Care Service

Unlike other telecommunication networks, Airtel offers self-care services similar to the Thanks app, which is a web-based system. One can use it for checking the data balance as well. You can follow the procedures for checking it.

  • You can log in to the account on the website of Airtel. If you do not find the site, then search for Airtel self-care.
  • You will see the website on the top, and the website will ask you for your mobile number. After giving the mobile number, you can use the OTP to log in. You have to keep the phone closer to get the OTP and type it.
  • The self-care dashboard will appear after you log in. Then you have to use that dashboard to check the Airtel data balance available.

How Can You Check the Balance of Airtel 4G Dongle?

Users now can easily check their balance in the Airtel 4G dongle by going through these simple steps:

  • First, switch on the Airtel dongle and then connect it to the laptop.
  • Open any browser and type, which is the IP address of Wi-Fi dongles.
  • Press Enter, and after that, you can go to the login screen. There the default password will be ‘admin.’ You have to click on it for logging in.
  • Now you the UI of the 4G dongle will appear in front of you. Look at the information section and click on the data usage option. Then you will see the available balance you have or the validity or pack name.

How to Check the Data Speed of Airtel 4G?

You can check the 4G internet speed of the Airtel number by using the internet speed testing apps available for smartphones. Once you download a speed test app for checking the data speed, you can then check the upload or download speed that the Airtel network has.

Ways for Checking the Airtel Full Talktime Offer

For checking the full Talktime offers for your Airtel mobile number and get the best suitable plan, you have to follow the below steps.

  • You have to dial *141#, and then a menu comes in front of you. Users can select the Talktime loan and recharge the Airtel number.
  • For checking the last five recharges along with value-added services, then you can use the Airtel Balance Check code *126*7# from the Airtel mobile number.

Check Airtel Offers using Customer Care Service

Offers in Airtel balance Check –The easiest method is to check the offers in Airtel and dial the toll-free number to know all offers and services available in the Airtel network. The customer care number for helping you in issues associated with offers on Airtel and all the valid details of the Airtel.

  • You must open the dialer tab and dial 121.
  • You can hear the IVR voice.
  • Click the button as per the offer you want to get.
  • In addition, you can communicate with the customer care executive.
For Checking Main Balance:*123#
Check Airtel SMS Balance:*121*7#
Know your Airtel SIM Number:*282#
For Airtel Current Plans & Validity:*121*2#
Airtel 3G Data Balance:*121*10#
For Airtel 4G Data Balance:*123*11#, *123*197#
Airtel Full Talktime:*141#
Airtel Customer Care Number:Dial 121

Airtel Balance Check Number.

List of All Airtel USSD Codes 2023

Airtel Balance Check USSD Code – Use the below USSD codes for checking out daily validity balance, offers, and other airtel balance check things in one place for the Airtel number.

  • Recharge status – You can check the recharge plan on your mobile number by dialing *121*7#6 from the phone.
  • My Airtel Offer – Check all the available offers on the Airtel number by using the USSD codes *121#.
  • Airtel Validity – You can dial *123# to check the validity of your Airtel number.
  • You can check the available best offers by dialing *121*1#.
  • Airtel users can check the Special 5 Offers by using the USSD code *222#.
  • You can check the Best Internet data plans of Airtel through the *121*11# code.
  • Moreover, check the Special Offers and Rewards of the Airtel on the smartphone by using *566#.
  • For checking the 2G or 3G data balance, type Data Use and send the SMS to 121.
  • To set Hello Tunes, you can dial *678# and get the service.
  • For availing of the Airtel Talktime Gift Services, dial the USSD code *141#.
  • Airtel’s complaint number is 198, and Customer Care Number is 121. You can call if you have any complaints or queries.
  • For DND deactivation or activation, use the number 1909.
  • To avail loan, you have to dial the Airtel Loan Number 52141 or *121*10#.
  • The Value Added Services of Airtel can be check by using the *121*4# code.
  • For checking the last five transactions, you can type *121*7#.
  • Mins Airtel Balance Check by *123*1# USSD code.


As the users of the Airtel connection are increasing day by day, there is an immense need to know about the data balance, main balance, offers, validity, and many more things. Knowing all such information will be useful for all the customers as they will not have any confusion about all the plans.

The numbers and USSD codes are beneficial and convenient as they serve their purpose within a few clicks or taps. By using the ways mentioned above, you can easily know whatever you want to know about your Airtel number without any hassle.

We hope this article about Airtel Balance Check Numbers is helpful to you. Do share this content on social media if you found this content helpful to you in any manner.

FAQs: Most Asked Questions

How do I Check my Airtel Balance?

To check your airtel main balance, validity or plan details, simply dial *121*2#. You can also download My Airtel Thanks App to check further details.

How Can I Check My Airtel Data Balance?

Dial Airtel Balance Check Code *121*2# and Press 2 to find your data balance, usage or validity period.

How to Check My Current Plan on Airtel?

There are many ways to check the airtel plan details. You can download the My Airtel Thanks app or use above given USSD Codes to know the details.