All FNAF Games In Order: Five Nights at Freddy’s List 2024

The horror video game franchise Five Nights at Freddy’s is well-known for its unusual gameplay elements, unsettling atmosphere, and compelling storyline. This article’s primary goal is to introduce you to all FNAF game names by giving you a brief review of each title so you can better understand how the franchise has evolved through time and the distinctive features of what each FNAF games offer.

All FNAF Game Names


The first launch of FNAF was in August 2014. This launch revolutionised the indie gaming industry. Because of its unique storyline and striking visuals, the strategic gameplay, the version had its cult of followers even though several other versions came after this. It set a standard for future ones.

The game’s plot lets you be a security guard working a fictitious night pizza shop. Your goal is to make it alive after five days as a security guard while being followed by various horror characters.


The FNAF 2 of all FNAF game names has been much anticipated since the release of the FNAF 1, and it exceeded all the gamer’s expectations. It was praised for the stunning graphics, extended storyline and, of course, the expanded gameplay mechanics. The storyline included much more details about the dark side of the restaurant, and it also talked about the origins of the animatronic characters.

Compared to FNAF 1, the significant advancement in FNAF 2 is that players can use several tools, such as cameras and doors, to protect themselves from creepy characters. And the new characters introduced in this version are hard to fight, which increases the difficulty of the game level, also because the various new tools could be more effective when it comes to fighting the new characters.


The FNAF 3, of all FNAF game names, has been a significant step in expanding its FNAF fanbase worldwide. This version took the FNAF horror craze to the next level.

The storyline is similar to the previous versions, where you will be a security guard, but with a change. You are not limited to one location; you can move across different rooms and areas in these prominent attractions.

Coming to the gameplay, it’s also similar to the previous ones but with a twist. The player must also deal with the main villain, among the many animatronics already present.


The FNAF 4 is the fourth game of all FNAF game names, and in contrast to the previous versions where the player worked as a security guard in a restaurant, this one has a young kid protecting himself in his home against animatronics that haunts his dreams.

To protect himself from the animatronic monsters, the player can shut the doors, turn off the lights and pay close attention to the sounds to determine the location of the creatures.

FNAF World

FNAF World

Compared to all FNAF game names, FNAF world has a unique theme. The plot line of the FNAF world is lighter and less dramatic, opposite to the usual case with the FNAF previous version games. Players must might opponents and explore many locations as part of the gameplay. Each of the characters you collect has unique features of its own. Since this is a role-playing game, especially given its simple gameplay, it received criticism from many gamers. In response to this criticism, the game developer upgraded it and included a number of enhancements and new features.

FNAF Sister Location

FNAF Sisters Location

In terms of all FNAF game names, Sister Location is the fifth game. This game’s setting, which differs from other games’ places such as a pizzeria, attractions, and a haunted house, is a high- tech facility where the player adopts the position of a technician tending to the animatronics.

While maintaining and regulating the animatronics’ temperature, the gameplay usually involves complicated tasks. Speaking of the Sister location’s plot, the game’s players also have a helper named Baby that always assists them with their jobs. This version’s prominent themes include betrayal, darkness, and family.

Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator

FNAF 6, commonly known as Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator, is the sixth edition of all FNAF game names. In this game, the player gets tasks related to operating their pizzeria.

The player can manage their pizzeria in the Tycoon mode, and another mode, Survival mode, lets you fight against lousy animatronics. And the hidden easter eggs concept in this game hit the gamers in the right spot, and the game received much praise for its distinctive gameplay, yet again.

Ultimate Custom Night

Unlike the previous five-day survival gameplay, the UCN – Ultimate Custom Night came up with an ultimate goal: to make it alive from one night till the following day at 6 AM. As the name suggests, this game allowed the players to reach ultimate levels of customization. You can also select characters from over 50, including the animatronics from the previous versions. You can also customise the level of difficulty of the animatronics that you will fight with; how fun is that?..

FNAF VR: Help Wanted

This game hits you with the different crazy levels that pop up randomly from various FNAF Franchises. This version of the FNAF also added a set of new animatronics, which were never seen in the older FNAF versions.

The gameplay of this version is similar to previous versions because the task is to survive the night while being followed by the characters. But, the Virtual Reality concept changes everything and gives you a new experience even with the old gameplay. And maybe that’s what we see in developing the games and keeping up with the trends simultaneously.

FNAF AR: Special Delivery

This game version uses Augmented Reality (AR) to make it seem like the animatronics are alive and moving around you. This game features many previous characters, but given the AG finish, this experience becomes much more creative and fun. The game also has some new characters introduced only this time. Keeping up with the current trends, the game has the player use their smartphone to locate the animatronics and capture them, simultaneously avoiding attacks from other characters.

Whether new to the FNAF universe or a seasoned player, the game never fails to amaze you with its captivating storylines and thrilling gameplay. The excitement of battling animatronics makes it a must-play game. Even reading about it can elicit feelings of wonder and excitement. One can’t help but marvel at how fantastic it would be to join in on the fun. It’s hard not to question why we didn’t discover this game earlier.

FAQs: Most Asked Questions

How many FNAF games are there in total?

The total number of FNAF games to this date is 10, which are listed in the above article.

Do I need to play the FNAF games in order?

Playing them in order is optional since they are almost very loosely connected. You can choose not to!

Any Age restrictions for playing FNAF games?

Since the themes of FNAF games include dark and horror themes, it is suggested not to let children under 13 years of age play the FNAF games.