Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max: Colors, Design, Price & More

Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max is the latest version of Apple iPhones with new features such as an updated curve design, lighter weight compared to the previous models, and an impressive display. This talk of the town wants us to get our hands on this product, so we have come up with all that you have to know about the new Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max and its features; let’s get started.

Apple’s iPhone 15 Pro max is a unique and impressive device combining advanced technology with trendy design concepts. It’s known to be a worthy addition to the Apple versions and is sure to be a hit with iPhone users worldwide.

iPhone 15 Pro Max Curve design

Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max

Now, let us talk about the most distinctive feature of the Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max, which is the curve design of this model. When you see this device, you will notice that, unlike the previous models, this model has a curve design extended from the edges of the screen to the backside of the device. This gives the user a comfortable grip on the device.

This design not only gives us aesthetic vibes but functional advantages as well. This curvy design provides a slightly larger screen space without changing the phone’s overall size. When we compare the iPhone 15 Pro Max with the previous iPhone models, we notice the Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max’s curve design is more prominent and rounded, giving it a unique and modern look.

Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max Weight

iPhone 15 Pro Max

When we compare the weight of the Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max with the previous Apple iPhone, i.e. the iPhone 14 Pro Max, we cannot help but notice that the former is 15 grams lighter than the latter. This might not be a shocking number, but it makes a noticeable impact on the user experience.

The lighter weight makes the Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max more comfortable and easy to carry around for extended periods. So, if you are someone who needs to use their phone for long hours of time either for work or entertainment, then Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max is the one for you since you can use this device conveniently and also since it’s lighter.

Apple has achieved this lighter device by using more lightweight materials and adjusting the internal components of this Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max. Even though these changes are made, it results in the same performance as the previous models but with reduced weight.

Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max Display

iPhone 15 Pro Max Price

This device’s big, bright and evident display is yet another fantastic feature, with a 6.7 – inch OLED with a resolution of 2778 X 1284. If you are already an iPhone user, you will immediately notice the difference in the iPhone 15 Pro Max screen.

And one more cool thing about the Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max is that the display uses ProMotion technology that smooths your user experience. The thing with OLED in this device is that it makes the colours more vibrant than ever.

So, if you want to watch movies or your favourite shows or play mobile games, you will love the increased display size and the enhanced display features. This device also comes with a feature that automatically adjusts the device’s colour temperature based on the lightning around you, with the help of True Tone technology.

iPhone 15 Pro Max Camera

iPhone 15 Pro Max Design

Coming with a triple-lens setup, the iPhone 15 Pro Max camera is the most awaited feature of the device. This system is also much more enhanced for us to click pictures and videos easily. This device also has added features like Night Mode. In case when you are in low-light surroundings, this feature allows you to connect images even without sufficient light.

When you compare the images of previous iPhone models and this device, you will notice that the pictures are more precise and sharper. The multiple lenses, with 12 – megapixels, 12 – megapixel ultra-wide lens, and 12 – megapixel telephoto lens, we get a more significant advantage when framing shots, allowing us to capture precisely the image that we want.

Price of Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max

If you don’t worry about the price, but want to use the latest smartphone that provides you with the most amazing features, then the iPhone 15 Pro Max is here for you. It is the most expensive phone on the market now.

Even when you compare it to the previous models, you will know it’s more expensive. However, this price increase is answered by the device’s advanced features. Despite the high price, many users believe it’s worth the money because these features help the iPhone stand out from the rest of the smartphone crowd. And for customers who cannot afford the full payment at a time, Apple offers several financing options, like instalments for a defined period. We also have the offer to trade in our old devices when buying these devices to get a discount.

ModelPrice in DollarPrice in INR
iPhone 15$799₹79900
iPhone 15 Plus$899₹89900
iPhone 15 Pro$999₹129900
iPhone 15 Pro Max$1099₹139900

Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max Battery Life

iPhone 15 Pro Max Battery

Another fantastic feature of the Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max is the 4352 mAh Battery, which lets us use the phone all day but never shuts down. All the previous versions of iPhones had significantly smaller batteries when compared to the iPhone 15 Pro Max giving this the advantage of extended battery life.

If you are someone who s always on the go or consuming content through your phone, either audio or video, then Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max provides you up to 25 hrs of talk time and 95 hrs of audio playback time to never interrupt your entertainment, ever. So, with this feature, you can be confident enough to use your phone all day without worrying about charging the device.

And the fast charging capabilities are also something you need to note. This device charges approximately 50% in just about half an hour.

Features of the Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max

While the most prominent and game-changing features of the Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max are as discussed above, there are also some other impressive features of the Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max that you’d want to know.

One of the other captivating features of the Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max is the Face ID, which helps you unlock your Apple device using Facial recognition technology. But this was a common feature in all the previous models, then what’s in it for this new version is that the face recognition accuracy is high even in low-light conditions.

Yet another feature of the Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max is that it offers a wide range of connectivity, with WiFi 6, Bluetooth 5.2 and 5G connectivity, which allows you to access the internet and the websites you wish to check in the blink of an eye.

The device also provides a unique audio experience when watching videos, or listening to songs, and haptic touch, lets us interact with the device using subtle vibrations.

The benefits of these features are many. From facial recognition to advanced 5G internet connectivity, the Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max has something for everyone.

The Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max is a significantly improved model in almost every area. You can see it by its curved design, lightweight body, high-quality display to long battery life and camera features. With all these capabilities and performance, this model is one of the most advanced smartphones out there today. We can understand easily that a great amount of time and effort has been put by Apple into developing this device, which, in almost every aspect, has come into the market flawlessly and fantastically. If you are looking for a high-quality smartphone with the most advanced features, try your hand with the new Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max.