How to Get Apple Music Student Discount in 2023

Apple Music Student Discount

Looking for How to Avail Apple Music Student Discount in 2023? Apple Music is a subscription based music streaming platform and it is more or less similar to every other music streaming services. The platform gives access to about 60 millions of songs and comes with a pool of exciting features.

Apple Music lets you to enjoy your favorite songs even when you stay offline, because of which Wi-Fi connection in this case is not mandatory for all time. You may even control Apple Music by the help of Siri and your voice. Besides, you get radio stations as Apple users.

The music platform lets you to stream any of your favorite songs from the catalog of iTunes and places your music in a single or common section whether you downloaded it online, copied via a CD or buy from iTunes.

What is Apple Music Student Discount?

Apple Music Student Discount

As college students mainly use Apple Music, it has recently come up with a student plan, which will give a discount of 50 percent to all students enrolled in a university or college of the USA. Accordingly, students have to pay about 50 percent less to get their monthly subscription of Apple Music as compared to other users, as the platform gives discount to students.

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Pricing According to Apple Music Student Discount

If we talk about the pricing rules of Apple Music in the United States of America, individual subscription associated with Apple Music will cost $9.99 in one month. On the other side, if you choose student plan, you have to spend only an amount of $4.99 monthly.

Validity of Apple Music Student Discount

Apple Music Student Discount remains available only for four years. Later, it will convert to an individual plans.

Benefits of Apple Student Discount

Apple Music Student Plan
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With your subscription to Apple Music Student Discount, you will get benefits related to iTunes. Also, you may access the complete catalog of Apple Music. Other than this, users will have unlimited number of Apple Music skips for its radio stations as well as unlimited number of songs for the catalog. If this is not enough, you may avail of ripped and purchased libraries. Finally, the discount obtained from Apple Music platform let’s you streaming songs uploaded to iCloud.

Requirements to Fulfill to Get Apple Music Student Discount

You have to fulfill a few of the compulsory requirements to get Apple Music Student Discount. These include the following:

  • You must possess your valid student ID and an email address in .edu domain.
  • You must have a verified payment method connected with your Apple ID. This may be your debit card, credit card, PayPal account or anything else.

Steps to Get Apple Music Student Discount

After you fulfill the aforementioned requirements, you have to follow easy steps to get the respective student discount. However, the steps may vary according to the device you use or whether you already have subscription to any other plan on Apple Music.

Subscription Steps for New Subscribers of Apple Music Student Plan

  • Open the icon of Apple Music on your iPhone or any other iOS device.
  • Click or tap on For You.
  • Tap on the option of free trial
  • Select the option of Student
  • Click on Verify Eligibility
Apple Music Student Membership

Once you click on Verify Eligibility, the website redirects to Unidays, where you have to verify the enrollment of your college. Here, you again have to show your email address created on .edu domain. You have to follow certain steps by Unidays for verifying your account.

Switching to Student Account to Make Extra Money

If you already have subscription to Apple Music but you are taking admission in any of the US-based College very soon, you may switch to the student account to save a small percentage of money.

Here, even though you cannot get a second free trial with Apple Music but you can enjoy everything by paying only $4.99 rather than paying $9.99 in one month.

However, switching to student plan from your existing one depends solely on the type of device you use. Hence, you must make sure to follow proper steps for the right device. Accordingly,

Steps to Switch Student Plan on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch

  • Open the Settings of your app.
  • Tap your user name and then tap to Subscriptions
  • Tap on the membership of Apple Music
  • Tap to Student for 1month

Steps to Switch Apple Music Student Plan on Your Mac Device

  • Open your Mac device App Store
  • Click your user name displayed in the left bottom corner
  • Click on View Information present in the right top corner
  • Scroll to the option of Subscriptions and click on Manage
  • Click on the subscription of Apple Music
  • Click on Student for 1month.

Now, regardless of the device you have or method you follow, while selecting the option of Student, you visit to Unidays website. The website will verify the enrollment of your college. Here, you again must verify your student email address and follow the steps recommended by Unidays for verifying your account.

Apple Music Student Discount Guide
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Queries on Apple Music Student Discount

What is Apple Music Student Membership?

Like other Membership Plans spotify, netflix and Amazon, Apple Music also offers monthly membership to enjoy unlimited songs. If we talk about the student plan, then Apple gives a special plan for the students in all its services, so that all the students can afford Apple products in their range. If you submitted your student id, the price will be dropped for you in Apple Music membership, and at the time of renewal you will be given a discount.

Who Qualifies for Apple Student Discount?

Only students and teachers can take this offer. All they need is a valid student id, a student id that has an .edu extension. You have to login to the student plan with the help of that id and verify yourself.

Does apple music student discount have a family plan?

This plan was made for only one student. If you are looking for a family plan, then you should go for apple music premium plan. In that plan, you will get to run the same account in 4 to 6 devices. You can share that account with your family and friends.

Why Apple Music Student Discount is Not Working?

If the apple music student discount is not working or you are not able to activate the plan, then you have to use the correct student id. Remember you cannot use any email account, you will need an edu mail to signup. You can login with the help of valid id and after that you will get all the instructions on the email to proceed further.