Berlin Money Heist Netflix 2023 Release Date, Teaser, December 2023

Following the conclusion of its gripping five-season run, Money Heist (La Casa de Papel) is embracing the legacy of Breaking Bad by returning with a spin-off prequel centered around one of its beloved characters, Berlin Money Heist. The series finale in December marked the end of an era, but in today’s entertainment landscape, popular franchises must endure, no matter the cost. The creative minds behind Money Heist understood this and decided to continue the story.

This decision not only benefits the show’s creators but also brings joy to the passionate fan base. Before releasing Money Heist Season 5 Part 2, Netflix delighted fans by announcing the spin-off focused on Berlin.

Money Heist burst onto the scene, capturing audiences’ attention with its striking cinematography, iconic imagery, and instantly recognizable attire. The show’s intricate characters, with their distinct personalities and backgrounds, as well as its unpredictable plot twists and shocking revelations, left viewers mesmerized despite being broadcast entirely in Spanish. The quality of writing, acting, and presentation mesmerized audiences across the world. Subtitles, the universal companion of cinema lovers, bridged any linguistic gaps and allowed viewers to fully immerse themselves in the captivating story.

Berlin Money Heist

Berlin Money Heist

In storytelling, the demise of characters often does not mark their conclusion. This holds true for Berlin, a charismatic trickster also known as Andrés de Fonollosa, who has evoked both love and hate among fans. In the upcoming series, aptly titled Berlin, we will delve into his personal narrative and witness his adventures before joining the Professor’s crew in Money Heist.

If we are to go deeper, then we will be seeing more into the life of Berlin. We will see about his past relationships, how extravagant he was, what he did, and how his relationship was with his beloved brother, the Professor. We could also see the story behind how he stole 434 diamonds in Paris and the exact reason for him doing so!

In fact, in discussion with Pedro, Alex Pina himself stated that the series would be a combination of heists and love. He pointed out that he is revealing more about the con artist who went on to steal across Europe, donning different hats and being madly in love with different women!

Berlin, the enigmatic and methodical con artist, and master jewel thief, is set to captivate audiences with his earlier transformation into the beloved character we know. This thrilling spin-off takes us on a journey across Europe, where Berlin fearlessly carries out daring heists and indulges in passionate love affairs. Anticipation for Berlin’s inaugural season is rising fast, although we currently need to learn more details. Rest assured, as soon as more details become available, we will keep you updated accordingly. Prepare yourselves for a breathtaking journey!

What Do We Know About the Cast?

Pedro Alonso makes a triumphant return, reprising his iconic role as Berlin, the central figure in this new spin-off. Joining him are talented co-stars Michelle Jenner, Begoña Vargas, and Tristán Ulloa. While these actors may be lesser known to American audiences, they boast impressive bodies of work, including notable projects like Julieta, Centauro, and Warrior Nun, respectively. The ensemble also features Yuri D. Brown, Marcel Gonzalez, Miko Jarry, Julien Paschai, Joel Sánchez, and Julio Peña.

Fans of Money Heist can rest assured knowing that the spin-off maintains the same level of quality, thanks to the involvement of creator Álex Pina and writer Esther Martínez Lobato, who contributed to numerous episodes of the original show.

When discussing the expansion of Money Heist’s universe, Pina told Oprah Daily, “The potential for spin-offs is abundant, thanks to our characters’ strong and compelling identities. We have consistently strived to create characters with intricate and multi-dimensional qualities. As a result, nearly every character in Money Heist possesses a fascinating duality that we would love to explore in spin-off ventures. The possibilities are endless, allowing us to witness these characters in entirely different contexts, opening up exciting new narratives.”

Expected Release Date

As per the recent announcements by Netflix, Berlin is gearing up to premiere in this year’s December. We also have an update, which could be a false positive, that the date could be the 29th for the first season!


Money Heist proved to be an international hit when Netflix offered a lifeline to the show after it acquired the rights. People fell in love with all the characters, especially the Professor and Berlin. Taking advantage of the fandom, Netflix has come forward with a prequel that will delve into the life of Berlin.

You can call it a spin-off or a prequel, but we do get the opportunity to see our favorite artists on the screen again, along with new members. Remember the date – December 2023, and you get the first row seats to watch if you subscribe to Netflix!

FAQs: Queries on Berlin Money Heist

Is Berlin a spin-off or replacement for the Money Heist?

Netflix announced a new show, Berlin, a spin-off or prequel to Money Heist. However, it is not a replacement for the original Heist series and will only go deeper into the Berlin character.

When is Netflix releasing Berlin?

As per sources, Netflix is gearing up to release Berlin in December 2023. Although the date is yet to be confirmed, guesses firmly state the date to be the 29th.

What will Berlin focus on?

Berlin is more about the character. How the man was, about his relationship with women, and how we stole across Europe while being madly in love. The show will also display the relationship with his brother, the Professor.

Will Berlin see old characters?

Netflix is tight-lipped about the show, and there are no details about the plot or the characters involved. However, we hope to see new faces and appearances of the near and dear from Money Heist.

Why was Berlin killed in the first place?

Killing Berlin was never a part of the original plot. However, Alex Pina stated that he was urged to kill the character became vital because he was no longer needed as the show progressed.