20 BEST Battle Royale Games [#Top Ranked] 2023

Battle Royale Games

The PlayStation 5 catalog has some of the generation’s best games, like Horizon Zero Dawn or God of War. However, they are not the ones that accumulate millions of players per month. There are fast-paced games such as Battle Royale that offer a different experience to the more conventional shooters in that ranking. This genre of video games adopted the term Battle Royale thanks to a Japanese novel that put a group of young people to the limit to survive. With that premise, you can enjoy the best Battle Royale Games for Android, PC & PS4 as well as PS5.

The most popular game is Fortnite, without a doubt. It has many game modes, but the players prefer battle Royale Games. However, it does have some exclusive mechanics and a lot of bonus content that others don’t have.

Battle Royale Games

Other games offer a more realistic open world for collecting materials and surviving in a more rudimentary Hunger Games style. Below you have a complete list of the Best Battle Royale games for android you can download now on your android, pc and playstation. Here is the list of battle ground games you must try!

List of Top 20 Ranked Battle Royale Games for Android

Battle Royale GamesAvailabilityRating
Garena Free FireMobile/PC/iOS4.1/5
Apex LegendsPC/Mobile/iOS4.3/5
Call of Duty: WarzonePC/Mobile/iOS4.1/5
Fall Guys: Ultimate KnockoutPC/Mobile/iOS5.5/5
Worms RumblePC/Mobile/iOS3.9/5
Darwin ProjectsPC/Mobile/iOS3.7/5
Call of Duty: Black Ops 4iOS/Mobile/PC4.1/5
World of TanksComputer PC1.9/5
Cuisine RoyaleiOS/Mobile/PC3.5/5
Hyper ScapeiOS/Mobile/PC3.5/5
Ring of ElysiumiOS/Mobile/PC2.5/5
Battle Bees RoyaleMobile/iOS3.7/5
Tetris 99Mobile/PC/iOS4.0/5
Forza Horizon 4Mobile/PC/iOS4.5/5
GO Danger ZoneMobile/PC/iOS3.9/5
Realm RoyaleMobile/PC/iOS4.1/5
H1Z1: Battle RoyaleMobile/PC/iOS3.5/5


Best Battle Royale Games

All of the players went to the island. It would be best if you were looking for better weapons and equipment. Players can create buildings to protect themselves or take a more aggressive position.

The success of Fortnite has introduced other battle royale games with unique identities. It wasn’t the first time, but Epic Games can’t deny the great work it did at Fortnite. The Battle Pass contains a lot of content, including weekly challenges and temporary events. It varies from season to season and offers new stories, activities, and rewards to keep players active.

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Apex Legends

Free Battle Royale Games

Apex Legends is a free Battle Royale-type shooter. The Respawn Entertainment game has several legendary characters, each with its abilities. Unlike other titles in the genre, Apex Legends is always played as a team, and you have to combine each character’s unique abilities to keep the squad as balanced as possible.

Something fundamental in each game is to get the most powerful weapons, the best accessories, and the most useful armor. The last squad standing wins the game. Respawn Entertainment has introduced some new features in the Battle Royale genre- Respawn beacons, smart inventory, a new way of jumping, and much more.

Garena Free Fire

Top Battle Royale Games

Garena Free Fire is a true phenomenon in several countries, especially in India, Brazil, and South America. It’s a 50-player battle royale games that does not invent practically anything, but there is a reason why it has more than 500 million downloads between Android and iPhone.

The main reason is that it is a game designed from the beginning to be played on a mobile phone: it is very intuitive, the games are short, and the firing is automatic; The important thing here is to know how to use the covers surprise the opponent. Since its launch in 2017, it has not stopped receiving new content, and its competitive community is very active.

Download Garena Free Fire for Android and iOS

Player Unknown’s battlegrounds (PUBG)

Battle Royale Games for Android

Player unknown’s battlegrounds is a video game developed by PUBG Corp and published by Bluehole for Xbox One, PS4, PC and Android, and iOS mobiles. It is a multiplayer online Battle Royale in which 100 players jump to an island without any resources.

When they fall, they must find the equipment to survive a storm and eliminate the other players. Only 1 of the 100 can survive. It also depends on the different game modes, individual, duo, or team. In addition, it has several maps with different weather changes so that the games are increasingly complicated.

It would not be fair to exclude PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds from this list, as it presented its online multiplayer proposal before Fortnite was a success. It was the first Battle Royale games to bring together hundreds of players on platforms like Steam. The game completely follows the rules of a Battle Royale Games, where players start without any equipment.

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Call of Duty Mobile: Warzone

Top Ranked Battle Royale Game

It is an action battle royale developed by Raven Software and Infinity Ward, distributed by Activision. It is a spin-off of the 2019 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare title and the third battle royale in the Call of Duty series.

Here 150 players face off on a map called Verdansk, where you have to land and look for resources to survive the enemies and the zone of toxic gas that is reducing as time progresses. Unlike other battle royale games, in Call of Duty: Warzone, a respawn system works in different ways. The first is to face another player who has been eliminated, the one who wins gets another chance at life.

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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Download Battle Royale Games

It is a platform battle royale developed by Mediatonic and distributed by Devolver Digital. It is inspired by Takeshi’s Castle, better known in country as “Yellow Humor.” It is a competitive game for up to 60 players where you have to play five rounds in different events.

Fall Guys is the most different Battle Royale Games on this list because the goal is not to eliminate other players. Unlike, Players have to take tests and qualify independently without boycotting others (although this is also possible). It is a very fun, carefree game with a very fast formula to connect with people.

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Battle Royale Games 2021

Spellbreak is a role-playing video game of Battle Royale that was a world of fantasy to the stage. Players fight each other. It will be the most powerful wizard. As in any battle royale games, the goal is to survive and be the only survivor on a vast map to explore. There are six different mages with their playstyle: Son of Frost, Conduit, Pyromancer, Toxicologist, Petromorph, or Tempest.

Spellbreak is set in a more fantastic world, where players step into the shoes of a sorcerer. So the main mechanics have to do with casting elemental magic of 6 different classes: wind, fire, ice, thunder, stone, and toxic. In this sense, managing mana becomes essential and collecting magic items to combine with attacks.

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Worms Rumble

Battle Royale Games for Mobile

It is a real-time strategy game developed and distributed by Team 17. The classic game of worms continues to evolve and eliminates turns in games, where up to 32 players can face simultaneously.

Most veteran players remember the Worms with nostalgia, a Battle Royale Games whose protagonists are friendly worms. The success of this game was the turn-based combat and the varied and peculiar arsenal of weapons. Now Worms Rumble has eliminated the turns to face each other in real-time, where the action is the main protagonist.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Battle Royale Mobile Games

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is a shooter game focused on multiplayer mode. Unlike other titles in the franchise, it does not have a campaign. This installment offers three game modes: multiplayer, Blackout, and zombies. It is the first game in the franchise to have a Battle Royale (Blackout) mode. You can play alone, in a duo, or with your squad. As for the zombie’s mode offers three experiences: IX, Desperate Journey, and Blood of the Dead. The PC version is only available via Battle.net.

Darwin Projects

Battle Royale Games Download

It is an action-adventure multiplayer online shooter developed and distributed by Scavengers Studio. The plot takes place in the Rocky Mountains of northern Canada, right in a post-apocalyptic time where the survivors prepare for an impending ice age. Because of this, scientists create the Darwin Project, where they experiment with people to adapt to extreme environments.

World of Tanks

Best Free Battle Royale Games

World of Tanks is a large multiplayer online game featuring tanks from the early to mid 20th century. Players will face off in the same fully randomized scenario, manipulating armored vehicles such as light tanks, medium tanks, heavy tanks, tank destroyers, and self-propelled weapons.

The player has control over the vehicle’s movement, the shots and can communicate with other players to work out a strategy through voice or written chat. Although it is a completely free game, players can also access premium content by paying a fee.

Cuisine Royale

Battle Royale Games No Download

Cuisine Royale is a multiplayer shooter and action game where players face off against each other. All participants appear at different points on the stage with very basic equipment, so they will have to explore to find weapons and other utensils to face the others.

Like most battle royale, space is getting smaller and smaller, forcing players to move to the center outside of the Dark Zone. There are many types of weapons and even demonic powers that can be used. Users can draw seals to perform ancient rituals to heal friends, slow enemies, summon zombies, or teleport somewhere on the map.

Hyper Scape

Battle Royale Games Browser

Developed by Ubisoft, Hyper Scape is a free seasonal battle royale like other titles in the genre. Notable features include the changing battlefield where players have to adapt to random effects that alter the course of the game. While cosmetic items are unlocked as you play, some are exclusive and can only be obtained with Bit Crowns. This virtual currency is purchased with real money.

In this ranking, you can find the most important Battle Royale games for android, including free ones. Although they all have common elements such as the confrontation against other players or open worlds that reduce the playing area, there are also Battle Royale as original as Fall Guys that has been a true phenomenon. Choose your next adventure and try to be the last survivor.

Ring of Elysium

Battle Royale Games Mobile

Another of the great exponents and successes among lovers of battle royale games on PC is Ring of Elysium. This title began its life in Steam Early Access, for free, at the beginning of 2019 and had been reaping ever since players from all over the world.

The game combines the basic mechanics of the battle royale in a very successful way, with different novelties in mobility, since you can choose that your character can climb, snow, and other really interesting mechanics such as the double sight that they have adopted for themselves other games like PUBG.

Battle Bees Royale

Battle Royale Games for Computer

One of the most important “arena” games of recent years has also joined the battle royale games craze by introducing this mode in September 2018.

Turning it into a free-play game that mixes MOBA mechanics with those of the Battle Royale on maps 30 times larger than those of a classic MOBA in which up to 20 players can face each other.

Tetris 99

Battle Royale Games for PC

Tetris 99 was one of the revolutions of 2019. A battle royale games that surprised everyone as it turns one of the most classic games into one of the most fashionable mechanics offers us an incredibly fun experience today. The game is completely free for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers, so if you are subscribed to the platform, they advise you to give it a try because they think it will surprise you very pleasantly.

Forza Horizon 4 and its Battle Royale Mode

Battle Royale Games iOS

To close this final part of the review with some battle royale games that goes beyond the “classic norm” of the genre, they want to mention this new mode that Playground Games added at the end of last year to Forza Horizon 4, one of the best racing games of the world. Last year In this battle royale called The Eliminator, 72 players must face each other in an arena in the open world of Great Britain, having to eliminate the rival in one-on-one races.

Obtaining improvements and getting faster cars with each race until you get closer to the final race in which only one winner can remain – a very interesting twist to marry two genres as disparate as driving and battle royale games.

GO Danger Zone

Upcoming Battle Royale Game

Valve’s eternal multiplayer shooter is more tactical, confronting 16 players, rather than focusing on large-scale scenarios with dozens of soldiers like other games of this style. You’ve also decided to adopt Battle Royale in the Danger Zone, a fairly special mode of side selection, on a small map with an unusual purpose that works very well among fans of the legendary first-person shooter.

Realm Royale

Battle Royale Games Unblocked

Hi-Rez Studios signs this action title where the player must choose between different classes such as magicians, assassins, or warriors to become a champion of the kingdom. To do this, he will make use of unique and original skills, and at the same time, he has to keep the mist that hangs over the stage at bay, even summon a mount to escape when things get ugly and difficult.

It is an alternative proposal to the traditional Battle Royale Games and is available in a free-to-play format so that everyone who wishes can try it.

The creators of Paladins released this unique Battle Royale Games with a very colorful cartoon art design. It has several game modes to play alone or enjoy games with friends in online multiplayer. It is quite similar to Fortnite but uses some elements to fight, heal, and other special abilities of each character. Eliminated players turn into chickens and have a chance to revive if they last for a few seconds in this state.

H1Z1: Battle Royale

Best Mobile Battle Royale Games

The fireproof H1Z1 is transformed into a battle royale to compete with the greats of this genre. A proposal in which the players must face each other until the last survivor is left who, as happens in this type of game, ends up being the winner of the game.

Choose your best weapons, drive all kinds of vehicles and use your best skills to get out of the confrontations against the rest of the players to show that you are the best player in H1Z1: Battle Royale Games, a free-to-play game that you can download right now.

In this Battle Royale Games, players can participate alone, in pairs, or groups of 5 people. It has many elements similar to popular games, so exploration, stealth, and action go hand in hand in this free title. Items and tools can also be crafted with available resources, an option that makes it more versatile than other games.

That’s all about the Top Ranked Battle Royale Games for Android, iOS 2021.

This battle royale games is quite popular in the gaming community. If you call yourself a gamer then you must try these games. Prepare your squad and start fighting in these battlegrounds, if you don’t have a team then you can also play with random players. Can also be played in solo matches, duo and squad. Also, if you think that your gaming skills are better, then you can win prizes by participating in the contest and challenging the competitive players as well.

Best Wishes from a Gamer to Gamer!

FAQs: Most Asked Questions

Are all these Battle Royale Games are Free?

Yes, you can download any game for free for your mobile or ios devices and enjoy playing with your own squad.

Which battle royale game is the most popular?

At this time the youth & students has the most fun playing games like battlegrounds mobile india, pubg mobile, garena free fire, call of duty mobile and fortnite.

Is the Battle Royale Games Available for Android?

Yes, you can go to google play store to download any battle royale game in android devices. Use Apple app store for iOS devices or Bluestack for PC.