15 Best FREE VPN for Windows 10-11 PC [Top Rated] 2024

VPN For Windows PC

Are you seeking effective ways to secure your IP address and online data? You must look for the 15 Best Free VPN for Windows PC to hide your private data from malicious software programs and hackers. Free VPN software gives access to any Virtual Private Network VPN server network with other essential software programs without any requirement of paying anything. Here, we have listed 15 Best and Free VPN connections available for Windows PC.

VPN for Windows

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List of Best VPN for Windows 10 2024

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1. ExpressVPN

Best VPN for Windows PC

ExpressVPN provides security to online browsing against every type of three-letter scammer and agency. The VPN provides unlimited access to videos, music and social media contents in such a way the programs never log browsing history, IP addresses, traffic destination or DNS queries. Common features of the VPN for Windows PC are:

  • Provides online protection with the help of encryption and leak proofing feature
  • Hides your IP address and encrypts the network data
  • Provides VPN connection without any limitation of bandwidth
  • Allows Bitcoin payment and Tor application to access various hidden websites
  • 24×7 availability via live chat and email

2. NordVPN

Free VPN for Windows PC

NordVPN software prevents tracking, collecting and sharing of data with other users. The VPN is available on almost every type of device, like MacOS, Apple, Windows, Android and Linux. You may get fast connection without any need to buffer it. The VPN for Windows PC has many exclusive features, which are:

  • Prevents the storage of session details, IP addresses, used bandwidth, session information and traffic data
  • Gives onion over or double VPN connection
  • Avoids any online log activity
  • Provides 24×7 support to VPN product/solution

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3. CyberGhost

Top VPN for Windows

CyberGhost gives you one of the secure P2P torrents. You may unblock your streaming services. As a leading free VPN for Windows PC, it encrypts the online connection and enhances both digital privacy and security. The best thing is that CyberGhost protects you automatically whenever you switch to any new online connection. Prime features of the tool are:

  • Provides access to the popular NoSpy server
  • Encrypts data with the help of innovative 256 bits of AES encryption technique
  • Provides connection to a maximum of seven devices at the same time
  • Gives unlimited bandwidth
  • CyberGhost VPN puts the privacy of a user at the top priority and thereby, protects him/her against hackers and data miners both.

4. IPVanish

Windows PC VPN App

Are you looking for a commercial VPN for Windows PC service provider? Just go with IPVanish, which has approximately 1,400 online servers available across 75 different locations in the world. The tool gives you the fastest possible VPN service for different types of Smartphone devices. Common features of IPVanish VPN for Windows are:

  • Prevents recording of activities
  • Automatically recommends the fastest possible VPN server
  • As a leading tool, it makes sure of secure online connection
  • IPVanish allows you switch between different services
  • Gives support to more than one VPN protocol
  • Uses the encryption method of 256 bits

5. SurfShark

VPN for Windows

Users want to get secure and fast access to different web contents must go with Surfshark. The VPN connection retains privacy of your location and assures security of your sensitive data. The software gives secure tunneling protocols, such as IKEv2 and OpenVPN. The VPN for Windows has a few of the interesting features, which include:

  • The free VPN available for Windows PC allows specific websites and apps to bypass the existing VPN connection
  • Safeguards confidentiality of users by simply hiding their actual IP addresses
  • The software never logs your IP and avoids DNS leakage

6. Unlocator

VPN for Windows 10

Unlocator lets to browse the internet by retaining your privacy without any type of restriction. When you use Unlocator software, it encrypts your network connection and assures security of your overall network activities. Interesting features of Unlocator VPN for Windows are:

  • The VPN supports about 58 different platforms and devices
  • As a leading free Windows VPN, it provides security and one-click privacy
  • Provides VPN privacy with Smart DNS streaming easily
  • Protects the privacy level effectively without any DNS or IP leak

7. HideMyAss

Free VPN app for Windows

Looking for an effective VPN for Windows PC to secure your banking transactions, just go with Hidemyass. You may get VPN protection for the IoT network. The VPN allows users to stay anonymous and encrypts the existing online traffic. Hidemyass is one of the fully dedicated no-log types of VPN tool to perform P2P sharing and streaming activities. Key features are:

  • Possesses more than 980 different VPN servers in diverse locations
  • Hidemyass lets you to browse by the help of secure public Wi-Fi connection
  • Assures privacy by concealing your browsing history and searches
  • Unblock all sorts of restricted contents in a hassle-free way

8. Astrill

Best VPN Network for Windows

Astrill is another effective no-log type of VPN software, which helps you to share the existing VPN connection with different types of devices present on the home network. These include Roku Boxes, Xbox, Boxee and PS4. It lets you to connect the VPN with your office or home network with five different connections. Common features of the VPN are:

  • Comes with SSL encryption for securing the network traffic
  • Connect different devices to almost every server
  • Astrill provides you unlimited server switching benefits
  • Protects your online traffic from all types of spies and hackers via SSL encryption
  • Astrill gives support to Bitcoin

9. F-Secure Freedom

Truly Free VPN Service

F-Secure Freedom conceals the IP address by simply relocating it to a different location. The software provides taxes, streaming, browsing, e-commerce transactions and online banking. The VPN gives access to geo-blocked contents as well. Common features are:

  • Gives you unlimited bandwidth
  • F-Secure VPN gives access to various geo-blocked contents in a hassle-free way
  • Eliminates the need of creating account or completing registration to use the software
  • Avoids your internet connection to track your online activities

10. ProtonVPN

VPN for Google Chrome

Proton VPN allows you to use the online connection anonymously, encrypt the online connection and unblock websites. The free VPN for Windows PCs uses high-speed VPN server to protect the privacy level. Common features include:

  • ProtonVPN comes with ciphers and Perfect Forward Secrecy to provide improved encryption
  • Annonymous VPN service to use online connection without any surveillance
  • ProtonVPN may integrate with the anonymity network via Tor.
  • Pass user traffic with the help of a secure core network in different countries

11. Bitdefender VPN

von for chrome

Bitdefender VPN is another type of security software recognized by most of the independent labs and computer experts. It provides real-world protection to your existing data network. Bitdefender is perfecr VPN for Windows PC, it protects both your home and business enterprise against varieties of cyber threats. Interesting features of the VPN are:

  • Prevents different types of IP leak
  • Eliminates any type of data retention law
  • Provides centralized and cloud-based control for different types of devices
  • Prevents any malicious software program and hacker to cause vulnerability to your system

12. VPN Unlimited

free von for windows

VPN Unlimited gives security with both personal passwords and credit card data. It is an excellent VPN for Windows PC, as it protects the personal data from hackers and third parties. VPN Unlimited is an excellent way to setup safe virtual connections to secure servers. Common features of the VPN are:

  • VPN Unlimited has approximately 400 super-fast online servers.
  • Able to connect to a maximum of 5 devices
  • Changes your IP address to protect the privacy of your device
  • Gives complete security regardless of the type of your Wi-Fi connection

13. HexaTech

best vpn in 2021

HexaTech gives safe and private access to each of your contents stored across the world, It is also called best vpn for windows 10. The VPN assures secure connections combined with military level of encryption to safeguard your Windows PC from different cyber attacks. Common features of HexaTech are:

  • Gives access to your Wi-Fi networks with full security
  • Blocks all sorts of annoying advertisements, ISPs and hackers to track any PC user online to give private online experience
  • Blocks all types of online threats automatically
  • Eliminates the need of logging or registration for using the tool
  • HexaTech VPN for Windows PC gives intelligent web-based preventative

14. Browsec

windows vpn network

Browsec gives access to almost every website and at almost every place. The software protects the data from sniffers and gives anonymous browsing on different types of devices, including Windows PC. As a compatible tool, it supports almost every browser, like Google Chrome, Opera and Firefox. Common features of Browsec are:

  • Possesses about 400 different online servers
  • Gives access to geo-restricted contents
  • Provides the fastest possible support via email
  • Disconnects to retain security if the existing VPN server remains absent
  • Comes with smart settings feature to hide the identity of a user while he/she visits certain websites

15. TigerVPN

Vpn network 2021

TigerVPN lets users to access varieties of services, which you may like to bypass censorship or block contents, which may remain absent in other way. Interesting features of the VPN connection are:

  • TigerVPN offers geo unblocking facility.
  • Gives fast and effective customer support with the help of live chat
  • Improves your online speed at the time of streaming or gaming
  • Possesses meshed IP addresses to improve privacy
  • TigerVPN protects each of your connected devices simultaneously.

Depending solely on the type of device you use, you may select any one from the list of VPN connections to make sure safety and security of your Windows PC. Free VPN providers available for Windows PC provide the required level of privacy to the Windows users to prevent them from malware attacks and online threats. VPNs thus secure and protect Windows users from various prying cyber criminal eyes.

That’s all about 15 Best FREE VPN for Windows PC 2024.

Free VPN for Windows connections provide many things to benefit Windows PC users. These include maintaining the anonymity of users, providing a security surfing environment, bypassing of blockers and filters, improvement in the overall browsing performance and promising a fully protected and file-sharing type of environment.

FAQs: Most Asked Questions

How a VPN performs its functions?

A VPN performs its functions by routing to the internet connection of your Windows PC by choosing the private server of VPN instead of using the ISP i.e. internet service provider. VPN thus transmits data to internet because it comes directly from your used VPN instead of your Windows computer.

Does using a free VPN is safe and secure for my Windows PC?

Almost every type of free VPN connection gives complete security and is safe to use. However, you will find a few of them, which may load your computer with pop-ups and annoying advertisements or download malware. In this situation, we recommend you to go with the aforementioned VPN software before finalizing your decision.

Is using a VPN connection for PCs legal?

Legacy associated with using a VPN connection for Windows PC depends solely on the specific country you choose to use it. Accordingly, you must read the necessary terms and conditions related to free VPN connection before using it in your computer device.

Can anyone track you while using a VPN connection?

No, any other PC or mobile user cannot track you, as your VPN connection will hide your device’s IP address and encrypts each of your online activities. In this way, no individual may find your digital footprints.

How can I select the right VPN connection?

You have to consider a few of the important factors to select the right free VPN connection. These include security and privacy, purpose, device compatibility, VPN quality, usability, reliability and covered locations.

How any VPN connection works on a Windows PC?

Any VPN connection utilizes a private server for routing to your online connection instead of the online server of your service provider. In this way, data transmits via the respective VPN connection instead of using your existing computer system. VPN connection thus retains the user anonymity by concealing his/her IP address.