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Looking for FREE YouTube to MP4 Converter Online Tool? There are many strong reasons, for which you require to convert any YouTube to MP4 file. For instance, you may need to edit any video or create its backup file. YouTube videos are usually accessible by using the YouTube app and one can view it by using a strong online connection. However, if you want to convert a YouTube video to its MP4 version, you must check a few of the best YouTube to MP4 Converter discussed in this exclusive content.

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Looking for Best YouTube to MP3 Converter? Then you must see it – 20 Best Free YouTube to MP3 Converter & Downloader Apps 2024

List of Fastest YouTube to MP4 Converter Online

S.noFREE YouTube to MP4 ConverterStatus
1Wondershare Video ConverterFree Video Downloader
2Airy YouTube DownloaderMP4 to Mp3 Converter
3Clip ConverterYouTube Video Download Free
4YT1s DownloaderFree YouTube MP4 Download
52ConverterMP4 Downloader
6aTube DownloaderDownload MP4 Shorts
7YT Converter 2023YouTube Video MP4 Converter
8Any Video ConverterFree Video Download
9YT DownloaderMP4 YouTube to MP3
10YT Converter 2023Free YouTube to Mp4 Converter App
11Converto.ioMP4 Video saver
12DVD Fab VideoYouTube Video Saver 2022
13Online YouTubeSave Videos from YouTube
14Office ConverterDownload YouTube to MP4 Video
15Freemake Downloader 2023YouTube Download

How to Convert your Favorite Video to MP4 Format

No big deal, You do not need to do much, just copy the URL (link) of your favorite youtube video which you want to convert Youtube to MP4 format, paste it in any of the Youtube to MP4 converter tool shown below and you can download the MP4 youtube video by choosing the quality as per your choice.

YouTube to MP4 Converter

1. First of all, visit of the best YouTube to MP4 Converter Online tool – Try this one – https://yt1s.com/en5

2. Now copy the URL of any youtube video which your want to convert to another format.

3. Paste that link in the box there and press the Convert button.

4. Now you have to select the quality to download the final video. You can download youtube videos in quality from 144P to 720P. If you want, you can download it in 3GP and MP3 as well.

5. After choosing the preferred quality, click on the Get link.

6. Now the download link has been generated in front of you, you can download the video by clicking on it.

1. Wondershare Video Converter

YouTube to MP4 Converter Online

Wondershare Video Converter has a variety of top quality video programs. Users may easily convert their YouTube videos to many different formats to use on almost every device of your choice. The converter allows fast conversions depending on the specific files’ size and the number of files you want to convert at one time.

Even though Wondershare Video Converter allows batch conversion, you get a relatively fast operation if you convert a particular file one at one time. Moreover, you get good results if you choose to set it and forget. You only have to start the video conversion and involve in any other activity for few hours.

Wondershare Video Converter is available in both Windows and Mac versions. Major benefits of the youtube to mp4 converter are:

  • Ability to convert any YouTube video to more than 1,000 formats
  • Comes with easily usable editor
  • Useful without or with internet connection
  • Availability of free trial for new users
  • One of the best youtube to mp4 converter available online in 2024.

2. Airy YouTube Downloader

Best YouTube to MP4

Airy YouTube Downloader is another YouTube to MP4 converter, which not only performs its regular functions but also converts files into diverse video formats, including the MP4 format. The converter has minimal software interface and easy to use operations. You only have to select the input and output of your choice and later hit on download. Airy YouTube Downloader comes with a few of the interesting features, which include:

  • Batch-download for multiple videos and playlists on YouTube
  • Facility of browser integration, such as Safari, Firefox and Google Chrome and so on
  • Gives support to 4K, HD and 8K Ultra HD videos

Airy provides a few of the topnotch downloading abilities, which makes it an excellent free YouTube downloader. After you acquire the video link, you may select varieties of video formats to download and convert youtube to MP4. Prime benefits of the  youtube to mp4 video converter are:

  • Batch-downloading feature for multiple videos and playlists
  • Support to 8K Ultra HD, HD and 4K videos
  • Safari, Firefox and Chrome Browser Integration

3. Clip Converter for YouTube

Free YouTube to MP4

Clip converter for YouTube is also a free online tool to convert YouTube videos to not only MP4 format but also to MP3, MKV, AVI and MOV formats. The converter also works with different videos from different websites, including Vimeo and various Facebook videos.

You may easily upload any video on your computer to convert it to different formats. If you want to convert any YouTube video, you simply require pasting the respective link and then press to Continue.

After this, you have to select the format of your choice and download it. Alternatively, you may trim any video or download it without conversion. Clip Converter comes with browser add-ons to install on Firefox, Chrome or Safari. Hence, the converter converts every online video easily without visiting directly to the website of Clip Converter.

Prime benefits of the YouTube to MP4 converter are:

  • Availability with browser add-ons
  • Ability to convert almost every type of online video, including YouTube
  • Helps in the upload of conversion easily

4. Free YouTube Download

Fast YouTube to MP4 Converter

If you want a versatile downloading option with easy usability and simplicity as prime features, you must go with Free YouTube Download app powered by DVD Video Soft. The best thing is that it is available at free of cost and it allows you download the tool on almost every type of device, such as Android, Mac and Windows.

Conversion of any YouTube video to MP4 format is exclusively easy with the tool. Once you complete the download and open Free YouTube Download app, you have to copy the video link of YouTube, paste it and click on Download.

Furthermore, if you want to download multiple videos, you have to continue with pasting each of the video links. When you are ready, you have to click on the Download button for downloading the links in no time.

Free YouTube Download tool has a premium version to provide a few of the additional features. However, premium version of the app will cost you $19 for one year or $29 for its unlimited use. With Premium version, you get fast downloads with various other conversion options with the ability of downloading a channel or playlist.

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5. 2Conv YouTube Video Converter

YouTube to MP4 Converter App

2Conv is also an efficient and free of cost type of online conversion tool to convert YouTube  to Mp4 videos. In this case, you only have to copy your respective video links directly in the field displayed at the top area of your website. After this, you have to select a specific format i.e. AVI, MP3 or MP4 and click on Convert.

2Conv is a free online video conversion tool to convert YouTube videos. You only have to copy the respective video link directly in the website field and choose your format option, which may be AVI, MP3 or MP4 followed by clicking on Convert.  An interesting aspect of the converter tool is that it operates smoothly on almost every operating system and allows fast as well as easy download. Besides, the converter works well with almost every type of browser.

6. aTube Catcher

Safe YouTube to MP4 Converter

aTube Catcher is another best Youtube to MP4 Converter tool. Both downloading and conversion of YouTube videos by using aTube Catcher is easy, as it does not contain any advertisement and it is free to download/use. You only have to download followed by install the program to almost every Windows PC you want and you may enjoy converting the YouTube videos to almost every format of your choice within a few minutes.

A few of the common formats are PSP, FLV, MPG, AVI, MP4 and MP3. Once you select the format you want, you have to paste the respective YouTube link in the window to start the download process. The video converter has old interface and does not provide enough based on its overall appearance but it is popular for its easy usability. Major benefits of the youtube to mp4 converter are:

  • Free for almost every type of Windows PC
  • Converts to a large number of file formats
  • Download as well as install every minute within few minutes only

7. Yonverter YouTube to MP4 Converter

Free YouTube to MP4 Online

Yonverter is a free YouTube to mp4 video converter available online and is the simplest video converter tool available today. It works on almost every type of mobile phone or desktop device and allows you to convert as well as download videos in MP4 and other different formats.

An interesting aspect of Yonverter is that you may get it in different languages and it operates on most of the web browsers. Moreover, if you face difficulty associated with converting your videos, you will find that Yonverter provides users a complete tutorial on finding the videos of your choice and the way to convert them by using the respective tool.

We know that Yonverter performs well on almost every type of browser, because of which you may use on Linux, Mac, Windows and other operating system. To use Yonverter, you have to paste the respective YouTube link displayed at the top of the website page, select any specific version and click on convert as well as download.

8. Any Video Converter

YouTube to MP4 Tools

Any Video Converter is almost similar to Clip Converter, in which you may convert Facebook and Vimeo videos, along with YouTube videos stored on your PC. The only difference is that you have to download Any Video Converter as a software program to your computer device instead of using it as any online tool.

The conversion tool is available for both Mac and Windows PC and you may download as well as install it within few minutes. The best thing is that Any Video Converter does not contain any advertisement, malware or spyware and you may use almost every input and output format of it, along with formats available for diverse mobile devices and tablets.

9. YTD Video Downloader

Free Best YouTube to MP4 App

YTD Video Downloader is the first choice for all looking for a versatile YouTube to MP4 converter. Other than YouTube videos, the tool can convert Facebook, Dailymotion and other videos to MP4 easily. The program is available for iOS, Android, Mac and Windows. In simple words, with YTD, you may convert almost every type of video you want and that too in each format, you want.

YTD Video Downloader is free to use and download. However, you may even get its pro version that gives different subscription prices. If you are looking for conversion game, you must check its pricing structure.

The free version gives you many things and hence, it is the right option until and unless you want to convert any video professionally. Otherwise, you must get a pro version. Prime benefits of the converter tool are its hassle-free download as well as usage, simple interface, ability to convert from diverse sources to every format you want.


YouTube to MP4 Android

YOUTUBEMP4 is also an effective conversion tool for all users want to convert their favorite YouTube videos into MP4. The website is clean and contains limited number of advertisements. And it is one of the best free YouTube to MP4 Converter online.

You have to paste the YouTube video link in the tool and click on the option of convert. You may select any one from M4A, WEBM, MP4 and that too without any need of advanced settings or features. The best thing about YOUTUBEMP4 tool is that it is free to use and you get a list containing frequently asked questions to know the basic function of the tool.

11. Converto.io

YouTube to MP4 for Mac OS

Converto.io is the best solution for all want to get a simple converter. As an online conversion tool, it converts every YouTube link to MP4 or MP3. Even you do not need to install any software program and it is an excellent tool if you have limited space on your PC to operate new programs.

You simply have to copy, paste and convert the videos to MP4 or MP3 according to your choice. Converto.io comes with a few of the extra settings before you download any file. For example, when you convert Youtube to MP4, you may choose the file size or its resolution and MP3 conversions let you to change various ID3 tags.

The converter tool works on almost every web browser, because of which it operates under every type of operating system. You may even view its website in different languages, which makes the tool easy to use irrespective of your location.

12. DVD Fab Video Converter

YouTube to MP4 for Windows

If you want to convert and rip different videos at professional level or simply want to convert videos for enjoyment, you must consider DVD Fab Video Converter as an excellent platform. You may buy it online by paying $45 or simply download its 30 days trial version. A unique aspect of the converter tool is that it gives you full version of the software program for 30 days so that you get a feel of each of the features offered by DVD Fab Video Converter.

As leading software comes with support for exclusive computer processors and video graphics, it forms the fastest possible YouTube to MP4 converter. The tool performs various types of conversions of your choice. If this is not enough, DVD Fab Video Converter lets you to crop or trim your videos and add subtitles or watermarks.

Just convert from the selected video source and enjoy varieties of output file formats for every type of device, including Blackberry phones and iPods. You may not find any limit on what you may do with your YouTube videos and you get everything at the most affordable price. We recommend you to download 30-days trial pack.

13. OnlineYouTube.com

Top YouTube Video Converter

OnlineYouTube.com is another free online YouTube video conversion tool to convert videos from youtube to MP4 or MP3 formats. The tool also supports videos from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Vimeo and many more. Besides, you may convert to additional multiple video and audio file formats. The website has easy to use and clear interface with almost zero advertisement.

14. Office Converter

YouTube Video Converter

If you are still searching for YouTube to MP4 video converter online, you must try Office Converter. An interesting aspect is that it is not only a free and handy online tool but also excellent medium to convert different types of files, including the videos.

Accordingly, you may convert almost everything you want, like audio files, images, documents, eBooks and many more. Office Converter uses a suitable online translator to translate different languages of your choice easily. The website has few advertisements but you may remove them by registering yourself to get a subscription to the Office Converter website.

15. Freemake Video Converter

Best YouTube Video Converter to MP4

Freemake Video Converter is the last in the list of youtube to mp4 video conversion tool. It has remained popular for more than nine years and is useful among 100 millions of users across the world. The converter tool has exclusive customer support and its website has many how-to tutorials and videos related to the conversion of videos for different types of devices and formats.

As 100percent free software, it installs to your Windows PC within few minutes only and allows you to start conversion in no time. You may thus convert from almost every video, such as Vimeo, YouTube, Dailymotion and various others.

With a list containing output options working on almost every type of device, you do not need additional tool or software program.

Freemake Video Converter is a versatile video converter, as it allows ripping, editing and burning of files easily. Accordingly, you may rip almost every unprotected DVD and save it as ISO or folder.

Alternatively, you may transform your selected files via Blu-ray discs and burn files to any of the blank DVDs. You may join, cut, edit and rotate videos, include subtitles and encode different clips to embed online.

Overall, the selection of a suitable YouTube video to MP4 file format converter tool depends on different aspects, like download speed, subscription fee, free trial, advertisements or pop-ups and many more.

YouTube to MP3 Converter Online

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That’s all about Best FREE YouTube to MP4 Converter Online Tool in 2024. youtube to mp4 converter tools can be very useful if you want to store some videos on your device. With this you do not need to open youtube again and again. youtube is the world’s largest video sharing platform where millions of videos are uploaded daily. Online converter is such a reliable tool that is designed only for the user who wants to save yt videos to local storage.

FAQs: Most Asked Question

What is the Safest YouTube to MP4 Converter?

Here we have given the list of 15 best free youtube to mp4 converter online and we claim that it is all safe for everyone. I have personally tested all these converter tools. You can also use any tool and convert your favorite youtube videos to mp4 and download in high quality.

How to Convert YouTube to MP4 on Android?

Select any youtube to mp4 converter tool and open that website in your smartphone’s chrome browser. The tool will come in front of you, you can download the video in Mp4 format by pasting the video link there. With this, you can also use all the online tools mentioned in android, ios, windows, mac.

Are YouTube to MP4 Safe or Legal?

Of course, we have tested all the tools ourselves, all converter safe and legal. Some youtube to mp4 converter offer free features as well as premium plans. If you buy those plans, then you will get the option to download videos in better quality. You choose the tools according to your own, which are liye easy to use and the video quality you get according to your own.

Can We Download YouTube Videos in HD/

Why not, you can download videos in quality up to 720p using free youtube to mp4 converter. According to me, the quality is enough to enjoy the video. If you want better quality, you can also buy premium tools, there you will get high quality in both mp3 and mp4.

Best Apps for YouTube to MP4 Converter?

If you are looking for youtube to mp4 converter apps then your search ended here. You can use these apps anywhere on your android, windows – wondershare video downloader, Ytmp4, Airy Video Downloader etc.