15 BEST iPhone Data Recovery Software & Transfer Apps 2024

iPhone Data Recovery

Many people love to use their favourite iPhone and other iOS devices to communicate with their near and dear ones, capture photos they love, enjoy entertaining content, and many more. In simple words, individuals rely on phones so much that any software fault, hardware issue, and accident delete of data may lead to a huge loss in important data or information. Here comes the role of data recovery solutions available for iPhone, which lets you recover your lost data from your device.

iPhone Data Recovery

How to Choose Best iPhone Data Recovery Software

Here are the following prime considerations before selecting a particular iphone data recovery tool for your iOS device.


Reliability is an essential considerable point at the time of choosing iPhone data recovery software. The reason is that if you download any malicious software, it creates the worst situation.


Your iPhone and other iOS devices may open, create and modify different types of file formats. Accordingly, your ideal iPhone recovery application must be the one that recovers everything you want. These include photos, videos, audio files, documents, and file archives.


If lost data is of huge significance for you, you must buy a full version of the iPhone data recovery tool. This step will let you recover your lost data from your iPhone on your first attempt.


You must make sure that your iPhone data recovery program is compatible with your existing iOS device.

List of BEST iPhone Data Recovery Software & Apps

S.NoiPhone Data Recovery AppsPricing
2Dr. Fone$29.95 – $399
5JoyoShare$49.95 – $79.95
6EaseUS MobisaverFREE
7Enigma RecoveryFREE & PAID Version $3999
8iMobie PhoneRescueFREE
9iMyFone D-Back$39.95 – $69.95
10iBeeSoftFREE & PAID $45.95
11iPhone Backup ExtractorFREE & PAID $59.95
12TunesKit iOS Data Recovery$29.95 – $49.95
13AiseeSoft FonelabFREE
15Bitwar Data RecoveryFREE

1. ApowerRescue

iPhone Data Recovery Software

ApowerRescue is one of the most recommendable iPhone data recovery solutions. It helps you to collect your lost calendar, contact messages, notes, and various others. Even you may use the tool for retrieving data and lost files from iTunes or iCloud. Features of this iPhone Data Recovery Software:

  • The software lets you preview various media files by using your mobile.
  • ApowerRescue gives a comprehensive user manual and lets you locate the required file.
  • Users may recover their files in no time and without any hassle.
  • ApowerRescue gives an intuitive user interface.

2. Dr. Fone

iPhone Data Recovery Apps

Do you want to get back your lost contacts, messages, photos, and videos from your iPhone device? You must go with Dr. Fone’s data recovery app for iPhone. The best thing is that you may restore your important data present in iCloud and iTunes of iOS device easily. Features of this Data Recovery Software:

  • Dr. Fone’s data recovery app gives support to different types of files.
  • The app lets you restore SMS, iMessage, notes, and contacts.
  • You may use the Dr. Fone app to recover data from almost every type of device you want. These include iPad, iPod touch, iPhone, and many more.
  • With the Dr. Fone’s data recovery software, you may export the computer data for print or backup.

3. Steller

Data Recovery software for iPhone

Stellar is another type of data recovery software, by using which you may recover lost data or deleted ones from hard drives, USB drives, and SSDs. The tool restores your photos, audio files, emails, photos, and videos. Features of this iPhone Data Recovery App:

  • Stellar can recover unlimited file formats available on storage media and devices powered by iPhone and Windows.
  • You may easily recover your data from crashed systems and recover the deleted data from encrypted drives.
  • Stellar allows users to create a hard disk image to achieve a speedy recovery.
  • Stellar recovers iPhone data precisely to a maximum of 1GB of deleted or lost data free of cost.

4. BackBlaze

iOS Data Recovery Software

BackBlaze is an iPhone data recovery software, which allows you in restoring each of your lost data easily. Simultaneously, you get a thumbnail preview of your downloaded images. Features of this iPhone Data Recovery App:

  • With BackBlaze, you may share files by using your email.
  • You may recover your files, contacts, and photos.
  • BackBlaze gives support to Touch ID access to log in.
  • You may look for any specific file and download it easily on your iPhone or any other iOS device.

5. JoyoShare

Free iPhone Data Recovery Software

If you are looking for data recovery software for recovering your lost data quickly, you must choose Joyoshare. The software allows you to get back or recover your lost photos, videos, and contacts within a less possible span and without any difficulty. Features of this Data Recovery App:

  • You get the opportunity to restore data from iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad.
  • You may recover files even without any need to overwrite your stored or existing data.
  • Joyoshare recovers more than 20 different types of files. These include jpg, rar, xls, pdf, doc, and similar others.
  • The mentioned data recovery software retrieves missing data from your iOS device by scanning and connecting it to your computer.
  • Along with restoring your iPhone data, you may get a chance to preview the respective data by using Joyoshare data recovery software.

6. EaseUS MobiSaver

iOS Data Recovery Software

EaseUS MobiSaver is another user-friendly type of iphone data recovery application to retrieve data from various corrupted files. The tool lets you in recovering lost, deleted, or formatted data. Features of this iPhone Data Recovery Software:

  • You may recover lost documents, files, pictures, videos, and many more.
  • You may get your lost data back from all sorts of virus attacks.
  • The app filters out various scanning results according to the specific type of file.
  • EaseUS MobiSaver activates the recovery of the lost partition.
  • With the software, you get a preview of recovered data easily.
  • The data recovery app helps in the quick recovery of files from laptops, computers, and other types of removable devices.
  • You may use EaseUS MobiSaver to recover more than 1000 different types of files.

7. Enigma Recovery

Free iPhone Data Recovery App

Enigma Recovery is an excellent iPhone data recovery application, which helps users restore their lost data hassle-free way. The software brings the lost photos, text messages, calls, contacts, videos, photos, notes, and many more. Best features of this iPhone Data Recovery Software:

  • Enigma Recovery restores or exports your iPhone data easily and is compatible with every iOS device.
  • You may install the software without any difficulty.
  • Enigma Recovery enables users to export data in almost every format they want. These are CSV, PDF, XML, and various others.

8. iMobie Phone Rescue

iPhone Data Recovery Tool

iMobie Phone Rescue is also on the list of the best recovery solutions for iPhones. The software gives complete access to each of your stored data and files in iCloud backups. In this way, you may recover your important data easily. Exclusive Features of this Data Recovery App:

  • iMobie Phone Rescue is the right option to recover your password without any problem.
  • The app gives a preview and allows you to choose photos, messages, and many more.
  • You may use iMobie Phone Rescue to retrieve almost every type of lost data in few clicks of your mouse.
  • The data recovery application may remove the lock screen of your iPhone.

9. iMyFone D-Back

iPhone Data Recovery Software without Backup

iMyFone D-Back iPhone recovery software can rescue almost every type of deleted data on iPad, iPod touch, and several other devices. The device helps you to recover your lost WeChat, Viber, and WhatsApp messages and varieties of media contents, like videos, photos, messages, contacts, and notes. Features of this Data Recovery Software:

  • You may easily get back your accidentally deleted data.
  • iMyFone D-Back iPhone recovery software provides a preview before the recovery of your data.
  • The software assures the safety of your stored data.
  • As free restore software, it supports backup via iCloud.

10. iBeeSoft

Data recovery software for mac

iBeesoft is another exclusive data recovery software for iPhone. It allows you to bring or recover your lost data from iCloud and iTunes. The application gives support to different types of devices powered by iOS. Features of this iPhone Data Recovery App:

  • You may save your retrieved data to your iPhone device or any computer.
  • iBeesoft retrieves deleted contacts, images, messages, videos, and other necessary documents.
  • The software is perfect to conduct deep scanning.
  • iBeesoft is available for different types of devices and supports about 20 different types of files.

11. iPhone Backup Extractor

Data Recovery Software free

iPhone Backup Extractor software enables users to store their lost call history, photos, notes, videos, contacts, and many more. The app even exports your data to any format you want, like Outlook, Excel, Gmail, PDF, and CSV. Features of this Data Recovery Software:

  • iPhone Backup Extractor recovers data from encrypted backups of iTunes.
  • With the software, you may restore your corrupted data and recover the passcode of your screen time easily.
  • iPhone Backup Extractor provides drag and drop type of interface and converts data to iTunes from iCloud backups.
  • The app lets you extract your phone location data with a single click of your mouse.

12. TunesKit iPhone Data Recovery

Data Recovery Software for Mac

TunesKit data recovery tool for iPhone recovers varieties of lost files. It even features a preview function to let you select the type of file you want to recover. The software recovers your lost data from iTunes backup, iCloud backup, and iPhone. Exclusive Features of this Data Recovery Tool:

  • TunesKit iPhone allows the recovery of data at the fastest possible speed.
  • The app gives support to a variety of incidents related to data loss.
  • The tool is perfect to recover more than 20 different types of files and that too of different formats.

13. Aiseesoft Fonelab Data Recovery

iPhone Data Recovery Software Backup

Aiseesoft Fonelab for iPhone is another powerful tool to help you in getting back your lost data at the fastest speed. The data recovery software allows you to import photos via iCloud backup. Features of this iPhone Data Recovery Software:

  • The app gives support to different file formats, like call history, text messages, notes, voicemail, and similar others.
  • You may backup the lost data from almost every device you want, like iPod, iPhone, and iPad.
  • Aiseesoft Fonelab retrieves the password of almost every mobile device you want.
  • The software lets you preview the backup files before you restore them.

14. iSkySoft Data Recovery

Free iPhone Data Recovery

iSkySoft Data Recovery software allows users to bring their important lost data not only from iPhone but also from other iOS devices. The software is compatible with each of the latest iPhone models. Best features of this Data Recovery Software & Transfer App:

  • iSkySoft recovers WhatsApp chats, contacts, SMS, notes, photos, voicemails, bookmarks, and many more.
  • The data recovery software gives support to more than 20 different types of files.
  • iSkySoft never loses any data at the time of restoration and recovers data from iCloud back and iTunes without any problem.

15. Bitwar Data Recovery

iOS Data Recovery Apps

Do you want to get a preview of your lost files even before scanning them? If yes, just go with the Bitwar Data Recovery tool to bring your lost messages, contacts, notes, videos, and others easily. Features of this iPhone Data Recovery Software:

  • Bitwar Data Recovery provides a user-friendly interface and does scanning.
  • The iOS recovery software lets you select a specific type of data to recover without any problem.
  • Bitwar Data Recovery tool gives support to different types of devices powered by iOS.

Therefore, with the help of the aforementioned data recovery applications or tools for iPhones and other iOS devices, you may restore your SMS, iMessage, notes, contacts, photos, videos, and other lost data/media files effortlessly and in less possible time.

That’s all about 15 Best iPhone Data Recovery Software & Data Recovery Apps for iPhone 2024 Free or Paid both are listed here.

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If you have lost your important data or are afraid of losing it, then in this case, data recovery apps is the last hope for you. You can recover your lost data with the help of these apps, as well as to keep the data safe, you can also backup it which you can keep online or in local storage. We all know that Apple gives us limited storage in iCloud for Backup, but when that storage starts to fall short, then you have to pay to apple inc to upgrade the storage.

The best iphone data recovery apps & free software given here are both free and paid, you can choose anything from your choice, all are personally tested.

FAQs: Most Asked Questions

What is data recovery software for iPhone?

Data recovery software for iPhone refers to any specific application, by using which you may recover your lost data from your iPhone. The application recovers your data lost from different situations, like virus attacks, hardware damage, manual errors, and many more. The tools restore your SMS, iMessage, contacts, photos, notes, videos, and other data effortlessly.

How data recovery tools for iPhone work?

Data recovery tools available for iPhone help you to recover data and files on your iPhone and iOS powered devices, which you thought were non-retrievable. However, not all types of data recovery tools work with the same efficiency. In this situation, you must dedicate your time to check the features of a specific data recovery software for your iPhone.

Can I find free data recovery software for my iPhone device?

Yes, while searching over the internet, you may easily get plenty of free data recovery tools for your iPhone. However, before you should start using any one of them, you must make sure of its reliability, safety, and compatibility with your operating system and phone. You must assure that your selected software has a relatively high success rate in terms of data recovery and is easy to use. This step will help you to prevent many problems shortly.

Can I recover my iPhone data without any backup?

Yes, most of your data recovery applications restore lost media files without any backup. Such apps will scan your device for finding the lost data but store them on your device. In this situation, you may recover your lost items even when you do not have any backup.