15 Best Pokemon ROM Hacks (March 2024)

The finest Pokemon ROM hacks have been available for many years on the internet, both on download sites and on official Wiki pages. In particular, Game Boy Advance (GBA) Pokemon ROM hacks are the most often used, since their code is readily modified from the original Pokemon Emerald and Pokemon FireRed. Among the hundreds available on the internet, these hacks stand out because to their high quality of life fixes, customizable difficulty levels, and region-specific replayability.

These days, it’s a breeze to modify a GBA Pokemon ROM. As a result of the proliferation of hacking tools and the influence of contemporary video games, ROM hacking has reached new heights since its inception in the early 2000s. While some of the hacks we’ll be listing here are very new, others have been around since Pokemon ROM hacking’s infancy. The finest Pokemon ROM hacks available today are shown in this article, with a top list. However, you can be certain that each of these titles is worthy of your time and attention.

Best Pokemon ROM Hacks

Top 15 Best Pokemon ROM Hacks of All Time

  • Pokemon Fire Red
  • Pokemon Light Platinum
  • Pokemon Mega Power
  • Pokemon Unbound
  • Professor Redwood
  • Pokemon Glazed
  • Professor Oak
  • Pokemon Dark Rising
  • Pokemon Flora Sky
  • Pokemon Brown
  • Pokemon Prism
  • Phoenix Rising
  • Pokemon Revolution
  • Pokemon Reborn
  • Pokemon Orange

1. Pokemon Fire Red

Pokemon Fire Red

Taking on the role of Team Rocket in the original Pokemon Red game seems like fun, doesn’t it? The fantastic Pokemon fandom, however, has made this possible.

Although Pokemon Fire Red is a recreation of Red, the same cannot be said about Pokemon Team Rocket Edition.

You take on the role of a member of Team Rocket in this adventure. Here you may meet several of the bad guys you’ll be working with to steal and cheat your way to the top.

You may take players’ Pokemon, meet some well-known characters from a new angle, and learn about a broad range of fan-based conspiracy theories.

2. Pokemon Light Platinum

Pokemon Light Platinum

Over 16 million copies of Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire were sold, attesting to the game’s popularity and success on the Gameboy Advance.

Pokemon Light Platinum is the best option if you want to play a game based on the popular franchise. This Pokemon ROM Hack opens up not one, but two areas, Zhery and Lauren, for exploration. New gym leaders, the Elite Four, several familiar foes, and hundreds of Pokemon from Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, and Unova have been added to this rom hack by the legendary WesleyFG.

3. Pokemon Mega Power

Pokemon Mega Power

When compared to Pokemon Emerald, Pokemon Mega Power is like turning up the volume to 11. Here’s where things start to get a bit murky: for some reason (and here is where things get weird), training your Pokemon makes them stronger.

Someone is generously funding your experiments on Pocket Monsters so you may further our understanding of their behavior. Whether they want to aid you and all Pokemon or just create a super squadron army to do their bidding remains to be seen.

All the creatures from generations four through seven are here, plus there are not one, not two, but three additional places to discover, making this a fascinating alternate experience for gamers who adore Emerald.

4. Pokemon Unbound

Pokemon Unbound

Pokemon Unbound is one of the most moddable ones. Unbound, like many other games here, is based on the gameplay of FireRed. Choose from a huge variety of playable characters and outfits to create the perfect trainer.

There are 80 missions to accomplish, and while sticking closely to a tried-and-true model, everything about them seems new. The HM collection process itself has evolved, and it now works flawlessly.

5. Professor Redwood

Professor Redwood

There are a lot of Fire Red hacks out there, and this is simply another one—albeit one with a far more substantial “twist,” as the Pokemon community likes to put it.

At the outset of this Pokemon ROM hack, Professor Redwood has noticed an uptick in seismic activity and has enlisted the help of the local Pokemon trainers in order to determine the cause.

You’ll be able to assemble a team with members from every generation of Pokemon thanks to the game’s introduction of new Pokemon from Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova, and even Kalos. This allows us to equip them with cutting-edge skills and even mega-evolve them for combat. When compared to previous Fire Red hacks, this one stands out because to its updated sprites, moves, HM’s, trainers, and building graphics.

6. Pokemon Glazed

Pokemon Glazed

Pokemon Glazed is about the mystery and chaos that ensues when a sudden and unexpected catastrophe hits the whole area.

While investigating ancient ruins, enigmatic Pokemon, and a scarfed Pikachu who’s angrier than a little chihuahua, you learn that a mystery force is bringing the Pokemon world and the real world closer together. In this Pokemon ROM hack, “Dream World” Pokemon have been added, which may provide a hint to the plot.

All of the Kanto-Sinno region legendaries, plus eight more from Unova, are available for capture, as if the introduction of new Pokemon wasn’t enough.

7. Professor Oak

Professor Oak

You can tell this is yet another modified version of the Pokemon FireRed ROM by the Game Boy Advance logo on the cover’s side.

In addition, if you don’t want to use one of Professor Oak’s starters, you may capture your own Pokemon in a Safari Zone. This means you may begin the game with a Pokemon that has never appeared before in the series.

Players are not limited to choose between fossil and fighting Pokemon as they did with Omanyte and Kabuto or Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan.

8. Pokemon Dark Rising

Pokemon Dark Rising

Do you ever have dreams involving Pokemon that are incredibly strange? I do too, but could you picture a dream-based video game in which a Pokemon begs you to help it rescue the world?

To the typical person, it might seem like a nightmare, but it would be the most incredible dream. You and your closest buddy have a same dream since it is the inspiration for the plot of Pokemon Dark Rising.

This ROM hack may not be as “big” as some of the others on the list, but it in no way diminishes the quality of the gameplay. There are nearly 380 Pokemon to capture in this game, hailing from the Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnn, and Unova areas.

It adheres closely to the original Pokemon plot, complete with Gyms, villains, and riddles. The current Pokemon, moves, and features are what make this Pokemon ROM hack stand out from the others.

If you like the classic gameplay of previous generations yet enjoy additions like Dream World powers, etc., then this ROM hack is for you.

9. Pokemon Flora Sky

Pokemon Flora Sky

The legendary Pokemon Dialga and Palkia square off in the opening sequence of Pokemon Flora Sky. When the great fight is over, they’ll have opened a gateway to the Town World, letting Giratina loose in the area and bringing a whole host of new difficulties with it.

Before it’s too late, you must stop Team Magma and Team Aqua from capturing legendary Pokemon and taking over the world by closing the gateway.

Legendary Pokemon like Mew, Kyogre, Rayquaza, Shaymin, and more make appearances in the Pokemon ROM hack’s brand-new storyline and events. Over 380 Pokemon await you in this world, along with additional minigames, moves, items, HMs, and personalities you’ll either love or loathe.

They’ve even included a day/night cycle that changes the game’s dynamics depending on the time of day and your current position.

If you’re looking for a Pokemon ROM hacks with a straightforward plot, this is one of the better options. One that you can sit back and enjoy at your leisure.

10. Pokemon Brown

Pokemon Brown

Many people are familiar with Pokemon Brown since it is one of the first Pokemon ROM hacks. The plot is based on the original Gameboy game, although with a few tweaks.

The game is set in the brand-new area of Rijon and has over 20 brand-new routes and 10 new cities (including 1 in the Johto region). There are now seven Pokemon kinds available that weren’t available in Pokemon Red and Blue.

Picture a brand-new area of Pokemon Red, complete with fresh people, new Pokemon, music, sceneries, and a massive narrative you’ve never heard of before. This is Brown, the Pokemon.

It may seem like less attention is paid to it than other ROM hacks, but that’s because it’s already a fantastic game that doesn’t need many changes. This Pokemon ROM hack is popular because it is novel while evoking warm feelings of nostalgia for games of yesteryear.

11. Pokemon Prism

Pokemon Prism

Not only has Pokemon Prism been around for quite some time, but it is also widely regarded as one of the finest Pokemon ROM hacks.

The plot follows a small boy named Naljo who, while playing on his uncle’s mining cart, has an accident that sends them to an unfamiliar part of the world. The area is corrupt, but you manage to track down a missing Larvitar who aids you in restoring order to Naljo.

There are more than 250 Pokemon here from four different regions, including new Fairy, Gas, and Sound kinds; this area is far cooler than Johto. Why Nintendo hasn’t thought of using sound as a data format is beyond us.

Throughout your adventure, you will find riddles, new places, legendary Pokemon, and these things called Gold coins that unlock some very awesome stuff, just like in any other Pokemon ROM hack.

12. Phoenix Rising

Pokemon Phoenix Rising

Using the Pokémon Essentials engine and RPG Maker XP, the fans of Pokémon have created a free episodic RPG called Phoenix Rising.

The game takes place in a new location called Hawthorne and incorporates alterations to the standard Pokémon main series concept, such as a more conventional RPG feel and a plethora of new features.

Simply said, this is a top-tier Pokemon ROM hack. The people who put in so much work should be commended for their extraordinary efforts.

It seems like a whole new game, and if you said Game Freak made it, I wouldn’t doubt it! Visually, it’s significantly more up-to-date than the rest of these options because to its inspiration from the Nintendo DS.

This Pokemon ROM hack has a ton of fascinating features, such as branching storylines, branching skill trees, numerous save slots, and choice-based gameplay.

But wait, there’s more! There are also mega evolutions, regional evolutions, and relic forms. There are many powerful Pokémon just waiting to be caught, like as Mega Arcanine, Ho-Oh in his Arisen Form, Mega Flygon, Relic Tentacruel, and many more!

13. Pokemon Revolution

Pokemon Revolution

Many players navigating a typical Pokemon route region in Pokemon Revolution, a massively multiplayer online game. Have you ever imagined that the first four areas of Pokemon would be the basis for a massively multiplayer online game?

 he best online role-playing game hands down is Pokemon Revolution Online. It incorporates everything we love about the source material while expanding upon it with features like user-to-user communication and the ability to join specialized groups called “guilds.”

Players may take part in frequent updates and activities. In addition, there is a lot to do in the game, as there are four different areas to explore. The player vs player bouts also seem lot more polished than they used to, almost if they were given the Pokemon Go treatment while yet maintaining their classic aesthetic.

14. Pokemon Reborn

Pokemon Reborn

Crime and lawlessness entered the realm of pocket monsters after Pokemon Reborn. Success of such magnitude prompted the researchers to immediately begin work on Pokemon Rejuvenation.

Rejuvenation offers players a fresh adventure in which they’ll get to reconstruct a community after a “act of god” has destroyed it.

Team Xen, while you’re busy trying to get people back on their feet, is busy trying to throw the globe into even more turmoil.

15. Pokemon Orange

Pokemon Orange

Pokemon Orange, whose cover features Dragonite and which has in-game footage of an approaching fight, has soared to the number sixteen place on our countdown of the best Pokemon ROM hacks of all time. Take a Pokemon Trainer from Valencia Island as you travel across the Orange Archipelago in this fascinating hack of Pokemon Crystal.


If you’re going to play a ROM hack, do it with caution. Some of these hacks may cause damage to your machine. Downloading and playing ROMs without first paying the game’s creator is likewise unlawful. We only provide these modified ROMs for study reasons and do not advocate downloading them without the proper authorization from the game’s creator or publisher.

FAQs: Most Asked Questions

To What Extent Can I Modify the Pokemon ROM?

Downloading a free emulator makes it simple to play the finest Pokemon ROM hacks. You may also buy ROM cartridges produced by fans to play on your Gameboy DMG, Color, or Advance.

When did the first Pokemon ROM hack appear?

Pokemon Brown, developed by Koolboyman in 2004, is the first official and comprehensive hack of the Pokemon ROM.

How popular is the most popular Pokemon ROM hack?

With a total of 587,116 downloads, Pokemon Ultra Violet is by far the most popular ROM hack for the Pokemon video game franchise.