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YouTube Alternatives

Top 10 Best Alternatives to YouTube for Make Money Online

YouTube Alternatives – YouTube is the world’s largest video streaming service, and the video sharing platform has more than 1 billion active users every month. The site has millions of hours of new content posted every day and contains videos on any topic you can think of. However, the huge success of the platform is also a pain point for the company.

YouTube Alternatives

In response to growing concerns, YouTube released a series of policy updates that angered creators and viewers. The company’s new policy makes it difficult for new content creators to make money, although it still does not solve the problem of malicious advertising. If for these or your own reasons, you are looking for an alternative to the world’s largest video platform, we won’t blame you.

There are many alternative sites that are worth recommending. For example, YouTube may help you:

  • Reach a specific target audience
  • Customize your video,
  • Get analytical insights about your videos
  • Marketing work
  • Gain your Self / Brand’s Popularity
  • Get rid of disruptive ads
  • And store your videos in a safer way.

Here are some main situations where you need to consider using YouTube alternatives for business video hosting and marketing, and comprehensively evaluate the 10 best solutions to store videos and effectively attract users.

Best YouTube Alternatives

Without taking too much of your time, we focus on some of the best features, advantages and disadvantages of these best youtube alternatives.

1. Vimeo

Sites like Youtube

Vimeo is one of the most popular youtube alternatives, and if you are looking for tutorials, more creative content, and artists who use this platform to share ideas, it is one of the best choices. In addition, one of its main differences or advantages is that Vimeo has no ads, and browsing is very comfortable and undisturbed.

Nevertheless, its interface and operation are very similar to those of the Google platform, so it is very convenient, except that there are no ads before, during or after the video.


  • A thriving constructive community
  • Over 240 million monthly active users
  • Content quality is better
  • Donation income
  • Customizable video player
  • Excellent analysis tools


  • Advertising revenue is inseparable
  • Creators are not completely free

Official Website – https://vimeo.com/

2. Twitch

Website like Youtube

Twitch is a platform built specifically for gamers and one of the best youtube alternative. If you are someone who wants to use your own games to make money, or just want to enjoy other people’s gaming experience, then Twitch is your ideal choice. Although this service has evolved since its launch, it now includes a focus on art, music, talk shows, etc., it is still dominated by the gaming industry.

Unlike YouTube, where you can find content on any topic, Twitch is still a niche market, which is one of its advantages. That’s why he is the best youtube alternative.


  • Closely connected community
  • Gamer’s paradise
  • Donation income
  • A great alternative to YouTube games


  • Not suitable for non-fictional content

Official Website – https://twitch.tv/


YouTube Replacement

IGTV or Instagram TV is a new product of Instagram, the company hopes to occupy a dominant position in YouTube’s video streaming market and terminate its development forever. The service was released in June 2018 and can run on the official Instagram app and the standalone IGTV app. Instagram also has more than 1 billion monthly active users, and is in the right position to solve YouTube’s monopoly on video content.

One of the advantages of IGTV is that it not only replicates YouTube, but also does some other features that make it stand out. In the context of competitive services.


  • Over a billion active users are waiting for your content
  • Portrait mode video looks great
  • Nice and easy to navigate interface that’s make it best youtube alternative


  • Currently creators have no income
  • The length of the video must not exceed one hour
  • Only for vertical video
  • Analysis tools might be better

4. 9GAG

Top Videos Sharing Sites

If you are looking for entertaining and viral content, then 9Gag is one of the best YouTube alternatives. If you are looking for interesting videos in any category, you can find them here. You can browse the most popular websites, but you can also browse different categories of pages, such as history, diet, anime, role-playing, video games, football, Fortnite, K-Pop.


  • One of the largest potential audience
  • YouTube-like advertising revenue sharing program
  • There are many videos to watch


  • Currently creators have no income

Official Site – https://9gag.com/

5. DailyMotion

Best YouTube Alternatives

Another more well-known and used youtube alternative is Daily Motion, which focuses mainly on entertainment or sports content, but we will also find many news videos and even music. Dailymotion was originally a video platform for users and professionals to share their short videos, and was particularly focused on this more thematic and professional field. But if we browse the categories, we can find almost everything.

Although the resolution is limited to 1080p, Dailymotion allows us to upload a maximum total video size of 4GB, and the maximum recording time is 60 minutes. In terms of interface, it is very similar to YouTube. This is also a good choice because it has millions of users and visitors every month, but it has one drawback: we will find a lot of ads in your videos.

Advantage of DailyMotion

  • No age limit
  • No need to create an account
  • Allocate revenue based on YouTube and other ads
  • Nice interface

Disadvantages of DailyMotion

  • Video duration is limited to 60 minutes
  • Easy to piracy
  • Analytics does not match YouTube

Official Website – https://www.dailymotion.com/

6. DTube

YouTube Replacement App

DTube is free and best youtube alternative, has no ads, and is a website with a very similar interface to YouTube. This is a decentralized website based on blockchain and P2P technology, users are responsible for everything: they use ratings and comments to decide (for example, which video they will choose to become a trend), and the video creator will charge cryptocurrency fees to Download related content.

But also users who watch videos can make money by not downloading anything and just evaluating what is already there to give the platform shape and hierarchy.

Dtube Advantages

  • Based on the blockchain, so there is no single authority
  • Make money with cryptocurrency
  • Small audience

Dtube Disadvantages

  • After downloading, the video cannot be deleted
  • Hard to understand monetary policy
  • Easy to piracy
  • The user interface needs to work

7. Veoh – Best YouTube Alternative

Best YouTube Like Sites

The main advantage of Veoh is that it is a platform with no duration limit. If you made a movie and want to share it with other users, you can upload it to one of the best YouTube alternatives. It is not as widely known in Spain as the other countries on this list, and it is difficult for you to find content of interest by interest, language or topic.


  • Millions of videos
  • Owns movies, TV shows and self-made content
  • The user interface is very clean, with a category menu
  • Easy to find videos


  • The diversity of content may be limited

8. Wix Video

Videos Sharing Website

Wix Video is an application created by the developers of Wix Online Website Builder, so it only makes sense if your website was created on Wix. This one is also a powerful youtube alternative to try in 2021. However, the internal functions are very powerful.


  • Seamlessly share your video content from YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook or Dailymotion
  • Customizable video gallery
  • Mobile optimization


  • Slow support team

9. ProTube

Top Youtube Alternatives

This is the best YouTube alternative for iOS because it provides synchronization features and many other options. You don’t need to visit YouTube to access your favorite content. ProTube can force a video to be downloaded at a given resolution.


  • The ability to watch in picture-in-picture mode;
  • The ProTube application supports YouTube videos in the background;
  • The view is then sorted in descending order by date.
  • The fly in the ointment is that the disadvantage is that the user interface looks a bit awkward, but you can get used to it. The app is also only available on iOS.


  • One disadvantage of ProTube is that although its design is modern, it can sometimes be a bit busy.

10. Metacafe

YouTube Website

Metacafe is one of the oldest video hosting sites and has now become a service for publishing short videos in the form of entertainment.

The home page provides several video tabs at once. Here you will find editor choices, recommended channels, newly added videos, and most popular videos. There is also a marking system through which you can select related videos.

You can subscribe to your favorite channels, the record itself can be liked and disliked, added to your playlist and sent to social networks.

Although channels can be created all over the world, it is almost impossible to find content in Russian on Metacafe. However, considering the format of the video, the language here is not important: even if there is no sound, a short video with interesting events is understandable.


  • Innovative cloud-based solutions are ideal for retail
  • User reviews are almost perfect


  • Need high skills to integrate the platform with your business

Which Is the Best Alternative to YouTube?

Target a specific audience

  • Tiktok
  • IGTV
  • Facebook
  • Daily Action
  • Wix Video (Only for Wix-based websites)
  • Instagram
  • Digital Tube

Marketing and sales

  • Dacard
  • Vidyard
  • Viewbix
  • Cincopa
  • Brightcove
  • Kaltura

Affordable Business Solutions

  • Vimeo
  • Wistia
  • Sprout Video

Let’s summarize

It is difficult to find equivalent YouTube alternatives. The choice of alternative services mainly depends on what kind of content you are interested in:

  • If you like short and interesting videos, then TikTok, Coub and Metacafe are ideal choices.
  • If you like Russian recording, google, Yandex. Ether and RuTube will be good guides.
  • Vimeo is more suitable for all forms of art lovers.
  • Twitch is a playground for people who want to play games, they want to stream themselves and watch other players.

As you can see, each platform we listed above corresponds to a specific use case, target audience, marketing strategy, and budget. This is why the best youtube alternative in 2021 is one that can meet your business needs also, audience expectations, and the milestones of your video marketing strategy you want to achieve.

FAQs: Most Asked Question

Which is the Best Sites like Youtube?

YouTube is a video sharing platform where Daily Millions videos are uploaded. Many such sites are available on the Internet, some of them are the best alternatives to youtube – Vimeo, Twitch, IGTV, DailyMotion etc.

Which is the Best Youtube Replacement App?

Like YouTube, there are some popular and reliable apps that are included in the list of perfect replacement apps for youtube. Facebook (Here you will see viral videos) Instagram (The best feature of memes, funny videos and instagram reels is available here) Twitch, Vimeo.

Is YouTube Alternatives are Safe?

Yes, all youtube alternatives are absolutely safe. It is safe for both your device and data. You do not have to take tension regarding privacy. You can enjoy the entertainment by creating an account without worry.