KissAnime 2023: FREE Anime Sites like Alternatives

If you love watching anime, then you are bound to know about KissAnime and its importance. It is a famous online streaming portal that specializes in streaming anime, manga, and animated shows. Irrespective of its popularity, it faces legal issues due to which it has become necessary to find alternatives that stream the same content. is a file-sharing website and began its journey in 2012. However, it stopped working in August 2020 because of piracy content. Copyright holders have removed the beta servers, making it hard for the website to function any longer. Whatever you will see on the site is the cache and clone of the website.

KissAnime offered images, cartoons, anime, manga, and dubbed video clips. With its discontinuation, several websites have popped up offering similar content. We have listed the best 20 alternatives to KissAnime to watch cartoons, anime, and manga online.

What is KissAnime?


KissAnime was an anime streaming site that hosted links as well as online streaming of anime and embedded their videos. It allows users to download movies and watch TV shows illegally for free. KissAnime is a child site, with its parent site called KissManga. KissAnime is considered to be the world’s largest anime streaming and download site. KissAnime was a free site that did HD streaming of every anime series for free to its users, you do not have to spend even one rupee of watching anime online. After all, why was KissAnime stopped?

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What Happened to KissAnime?

The domain was shut down by its copyright holders. Meaning it will not be available any further. There are no chances of KissAnime coming back, because it has been banned by the Japanese government. Here is a list of certain alternatives for you that replace KissAnime, you can fulfill your desire to watch your anime from now on.

Do you Need VPN for KissAnime Alternatives Sites?

Yes, Some KissAnime sites you cannot use without connecting to VPN network. VPN changes your IP address so that neither the government nor any hacker gets your location and personal details. VPN is extremely useful for your privacy, no one can know the activities done by you. CashLootera’s tip will be that you use KissAnime Alternatives only after connecting VPN.

List of 20 Best KissAnime Alternatives 2023

We have searched all over the internet, so we got some legal and illegal best alternatives to KissAnime, all these alternatives are streaming anime videos in high quality. It is all perfect to try in 2023, hope you will like it.

1. Netflix

KissAnime Website

Netflix is one of the best legal alternative in 2023. Netflix is ​​very popular streaming platform, where you will get to watch movies as well as web series, movies and netflix original shows. If you want, you can also watch anime videos on Netflix. Netflix is ​​not a free platform, you have to buy its membership to enjoy it.

Well, you have an option to watch it for free, you can use Netflix free trial offer. For free trial you will need to create a new account, complete the payment method by giving your card details and activate the free trial period, now watch free anime streaming through free trial for 30 days.

2. Disney+ Hotstar

KissAnime Alternatives

Hotstar is also the best legal alternative to KissAnime which you can enjoy in 2023. Disney + Hotstar is my favorite streaming OTT platform where I can enjoy Shinchan, Doraemon and Tom & Jerry movies in HD quality.

You can also watch anime streaming on Hotstar, you will not find all anime series here but it is considered legal because hotstar has copyrights to show anime movies. Like Netflix, Hotstar is also a Paid Membership Platform. To see this, you have to buy a subscription plan.

3. Amazon Prime

Website Like KissAnime

Amazon Prime is another best legal alternative to KissAnime in 2023. Amazon Prime is also OTT based platform where you can watch bollywood movies, hollywood movies in hindi dubbed, cartoon shows or anime series in high quality.

Amazon Prime is also a paid platform whose membership you can get for $9 (Rs 199). You can activate its free trial offer and enjoy all original content free for 30 days. First of all signup or login to Amazon Prime, Click on 30-Days Free Trial button, now enter your card details to claim your free trial, enjoy 30 days free anime streaming.

4. Anime Heaven

Anime Heaven

The leading site on the list is Animeheaven. The simplistic user interface makes it accessible by one and all, and you can download all your favorite animated videos in different resolutions. The site further allows you to watch anime online without having to download it.

Just like the KissAnime website, the collection available on the site is massive, and you can enjoy a wide range of shows along with your friends. Please ensure that you have a high-speed Internet connection to enjoy the streaming of videos in high-quality resolution. It has a separate section where you can watch all the Japanese favorite anime collection series dubbed into the English language. The only downside is the ads that appear frequently.

Official Sites –

5. Anime Planet

Best KissAnime Site

The next in line to watch anime videos is Anime-Planet. It is like that of KissAnime and holds an extensive collection of legally acquired anime series. As the videos are legal, you can watch them without worrying about piracy. It has over 45,000 titles to watch from and available in different video quality resolutions. The exciting factor is that you can watch the videos without having to pay a dime.

The site went online in 2001 and since then has grown into a significant anime collection website. Today, it is the best site to watch and download anime. The layout is well-designed and straightforward for easy access to the content. The advertisement pop-ups are low, and it has no additional distraction.

Official Site –

6. Crunchyroll

Best Anime Streaming Site

We are sure that you have come across the Crunchyroll name if you are an avid follower of the anime world. The website has a good collection of all the animation videos, manga, and cartoons you want to watch online or download. You will further find videos with sub-titles or series in dubbed language, which you will find exciting.

Crunchyroll began its operation in 2006 and became an instant hit for offering high-quality anime videos, series, manga, and cartoons. It has over 25,000 episodes and 900 series of anime. Since its launch, it has slowly garnered attention, and today, it became one of the best alternatives to KissAnime to watch anime online. They are also producing anime officially and are continuing it even today.

Official Website –

7. Funimation

KissAnime Alternative

Funimation is one step ahead of KissAnime and, in fact, the best one when compared with others. The reason is that the website is legal, and so is the content. Therefore, the site will never go down and function excellently due to good servers. The site will provide the chance to watch anime, cartoons, and manga online or download according to the requirement. The videos are available in different resolutions.

Although most of the content is free, you must pay to watch a few series and episodes. When you subscribe to the site, you will gain access to the entire range, which you can watch and download with ease. The drawback is that the site is not available for all the regions. Therefore, you will have to use VPN, if you are browsing from South Asian countries.

Official Websites –

8. AnimeLab

Anime Streaming Website

AnimeLab is another streaming site that allows you to watch anime and other content for free. You can stream all the content in varying resolutions directly from your browser. The site is compatible with all the leading browsers, making it an ideal choice to watch anime on any browser using any device. You can give the site a shot as an alternative to KissAnime.

The website targets mainly the users of New Zealand and Australia. However, it is possible to access the site from anywhere. Nonetheless, if you cannot open the site (due to region) then using a VPN is advisable. The site offers majority of content with sub-titles and subbed versions, making it an ideal choice for you to watch all your favorite content. You can also download content from the site for offline viewing.

9. Anime Freak


The Anime Freak is another website that allows you to watch anime and manga for free online. You can access the site for free and even download the content in different resolutions, which you can enjoy offline. You can say that the site is excellent for anime lovers who love the various series and episodes. The site’s detailing is simple, and the categorization makes it easy to access the enormous content.

You will find collections in the form of romance, action, mecca, horror, fantasy, and more. You can quickly navigate between the pages with ease to find what you are looking for and watch them online for free. The site is accessible from any device and watch in different resolutions or download.

10. Chia-Anime

Chia-Anime is like KissAnime and has a vast collection of anime, manga, and cartoons. It is a favorite site, and you can stream all the latest episodes and series. You can watch the content using dubbed anime and switching on the sub-titles to enjoy in English. You can watch and download the content in high-quality.

The one thing that you will find attractive about the site is the design and the organization of the content. You can search and navigate to the content with ease, while you can download or watch your favorite content on any device. You can also read the manga legally on the site.

11. 9Anime


If you like comparison and want a site like that of the KissAnime, consider browsing the 9Anime website. It is like that of KissAnime and has everything that you need. The collection and its arrangement make it simple to browse and watch all your favorite anime online. You can watch it in different video quality settings and even download the high-quality content for offline viewing.

The fascinating thing about the domain is its content availability. You can watch series and episodes in both subbed and dubbed versions. The video player is compatible with all the browsers, making it simple to watch even on the phone. The other factor that makes the site interesting is the sound quality. The use of high-quality video and sound pleases your anime sensation.

12. GoGoAnime


GoGoAnime is another attractive website that you can browse to watch and download anime. It is like KissAnime and has a vast collection making it must into the list of the alternatives to KissAnime. GoGoAnime offers all the content for free and upgrades the site with all the latest releases. Therefore, you can watch all the new releases, series, and episodes without facing a hurdle.

The site is further an excellent place to download all your favorite content. The anime series is available in different resolutions. You can choose the video’s quality, which you can change according to the device that you want to watch the content. Be careful that the site is not legal.

13. Anime Frenzy

KissAnime Got Shut Down

Anime Frenzy website is a simple alternative to the KissAnime website to watch anime, manga, and cartoons. The site’s layout is simple and uses a straightforward approach to allow users to browse the content without any hassle. The best thing about the site is the updated content. It frequently updates the site with the latest series and episodes, making it an ideal choice to watch all your favorite shows.

The content may not be massive like others, but it does fill your hunger for the latest anime shows. Additionally, the site is excellent for animation movies. You will be interested in the site if you love watching animated films rather than lengthy anime series. The most exciting factor about the site its ability to communicate with others while watching an animation. It is a unique feature, as you can chat with other anime lovers.

14. AnimeLand


The other website that makes it into the list of the best alternatives to KissAnime is Animeland. The website is famous for hosting dubbed anime collection. The site’s design is simple, and you can find all your engaging titles easily. The quality of the content available varies, which means that you can download content in different resolutions to watch on different devices.

The site further provides advanced search parameters to locate the anime that you want to watch or download. The collection available on the site is of high-quality. The player is compatible with all the browsers, allowing it to stream anime on a device with ease. If you want to watch content in high-quality, then ensure that you are using a high-speed Internet.

15. AnimePark

If you love to watch all your favorite anime with sub-titles, then Animepark is the place. The website is excellent and has a vast collection of anime. As the site offers free viewing, you do not have to pay anything to watch your titles. You can stream the videos online and watch them on different devices. Depending on your Internet speed, the site streams the content automatically

Animepark has a decent collection of 4,000 titles, which you can watch online or download. The player is compatible with all the browsers, making it easier for you to watch the videos on any device without any hassle. You can further download the content in high-quality, which you can watch offline on any media player and enjoy the content with your friends.

16. Daisuki

If the sites listed above are not fulfilling your hunger for KissAnime alternatives, you can consider browsing Daisuki for the anime content. The site is an alternative to KissAnime and has everything that you would expect as an alternative website. The collection is good, and the user interface is simple. You can quickly browse the content and watch them online. You can alternatively download the content to your device to view offline.

You can watch anime without signing up with the site. However, if you like to download content, then registering with the site is essential. You can also use the mobile app, which is available for both Android and iOS. You should have an account to use the mobile application.

17. AniLinkz

AniLinkz is another alternative to KissAnime. The site is offering a free route to watch anime, manga, and cartoons for free. You do not have to pay a dime to stream the content from the site. Further, you can download your favorite series in high-quality. You can set the video’s quality before downloading to ensure that you can have the best quality for the device on which you like to play the anime.

The advantage of the website is the user interface. The content’s organization in categories makes it straightforward to search for anime titles without having to browse through the content. Even if you are visiting the site for the first time, you can instantly find the anime that you need and stream or watch it online.

18. Anime Twist

The next on the list is Anime Twist. It is an excellent website to watch anime online. You can watch anime shows and series even if you do not have an account. The advantage of the site is the ad-free streaming of the content. It means you can watch all your favorite shows uninterrupted. The site’s design is simple and helps you find your anime without wasting much time. The minimalistic approach makes it easy to enjoy the content without any distractions.

The site places all the content according to alphabetical order. As the content is decent, you will find what you want quickly. The site is running on donations, which it receives from the visitors. If you love the content and want the site to function, then do offer a donation. It helps them with the server cost and add more content. You can watch all the content in high-quality, but you cannot download.

19. AnimeStreams

AnimeStreams is another website where you can watch anime, videos, manga, and cartoons for free. The site is an excellent alternative to KissAnime. What makes the site into the best list is the user interface and the collection. The rich collection helps you enjoy and have all the fun you would like to with your friends. The organized content further makes it easy to find your anime title with ease.

AnimeStreams created a different section for downloading the videos. It means that the streaming and downloading sections are different. Therefore, if you want to watch online, then you can browse the streaming section and play the video on any device. Alternatively, you can head to the download section to download videos. These files are available in different resolutions.

20. AnimeHub


AnimeHub is yet another website that allows you to watch or download anime. The site is similar to KissAnime, as you will find all your favorite anime content with ease. You can watch the content without paying a dime. Like that of KissAnime, AnimeHub too has a vast collection of series and episodes. The best part is the quality of the content. You can change the resolution based on your Internet speed and device.

The website makes it simple to find the series or episodes with the help of the search parameters. Additionally, the site straightforwardly organized the content, making it easy to browse through the titles. You will enjoy watching the content online, as there are no ads and distractions. Furthermore, the player is compatible with all the browsers, making it simple for you to watch on any device with ease.

21. Anime Sim

Anime sim is a fantastic site where you can watch all your favorite anime online. Just like the KissAnime site, the website allows you to watch the content for free. Additionally, it has a massive collection, giving you the chance to enjoy every show or episode that you like to stream or download with ease. The home page shows you all the information you need related to the latest shows available for streaming and download.

The website has all the shows available with subtitles. You can even find a few dubbed anime series and episodes. The user interface is excellent, and the layout is attractive for anyone. You must visit the site to enjoy all the latest shows with subtitles.

22. AnimePahe

You cannot call AnimePahe just an anime website. It is just more than that and a lot more when compared with KissAnime. What makes it unique is that the site is a reservoir of anime collected by fans worldwide. Therefore, you will find all the variants that you want to watch or download with ease. The library is a contribution from the community, making it one of the most extensive shared content.

AnimePahe also uses an active discord server that allows you to join an active chat and communicate with anyone who is online. You can also ask the active community members to upload a particular anime that you want to watch online or download. The chat is an excellent way to communicate actively with others and other related stuff.

23. MasterRani

KissAnime Alternatives 2021

Masterani is a new entrant into the list and the world of anime websites. You will find all the latest shows, episodes, and series. You will also find all your favorite animated shows and films. Masterani also has one of the largest collections of dubbed animated collections. It is a good alternative to KissAnime, as you will find all your shows easily. The site’s layout is simple, and you will have no trouble searching for your favorite title.

The site categorized all the content according to genres. Thus, you can search for your show based on genre, making it easy to watch online. The website is suitable for those who do not understand Japanese and like to watch their anime with subtitles. You can utilize the filter feature to search for the title accurately.

KissCartoon Alternatives

ThopTV Alternative

Google Photos Alternative

CamScanner Alternatives

YouTube Alternatives

iTunes Alternatives

We have given you all the information related to the best alternative to KissAnime. As you already know, KissAnime is no longer functioning. The websites mentioned here help you watch all your favorite anime like the way you watched online on KissAnime.

We tried to give you all the information that we thought would help you choose the best site to stream anime online or download content to your device. The best part of the sites is that the content is available in different resolutions. Therefore, you can watch in varying quality based on your Internet speed. The same is applicable for downloading the videos. You can download a high-quality video that you can watch later.

Anime is fun, and there are several people crazy about it worldwide. Irrespective of the region, people throng these websites to watch anime, manga, and cartoons and stream the content with subtitles or watch dubbed series to enjoy without any distraction.

KissAnime has been the favorite site of all, even though it launched in 2012. However, with technical glitches and copyright issues, the website stopped its operations. Whatever you will find is the cache or a copy of the website.

The sites mentioned will help you satisfy your hunger for watching anime at any point of the day. You can either stream them in high-quality or download them in high-quality to watch later. All you need is to pick the one that you find interesting, or that matches the expectations of KissAnime.

KissAnime Website Apk Download – FAQs

Is KissAnime illegal?

No, There is no doubt that KissAnime was a legal site to download anime series and watch shows. You can download free movies from KissAnime without worrying about copyright.

What is KissAnime’s Official Website?

KissAnime’s official website is If you are looking for anime streaming site then use original extensions of KissAnime because all other extensions are fake.

Did KissAnime shut down?

Yes, KissAnime has been shut down. Although KissAnime did not do any kind of policy violations, it was forcefully closed under Japan’s stricter piracy laws. Because of this, fans were quite desperate.

Who can replace kissanime?

Everyone knows KissAnime was the world’s largest and popular Anime streaming site, where you could not only watch streaming but also download it. This site is moving forward to replace KissAnime – Funimation, AnimeHeaven, 9Anime, AnimeLab, etc.