20 FREE YouTube to MP3 Converter Premium Apps (Trusted 2024)

YouTube to MP3

YouTube is a most popular website for videos streaming where you will get to watch videos of every categories from entertainment, movies, sports, news to gaming. If we talk about YouTube’s stats, then YouTube gets the most love from indian peoples, because this country alone has more than 225 million users, after this, the US is counted from where 197+ million people use YouTube daily. YouTube has secured the second position worldwide. Although, Google is ranked in number 1 position.

YouTube gives us many types of content, in which we get to hear many movie songs and songs of our favorite singers. But YouTube does not give us the feature to download them, you can only save it for offline watch. To download the audio of any Youtube video, it is necessary to have a perfect Youtube to MP3 converter premium tool. Youtube to MP3 converter helps you to download the audio format from the video.

YouTube to MP3

What is YouTube to MP3 Converter?

YouTube to MP3 converter online tool stands for downloading audio format from youtube videos. This online tool can give you high quality music by downloading clear audio of any youtube video.

Although, you all know that YouTube does not give us permission to download the audio format, there you can only save the video so that you can watch it offline later. In such a situation you can download your favorite videos to audio versions using Best Free Youtube to MP3 converter.

ArticleYouTube to MP3 Downloader
ToolFree YouTube to MP3 Converter Premium
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Availabilityy2mate, yt1, yt5, yt2 — Converter Online FREE
Converter AppConverto Converter, 320YouTube, YTMP3 & More
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How Does YouTube to MP3 Converter Works?

This is the easiest thing in the world, all you have to do is copy the link to your favorite youtube video and paste it into the Best Free YouTube to MP3 converter app tool. After that the online tool will convert your video to audio format, now you can download the audio quality as you want. A good Youtube to MP3 tool offers you low quality as well as high quality audio versions. If you are having difficulty in finding the best Youtube to MP3 converter, then check our list as mentioned.

How to Convert your Favorite YouTube Video

From the list given below, you can select any Youtube to MP3 converter and visit that website, either use online tool or you can also download the converter in your windows or android.

Step 1: Get or Visit Youtube to MP3 converter tool in your windows, android or iphone.

YouTube to MP3

Step 2: Copy your favorite youtube video’s link from browser or youtube mobile app.

Step 3: Tap on the “Paste Link” buton.

Step 4: Select audio format or quality, then click on the download button.

Step 5: Now wait for a moment, until your download is complete & enjoy youtube to mp3 audio.

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List of Best YouTube to MP3 Converter 2024

S no.YouTube to MP3 ConverterPremium Website
14k Download Converterhttps://youtube4kdownloader.com/
2Converto Converterhttps://www.converto.io/
3VideoProc Converterhttps://www.videoproc.com/
5Mp3 Downloaderhttps://ytmp3.cc/
6YTD Video Downloaderhttps://www.ytddownloader.com/
7Wondershare Uniconverterhttps://videoconverter.wondershare.com/
9Snap Downloaderhttps://snapdownloader.com/
10ByClick Downloaderhttps://www.byclickdownloader.com/
13Any Video Converterhttps://www.any-video-converter.com/
16Wise Video Converterhttps://wise-video-converter.en.softonic.com/
17DVD Videosofthttps://www.dvdvideosoft.com/
18YT1s Downloaderhttps://yt1s.com/
19YTOP1 Converterhttps://ytop1.com/en1
20Big Converterhttps://www.bigconverter.com/v1/

YouTube to MP3 converter premium refer to applications, which save different video clips available on YouTube to MP3 format. You may use these tools to download YouTube and other online videos as varieties of top quality sound files.

1. 4K Download Video Converter

4k Youtube to MP3 Converter

4K download video converter performs its functions with Vimeo, YouTube, VEVO, Sound cloud and various other websites. The tool helps in converting videos, especially the ones uploaded on YouTube to MP3 by the help of simple drag and drop. You do not need completing the registration and the delivery of MP3 files takes place quickly and easily.

Benefits of this YouTube to MP3 Converter

  • 4K download is a sleek looking and professional application.
  • You may download videos from many websites, including YouTube and tweak the quality of audio according to your needs.
  • The video converter has an in-built player to let you listen to your downloaded musical files.
  • 4K download not only allows high quality downloads but also it helps you to select MP3 contents in different formats.
  • The converter has the option of Smart Mode, which applies the preferred settings to allow easy and fast download.

2. Converto Converter

YouTube to MP3 Online

Converto is a web-based free audio or video converter, which does not need any special software for the execution. Here, you will find straightforward webpage and need to paste the link of YouTube followed by pressing enter. At this point, you may choose both the video quality and format.

Benefits of this Converter

  • Converto video to MP3 converter is perfect for YouTube video to MP3 conversion.
  • The converter has a highly aesthetic design.
  • Converto never opens up any advertisement nor it covers the webpage content.

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3. VideoProc Converter

YouTube to MP3 Converter Windows

VideoProc allows faster download and conversion of YouTube videos to not only MP3 but also to MKV, MP4 M4A and so on. The converter supports batch conversion of your files at the fastest possible speed. If this is not enough, VideoProc saves audio or video channel and playlist from more than one thousand online sites, including Twitch, Facebook, YouTube and many more.

Benefits of this Best Free Converter

  • VideoProc is designed by using level 3 of GPU acceleration.
  • The converter is lightweight, easy to use and operates at a fast speed.
  • VideoProc makes full use of AMD, Intel and NIVIDA hardware to accomplish 47 times speed of real time conversion without making any compromise on the media quality.
  • The converter integrates with additional features, which include strong media conversion, editing, downloading and recording.
  • VideoProc is the optimal choice for downloading, converting, editing and recording almost every type of audio or video.
  • The converter supports input codecs up to 370 and approximately 420 output formats.
  • VideoProc converts video to audio and audio to audio with the help of Digital 5.1 channel surrounding sound.

4. 320YouTube

YouTube to MP3 Converter Android

320YouTube is an ultimate lifesaver, as it has all-round functions and features. The link has speedy installation process and a reliable interface. To operate 320YouTube, you have to paste the YouTube link or add 320 in front of your YouTube URL. On doing so, your download starts immediately.

Benefits of this Best Free YouTube to MP3 Converter

  • 320YouTube allows easy conversion and fast download, while it has a simple interface and allows MP3 conversion efficiently.
  • The ease to place 320 in front of YouTube is an excellent feature of the online tool.

5. MP3 Download

Best YouTube to MP3

Music lovers looking for to the point service to convert their favorite YouTube videos to MP3 music. The website contains a sleek interface to provide easy access to each of its features. You may use the volume control and play the output format. This makes sure that the final file is according to your preference and you may choose alternative converting format for converting to MP3.

Benefits of this Online Converter

  • MP3 Download has each of the essential features on only one webpage.
  • The link has sleek design, simple search feature and exclusive user experience.
  • The website allows you to convert many YouTube videos to the required MP3 format and later, you have to use a single click to convert the same video to any other format.

6. YTD Video Downloader

Free YouTube to MP3 Converter

YTD Video Downloader converts videos from every type of media sharing websites. These include Dailymotion, Facebook and YouTube. The website does conversion in each of the popular video and audio formats. In other words, the link plays the role of a player and converter both. Moreover, YTD Video Downloader allows you in resuming downloads easily.

Benefits of this Free YouTube to MP3 Converter Online

  • YTD Video Downloader has a large number of inbuilt batch processing tools, which allows you to conduct edits even in last minute.
  • The website does the complete process in only a few clicks, because of which it gives outstanding user experience.

7. WonderShare Uniconverter

YouTube to MP3 iPhone

WonderShare Uniconverter is a software type of converter based on its sleek interface and comes with feature studded functions. The product gives all-round solutions for different types of MP3 or video conversions instead of remains confined to YouTube. WonderShare Uniconverter may convert videos in more than 1,000 formats with compress videos as well as create DVDs.

Benefits of this Online Converter Tool

  • WonderShare Uniconverter allows easy usage with single click downloads.
  • The website allows 30 times fast conversion that too without any loss of video quality.
  • The converter allows you to choose several video and audio formats for you.
  • WonderShare Uniconverter supports many other video sharing websites.

8. ITubeGo

Best YouTube to MP3 Online

ITubeGo is one of the all in one type of YouTube downloaders. It batch downloads video, music, playlist and YouTube channel to convert them to more than 20 different formats, like flac, mp3, m4a and mp4.

Benefits of this YouTube to MP3 Converter

  • ITubeGo has compatibility with more than 10,000 websites. These include Instagram, Facebook, Vimeo, TikTok and SoundCloud.
  • The website supports downloading of 320 kbps of MP3 and 8K video.
  • ITubeGo can convert YouTube videos to almost every format and that too of original quality.
  • You may download multiple media at the same time and that too in 10times fast downloading speed.
  • ITubeGo has both YouTube cutter and built-in web browser.

9. SnapDownloader

YouTube to MP3 Converter Tool

SnapDownloader is a type of video downloader that allows you converting YouTube videos to MP3 or MP4. The website may easily download YouTube channels, playlists and many VR videos.

Benefits of this Converter

  • SnapDownloader supports 900 different websites, including Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.
  • The website allows unlimited conversions and downloads, while allowing simultaneous downloads from different websites.
  • The link has easy usable interface and supports a maximum of 8K video resolution.
  • One thing that sets SnapDownloader apart is that it has in-app type of proxy setup for bypassing geo-restrictions.

10. By Click Downloader

YouTube to MP3 2021

By Click Downloader provides a simple and easy way to download YouTube videos. However, it has many advanced features, like downloading live videos, playlists and subtitles. The downloader recognizes whenever you find a video on the web browser and allows you downloading it in a single click. Here, you will find easy and friction less download.

Benefits of this YouTube to MP3 Converter Online

  • By Click Downloader supports different sites, such as Dailymotion, Facebook and Instagram.
  • The website let’s you in downloading your playlists created in YouTube.
  • The link can detect YouTube videos automatically.
  • By Click Downloader tool provides a wide range of video qualities, such as 720p, 1080p, 8K and 4K.

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11. Vidmate

YouTube to MP3 Converter App

Vidmate application is preferable for Android devices to download videos on YouTube in MP3 format. The app has a single search bar to find specific videos. As a leading YouTube music converter, it downloads almost every YouTube video in a quality range. You may tap on the video title or simply on the button that shows download for downloading videos.

Benefits of this YouTube to MP3 Converter App:

  • Vidmate provides the fastest possible speed of download and it is available in approximately 11 different languages.
  • This converter is available free and allows users to extract audio from their playlists created on YouTube.
  • With the help of Vidmate, you may navigate the mobile programs of your choice easily.
  • Vidmate is a type of Android application for downloading videos from different websites, including YouTube, which are Twitter and Facebook.

12. YTBmp3

Fast YouTube to Mp3 Converter

YTBmp3 is another app associated with YouTube to MP3 converter, which helps in grabbing audio from your chosen YouTube video. The app provides simple and easy steps i.e. find your video, copy and paste with press blue button for converting your videos. Benefits of this YouTube to MP3 Converter App:

  • You may look for YouTube videos with the help of this converter.
  • YTBmp3 highlights the green button if it finds any block of the video.
  • The app downloads videos by using a single click of your mouse.
  • YTBmp3 saves high-quality videos on your hard disc.

13. Any Video Converter

Safe YouTube to Mp3

Any Video Converter application supports varieties of video inputs, including the videos available on YouTube. You may convert your videos from almost every output device. These include the iPad, iPhone, Samsung, and Apple TV. The best thing is that Any Video Converter app downloads both music and videos in a single step. Exclusive Features of this YouTube to MP3 Converter App:

  • Any Video Converter can download various video clips via YouTube easily.
  • The converter supports approximately 100 websites and edits videos by applying special effects.
  • You may use Any Video Converter on your Windows operating system as well.

14. MediaHuman

Best YouTube to Mp3 Converter App

MediaHuman application converts and downloads YouTube videos to a maximum of 320kbps to mp3. In addition, the YouTube converter provides multilingual interfaces, such as Japanese, English, Arabic, Dutch and Italian, and so on. Benefits of this Converter App:

  • You may download multiple videos at the same time.
  • Once you copy the URL, the MediaHuman converter adds the respective video automatically in its download queue.
  • The app allows you to skip specific video parts before you save them to the hard disk.
  • MediaHuman gives support to Windows, Ubuntu, and macOS.

15. ClipGrab

Top YouTube to MP3 Tool

ClipGrab is another popular YouTube to MP3 downloader tool. It allows you to convert your downloaded videos from YouTube to MP3 music format. The website is useful for downloading videos from Vimeo, Facebook, and other websites. Benefits of this MP3 Converter App:

  • ClipGrab provides varieties of options to download YouTube video.
  • You may convert your video clips in a single step.
  • The app supports different websites, such as Dailymotion, Vimeo, and Facebook.
  • You may get the ClipGrab converter app for Mac, Windows, and Linux operating systems.

16. Wise Video Converter

Real YouTube MP3 Converter App

Wise Video Converter is also a simple YouTube to Mp3 converter. The app provides a simple and easy type of drag and drop facility to begin the conversion. Benefits of this YouTube MP3 Converter App:

  • Wise Video Converter converts videos of different formats for PCs, cellphones, and tablets.
  • With the help of this app, you may convert your files into different batches.
  • A single video link is enough for downloading your YouTube videos and for quickly saving your videos on computers.
  • You may use the converter for finding your videos without any need to open your web browser.

17. DVD Videosoft

Download YouTube to MP3 Converter

DVD VideoSoft is another free YouTube to mp3 converter application used mainly to save any video in good sound quality. You may even use the app for downloading multiple videos. Benefits to this Converter App:

  • You may convert your YouTube videos to mp3 in a file size equal to 320kbps.
  • With the DVD VideoSoft converter app, you can download the original quality audio files.
  • Besides, individual videos, you may use the app to convert your playlist on YouTube to mp3 music format.
  • DVD VideoSoft converter app is available for Android, Mac, and Windows.

18. Free YouTube to MP3 Converter

YouTube to Mp3 Online Tool

Free YouTube to MP3 Converter application helps you in getting audio from different YouTube videos. You may even use the application for converting unlimited videos. Benefits of this Converter App:

  • With the help of this converter, you may choose the file quality in no time.
  • The converter app converts multiple videos without making any compromise on the downloading speed.
  • Free YouTube to MP3 Converter is useful to download and convert audio from YouTube videos within only a few clicks.
  • Along with downloads, you may save your YouTube videos easily.

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19. YTop1

Online Click YouTube MP3 Converter

YTop1 is a free online YouTube to mp3 converter. It eliminates annoying advertisements and facilitates 10times fast download as compared to other types of converters available online. You may use the YTop1 converter for downloading your videos without any need to register and install third-party software. Benefits of this converter app:

  • YTop1 allows you to convert your videos to mp4 and mp3 in a snap.
  • The app allows a 10times fast download as compared to any other app.
  • You do not have to deal with any annoying advertisements or popup.
  • YTop1 gives you unlimited free downloads and conversions.
  • You get the facility of downloading your videos in diverse resolutions and quality i.e. 1080pixel, 720pixel, 8K, and 4K stream.
  • You may easily download your YouTube videos on Windows, iOS, Android, and macOS at the highest possible speed.

20. Big Converter

Free YouTube to MP3 Converter Online App

Big Converter online tool can convert YouTube videos into not only mp3 format but also in various other video and audio formats you want. The converter also converts videos without any compromise on their quality and supports different sites. These include Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google Drive, and Dailymotion. Big Converter features cloud support, cross-platform support, YouTube portal support, and file editor. Benefits of this YouTube to MP3 Converter App:

  • Big Converter gives support to different audio formats, like AAC, mp4, mp4a, and mp3.
  • The app has an online mp3 cutter to create ringtones and cut songs.
  • You may use the app for downloading your converted file and for taking it to your DropBox account.
  • It is one of the fastest, free and secure tools to convert YouTube videos anywhere and anytime you want.
  • Big Converter supports each browser, like Android Browser, Safari, Google Chrome, and many more.

With so many converters available, you may easily select the one to convert YouTube videos into MP3 format.

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That’s all about YouTube to MP3 Converter Online or Offline best tools in 2024. In the future we will add more Free Best converter tools to this list. Right now the world’s best 20 YouTube to MP3 converter is the solution to your problems. Most of these tools are one-click downloader where all you have to do is to insert a link to the youtube video and download the audio quality as per your requirement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is YouTube to MP3 Converter Safe?

Yes, but not all. The list of 10 best youtube to mp3 that we have presented to you is all safe and reliable. They are also very easy to use. You can easily convert any youtube video to mp3 format online.

Which free youtube to mp3 download is the best?

You can use any youtube to mp3 tool, all converter is best in itself. Here we have also mentioned their benefits and features with the converter tools list, you can choose any tool according to your needs. All online tools are absolutely safe, there will be no loss of your personal data or being attack of viruses.

Can you get viruses from youtube to mp3 tools?

If you use a best youtube to MP3 converter then you don’t have to worry about viruses. Use any of the above converter, the amount of virus risk in online tools is extremely low. You can view any of the MP3 converter from this list.

How to use youtube to mp3 in ios?

Easy, not only iphone, you can use these mp3 converter in android also. Visit the provided website, now copy the link of youtube video which you want to convert to MP3, then download the MP3 file.

Can i use 4k youtube to mp3 converter?

4k YouTube to MP3 stands for quality. 4k quality is much clearer than 128kbps or 320kbps. You can check these 10 best youtube to mp3 benefits and then select the converter of your choice and download the file.