BSNL 6 Month Validity Recharge (Plans & Price) 2024

Are you using a BSNL SIM card and looking for a long-term recharge plan? If so, we’ve provided two different BSNL 6 month validity recharge plans that can meet your requirements for recharge plans with extended validity.

You may be considering the cost associated with these options. Are they expensive or available at a low price? Don’t worry. To help you sort out your doubts, we’ve given all the relevant and complete information on these plans in the following paragraphs.

BSNL has always provided its customers with appealing plans and promotions, whether prepaid or postpaid cards. Considering the customers who use prepaid SIM cards, the company offers monthly, quarterly, and yearly plans that are both thrilling and cost-effective.

BSNL 6 Month Validity Recharge

BSNL 6 Month Validity Recharge Plans

PriceBSNL 6 Month Validity RechargeValidity
Rs.666250 Minutes free voice call any network
National roaming
100 SMS per day
Unlimited data with 1.5 GB/day FUP limit
180 Days
Rs.997Unlimited Voice Calls
100 SMS/ per day
Unlimited data (3GB / day at high speed, then 40Kbps)
180 Days

BSNL 666 Prepaid Recharge

The BSNL Sixer plan, or the BSNL 666, has a validity period of 180 calendar days. It provides 250 minutes of voice calls to each network in the country or local and roaming nationwide. In addition, customers get 100 SMS for free every day. The plan also offers 1.5 GB of data daily without the FUP limit. The six-month BSNL sixer plan could help you eliminate monthly charges.

BSNL 997 Prepaid Recharge

The new recharge plan prepaid BSNL 997 is now available to all significant regions besides Jammu and Kashmir. It is open to any user of BSNL GSM Mobile service in India. You can recharge using this voucher, INR 997, online or offline.

Additional minutes will be charged if you use up to 250 minutes per calendar day. The details of the cost are as follows:

  • Local BSNL / Other: INR 1.2/Min & INR 1.5 Ps/Min
  • STD BSNL / Other: INR 1.3/Min & INR 1.6/Min

The SMS fee after a day of free usage is from the home circle:

  • Local at INR 0.8Ps/SMS and STD at INR 1.2 per SMS and
  • International at INR 5 per SMS
  • In Roaming: Local INR 0.25, STD: INR 0.38,
  • International: INR 5, and Non-P2P SMS is INR 3

BSNL 6 Month Validity Recharge for UP

BSNL 6 month validity recharge plan in UP costs INR 997 and is valid for 180 days or six months after recharge. The recharge with this denomination grants users unlimited calls to any network and unlimited data, with speeds diminished to 80Kbps following the consumption of 3GB of data per day. It also allows 100 SMS every day.

Rs.997Unlimited Voice (local/STD) BSNL To BSNL/ To Another Network
Unlimited Data Speed Reduced To 80kbps After 3GB/day
100 SMS / Day
180 Days

BSNL 6 Month Validity Recharge in A.P.

BSNL 6 month validity recharge is available for the Andhra Pradesh region. Users can recharge with INR 997 to claim validity and other benefits. The benefits include unlimited calls to BSNL and other networks, 100 SMS per day, and high-speed internet to 3 GB daily, after which the speed reduces to 80Kbps.

BSNL 6 Month Validity Recharge for Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu has a good customer base for BSNL. Therefore, BSNL 6-month validity recharge is available in the state. Consumers can recharge their mobile number with INR 997 to claim 180 days of validity and unlimited high-speed internet and calls. However, post 3 GB consumption of internet usage, the speed reduces to 80Kbps.

BSNL 6 Month Validity Recharge for Karnataka

Karnataka is the technology hub of India and has a good presence among some of the central government agencies. The BSNL 6-month validity recharge is available in Karnataka and costs INR 997. The recharge coupon provides 180 days validity extension, unlimited calls, 100 SMS each day, and unlimited high-speed internet to 3GB for a day post which speed limits of 80Kbps.

BSNL 6 Month Validity Recharge for Maharashtra

The BSNL 6 month validity recharge plan for Maharashtra is different from other states. When you recharge with INR 776, you get free calls to any network, 1.5GB of internet usage daily, and 1,200 SMS. However, the plan is valid only for users of the Krishi plan.

BSNL ₹ 10 Plan in MaharashtraRs. 7.47 TalktimeUnlimited
BSNL ₹ 20 Plan in MaharashtraRs. 14.95 TalktimeUnlimited
BSNL ₹ 100 Plan in MaharashtraTalktime of Rs.100 on every SundayUnlimited
BSNL ₹ 120 Plan in MaharashtraRs. 98.69 TalktimeUnlimited
BSNL ₹ 150 Plan in MaharashtraRs. 124.12 TalktimeUnlimited
BSNL ₹ 500 Plan in MaharashtraTalktime of Rs.500Unlimited
BSNL ₹ 1000 Plan in MaharashtraRs. 844.46 TalktimeUnlimited
BSNL ₹ 1100 Plan in MaharashtraTalktime of Rs.1100Unlimited

BSNL 6 Month Validity Recharge for Punjab

The BSNL 6 month validity recharge for Punjab costs INR 997. The user receives 250 free minutes per day of calls to any network in India. Other benefits of the plan are 100 SMS per day and unlimited high-speed internet to 3 GB data per day post which the speed falls to 80Kbps.

BSNL Recharge Offer for Himachal Pradesh

The BSNL 6 month validity recharge for Himachal Pradesh costs INR 997. Those who recharge with this coupon will receive 180 days of plan extension and 250 minutes of free talk time daily to any network. Additional benefits include 100 SMS daily and unlimited high-speed internet until 3 GB of data consumption. After that, the speed reduces to 80Kbps.

BSNL ₹ 80 Plan in HPRs. 64.8 TalktimeUnlimited
BSNL ₹ 90 Plan in HPRs. 73.27 TalktimeUnlimited
BSNL ₹ 100 Plan in HPRs. 81.75 Talktime Limited Period OfferUnlimited
BSNL ₹ 110 Plan in HPRs. 90.22 TalktimeUnlimited
BSNL ₹ 150 Plan in HPRs. 124.12 TalktimeUnlimited
BSNL ₹ 200 Plan in HPRs. 166.49 TalktimeUnlimited

BSNL Recharge for Gujarat

Gujarat BSNL users can extend their mobile number validity to 180 days using the BSNL 6-month validity recharge pack costing INR 997. Like other states, the recharge allows users to have a free talk time of 250 minutes to any network daily, along with 100 SMS. The added benefit is the high-speed internet available at full speed till 3 GB, post which it comes down to 80Kbps.

This article is about the BSNL 6-month validity recharge, and other recharges provided by BSNL with life-long validity. However, BSNL is one of India’s top telecom service providers and has many customers across India.

FAQs: Most Asked Question

How do I extend my BSNL validity by six months?

Recharging the plan using the same amount during the validity period would be best.

Is BSNL 36 plan changing?

Yes, BSNL has ended the Rs. 36 plan and has started the 74/75 plans for six months.

Who will benefit from the BSNL 6 months 4G prepaid recharge?

Anyone who uses prepaid BSNL mobile services can enroll in the 6-month plan. In addition, users awaiting activation or migration can also use the stated FRC to benefit from the 6-month 4G prepaid plan.

Are these plans for 6 months accessible on the internet?

Yes, they are prepaid corporate plans offered by BSNL which means you can recharge on the internet.