10 Best FREE CamScanner Alternatives for iOS/Android


Best Alternatives of CamScanner App You can Try in 2024

Looking for Best Alternatives for CamScanner? CamScanner has remained a preferable app to scan documents. However, it had introduced malicious malware contents to display intrusive advertisements on Smartphone devices. Hence, Google removed the app from its Play Store and asked users to uninstall it as one of the precautionary steps. However, if you want to get a replacement, you must follow our list containing a few of the popular CamScanner alternatives, as discussed in this exclusive content.


List of 10 Best CamScanner Alternatives

Here’s our top 10 list of CamScanner alternatives you can try.

  • Adobe Scan
  • Microsoft Office Lens
  • Scanbot
  • Notebloc
  • Evernote Scannable
  • Google Drive
  • PhotoScan
  • TapScanner
  • TurboScan
  • Fast Scanner

Let’s dive right in this exclusive list of CamScanner alternatives.

Adobe Scan

Adobe Scan CamScanner Alternative

Adobe Scan is a popular CamScanner alternative app developed by Abode i.e. a conglomerate of document management. The pack gives you endless interesting features and diverse options to boost the image quality possessed by scanned documents. As the app has smart scanner, it allows you scanning documents, notes, receipts, ID cards and other types of paper documents.

Adobe Scan recognizes the specific type of document and crop images intelligently to save your valuable time and efforts both. However, the best thing about Adobe Scan is that it allows you scanning texts even from OCR documents and allow you export scanned documents in both PDF and JPEG formats.

Benefits of this CamScanner Alternative

  • Adobe Scan is an excellent document scanner, which features automatic edge detection.
  • The app gives support to OCR and Adobe Scan does not contain any watermark and it facilitates batch scanning.
  • The scanning app shares files via both cloud and email seamlessly and save them as both PDF and JPEG/JPG files.

Download Adobe Scan for iOS / Android

Microsoft Office Lens

Best CamScanner Alternatives

Users present in the ecosystem of Microsoft may expect to get an outstanding experience with Microsoft Office Lens. The CamScanner alternative app is much more than a simple document scanner app, as it can scan diagrams, whiteboard tables and handwritten notes to make them readable.

Once you done with scanning, you may export the documents straight into PowerPoint or Word documents for further annotation. Even Office Lens possesses many standard features, such as ID card scanning, auto edge cropping, OCR and many more.

Besides, Office Lens allow you to access the scanned documents over the cloud by using OneNote or to export any document in your PDF file or image gallery

Benefits of this CamScanner Alternative

  • Office Lens is the best document scanner for every Microsoft Office user.
  • The CamScanner alternative app allows subchronization with both OneDrive and OneNote.
  • Office Lens features excellent automatic edge detection and gives support to OCR.
  • The app allows both annotation and collaboration of documents.
  • Office Lens does not contain watermark and export as PDF and JPG.

Download Microsoft Office Lens for iOS / Android


CamScanner Alternative

Scanbot app scans documents and creates many on the go PDF files. It is almost similar to CamScanner based on overall functions and features. Scanbot scans receipts, documents, whiteboards, ID cards, QR code and many more.

It comes with both auto-crop functionality and smart edge detection feature. Along with this, you expect to get batch scan or multiple page scan, document editing, OCR text recognition and annotations.

A unique feature of the mentioned CamScanner alternative is that it search files by finding texts in different documents. Users may even export their scanned documents in JPG and PDF formats. If you are willing to upload files on cloud platform, you will get tight integration with diverse cloud solutions.

Benefits of this CamScanner Alternative

  • Scanbot is an exclusive document scanner that supports OCR and allows document annotation.
  • It has excellent automatic edge detection feature and performs batch scanning.
  • The app does not contain any watermark and saves files as PDF and JPG both.
  • Users may share files seamlessly to the cloud with Scanbot.

Download Scanbot for iOS / Android



Users want to get a feature packed alternative of CamScanner must try Notebloc. With the help of this app, you may scan different types of documents and create scanned images of high quality.

The app comes with smart edge detection and incorporates batch scanning, OCR support, document editing and integration to cloud platform. Also the scanned document does not contain any watermark unlike the case of CamScanner.

Benefits of this CamScanner Alternative

  • Notebloc is an outstanding document scanner, which features excellent automatic edge detection.
  • The app gives support to OCR and batch scanning.
  • Users may save files as PDF and JPG while share their files to the cloud platform seamlessly.

Download Notebloc for iOS / Android

Evernote Scannable

CamScanner Alternatives

Evernote Scannable is a preferable app to scan documents for both iPad and iPhone owners. The app not only has features similar to CamScanner but also gives a pleasant user experience. With the help of Evernote Scannable, you get the chance to scan business cards, notes, receipts and almost every type of paper document with clarity.

The app also utilizes smart edge detection and can crop images automatically. You may even save your scanned documents in the camera roll or export them in the form of PDF files. Evernote Scannable app allows both cloud and email integration features in it so that you may scan every document and send the same to your colleagues and friends in a hassle free way.

Benefits of this CamScanner Alternative

  • Evernote Scannable is an excellent document scanner app for both iPad and iPhone users.
  • The app does not possess any watermark and conducts smart edge detection.
  • Evernote Scannable can perform batch scanning and share files to cloud platform seamlessly while saving data as PDF or image file.

Download Evernote Scannable for iOS / Android

Google Drive

Google Drive

Google Drive contains a built-in type of scanner in it. You only have to tap on the plus button to scan notes, receipts and other documents. The app provides a simple and easy type of scan and upload feature, because of which it is handy for all want a simple scanner or scanning app.

Google Drive even provides edge detection and crops functionality by using its basic image editor. A prime benefit to use Google Drive is that you always get relief by knowing that your documents remain in safe hands only.

Benefits of this CamScanner Alternative

  • Google Drive is a simple and easy document scanner that comes with a decent feature of automatic edge detection.
  • The app can upload scanned files to Google Drive directly.

Download Google Drive for iOS / Android



If you are looking for a CamScanner alternative to scan and digitize any printed photo you must go with PhotoScan app powered by Google. The app scans printed photos of proper color and without making any compromise on their clarity.

The app uses post processing algorithm by Google to design digital photos without skipping any detail. PhotoScan is different from any other photo scanner because it eliminates any blemish or glare problems.

Besides, automatic cropping and edge detection of PhotoScan is superior as compared to the edge detection of CamScanner.

Benefits of this CamScanner Alternative

  • PhotoScan is the perfect app to scan printed photos.
  • The app scans photos without any glare and it comes with an excellent feature of edge detection.
  • PhotoScan retains a high level of accuracy in terms of color while scanning photos and provides ample details.

Download PhotoScan for iOS / Android


TapScanner CamScanner Alternative

TapScanner comes with powerful post-processing feature, because of which it is the best alternative to CamScanner. A unique aspect of the scanning app is that it can take 3 different photos simultaneously and creates scanned documents in detail.

TapScanner contains different filters similar to CamScanner and it can edit images right there. Even it detects borders automatically and trims images smartly. If this is not enough, you get OCR support and allows export of documents and cloud integration in PNG, JPG and PDF formats.

TapScanner also has a distinct feature, according to which you may sign PDF documents digitally.

Benefits of this CamScanner Alternative

  • TapScanner allows powerful post-processing activity and contains different filters to select to accomplish the scanning task.
  • The app gives support to OCR and allows batch scanning.
  • The app features an excellent automatic edge detection.
  • TapScanner let’s you to save your scanned documents in PDF, PNG and JPG formats.
  • You can sign the PDF digitally and share files seamlessly to the platform of cloud.

Download TapScanner for iOS / Android


CamScanner Alternatives 2021

TurboScan is a decent CamScanner alternative app and it brings a pool of features present in CamScanner. You may scan almost every type of document, whether it is of notes, whiteboards and printed pages.

TurboScan comes with a unique sharpening mode to perform many wonders for different scanned documents. You will get scanned images in crisp form to export in JPG, PNG and PDF formats. Besides, you get the feature of multipage scanning, auto edge detection, email and Dropbox integrations in the application.

Benefits of this CamScanner Alternative

  • TurboScan is one of the decent document scanners, which saves your files as both PDF and JPG.
  • The app shares files to cloud platform in a seamless way.

Download TurboScan for iOS / Android

Fast Scanner

10 Best CamScanner Alternative

Last in the list of CamScanner alternatives is Fast Scanner, which scans notes and multiple pages, along with other documents at once. The app allows the fastest possible post processing and contain the highest level of details in various scanned documents.

If this is not enough, you get the feature of edge detection with adjustments required in the image borders. You get the facility to share scanned documents directly via cloud services or email and can save your documents as JPEG in image gallery or export as PDF files.

Benefits of this CamScanner Alternative

  • Fast Scanner allows scanning of documents at the fastest speed.
  • The app features decent type of automatic edge detection.
  • With the help of Fast Scanner, you can save files in every format I.e. PDF, PNG and JPG.
  • Fast Scanner lets you to share files to any cloud platform seamlessly.

Download Fast Scanner for iOS / Android

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Overall, CamScanner alternative apps are powerful ones and they share almost similar types of features, as you find in CamScanner. There are a few of the apps, which themselves are complete scanner apps while others perform well at seamless sharing and scanning tasks. Therefore, depending on your specific requirements, you may select the right app to get your job done easily.

FAQs: Most Asked Questions

Why CamScanner is Banned in India?

India had banned 59 Chinese apps in September 2021, including CamScanner. These apps were banned due to the ongoing disputes along the Indo-China border. It is difficult to say when these apps will be unbanned.

Is there a Free version of CamScanner?

CamScanner is a free to use app designed to convert photos into PDF files. In addition, you can scan, edit, store and sync various files on another device.

Is CamScanner Alternatives Trustworthy?

CamScanner helps convert photos in PDF. But now CamScanner is not available in India, so we should try its best alternatives. All these alternatives are absolutely reliable, you can use them on personal device and continue your convenience.

What can I use instead of CamScanner?

CamScanner was banned due to security issues. But it has some of the best alternatives that you can use. Some of the best CamScanner Alternatives are Adobe Scan, Photo Scan, Microsoft Office Lens, Google Drive etc.