Counterside Tier List (May 2024) Best Characters | Global

The global version of the Counter side game has now available on Android phones. Many new players are continuing to download the game to enjoy with other playmates. However, a newbie may face difficulty in selecting the right group of characters for the team, as there are many gaming characters present in the Counter side game. Hence, we have created a Counterside tier list and mentioned the names of a few significant characters from each of the gaming tiers. Accordingly, your teammates and you may easily select the best character depending solely on your gaming requirements.

Counterside Tier List Global 2024

Counterside tier list

The characters in the counterside are divided into 4 main grades: normal grades, rare grades, SR grades and SSR grades. It is difficult to obtain the characters of higher grades. You will find the character of the counter side in the rank with these tier list.

  • Z Tier: OP/Meta
  • Tier 1: Best
  • Tier 2: Good – Excellent
  • Tier 3: Decent – Good
  • Tier 4: Average – Decent, may struggle
  • Tier 5: Average, likely to struggle; not so good
  • Tier 6: Bad

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Counterside Tier S

Counterside Tier S contains the strongest characters. These are overpowered characters and can survive many situations whether it is PvP or PvE gaming mode. These characters let you win easily and may dish out most of the damage. Moreover, your opponent may hardly kill the characters of Tier S in Counterside. Here, the heroes possess a few of the best skills and base stats to shine in almost every formation individually. Besides, you may use such heroes in multiple roles, as they remain at the top of their tiers/classes. Tier S contains the following heroes or characters:

Nanahara Chifuyu

Counterside Nanahara Chifuyu

Nanahara Chifuyu is an in-game striker and an SSR-grade Counter. She uses the ground as the prime domain for movement and attack. Nanahara is also an excellent de-buffer and a chaining unit to control the crowd. She has a sturdy base stat to play the role of a secondary tank. Her basic attacks include AOE-targeted attacks to damage and target every enemy present in the range.

Nanahara Chifuyu also possesses her Exquisite Flower Strike as the ultimate targeted damaging skill to damage every enemy. The skill also grants her a 30 percent of Attack Speed bonus for approximately 15 seconds. Cherry Blossom Slash is her passive ability, which highlights a 10 percent of deduction in her enemy’s defense after every second basic attack Nanahara does for about 4 seconds. She also stuns a single target hit for about one second.

Yang Harim

Counterside Yang Harim

Yang Harim is also an SSR grade Counter and she is an in-game Supporter. ‘All domains’ is her prime attacking domain and she uses the ground for movement. Yang Harim gives an amplitude of heals, buffs, and shields to de-buff enemies and makes them weak. Her basic attacks comprise two components, where the first is a machine gun to launch attacks on air-based enemies for about 5 seconds.

The second is a sword, which handles AOE damages to enemies that may come in front of Yang Harim. Time for an all-out attack is the ultimate skill of Yang Harim, which refers to attacking or buffing skills. It gives an attack boost of 20 percent for 15 seconds and inflicts AOE-based damage to every enemy.

In contrast, Cheerful Friends is her passive skill and it summons allies and the entire team by handling damage to enemies. Their attacks will decrease enemy attacks for 5 seconds by about 10 percent.

Seo Yoon

Counterside Seo Yoon

Seo Yoon is one of the SSR grade Counters and she is an in-game Ranger. She uses All Domains as the main domain to attack and chooses a ground for movement. Her basic attacks handle every single targeted damage excluding the last attack that fires a bullet. The last attack deals AOE damage across the target by dealing damage to every enemy.

Her ultimate ability is Suppressive Fire which states that Seo Yoon will fire every weapon available to the existing team. It also deals AOE-targeted damage to target every enemy. Her passive ability is Tactical Leader and it states when Seo Yoon deploys on a battlefield, she will experience a 20 percent boost in the Allies’ attack for about 10 seconds.

She has the special skill of Multi Grenades, which categorizes as an AOE targeted damaging skill and handles damage to every enemy. Multi Grenades skill especially reduces the attacking speed of enemies by 20 percent for about 10 seconds.

Xiao Lin

Counterside Xiao Lin

Xiao Lin is also an SSR grade Counter and it is an in-game Snipper. The Counter excels to immobilize enemies and inflicts them with several de-buffs. Her basic attacks use a rifle to handle single-targeted damage to her enemy. Door Knocker is her ultimate skill, which is a type of AOE-targeted damaging skill.

It handles damage to every enemy and knocks them with a hit backward. Falcon Insight is the passive ability of Xiao Lin and it reveals that the Hero increases its Basic attack power as a true sniper and the power may go up to 20 percent depending on the distance of Xiao Lin from her target. Mozambique Drill is her special skill, which is a triple-hitting and single- targeted type of damage skill.

Evelyn Keller

Counterside Evelyn Keller

Evelyn Keller is an SR grade Counter and is an in-game Supporter. Her prime domain for movement is Air and for attacking is Ground. Evelyn Keller is an amazing buffer and killer. She helps you to keep your units alive for many hours. Her basic attack skill is to deal with AOE-targeted damage to every ground enemy. Hermes Trismegistus is the ultimate skill of Evelyn Keller and it is her excellent attacking or healing skill

The ultimate skill of the Counter will restore HP belonging to every ally by about 30 percent. She also handles AOE-targeted damage attacks on her enemies. Heiress of the Emerald Text is the passive ability of Evelyn Keller and it states that she will retain the allies’ HP by 2 percent after each of her third basic attacks.

Counterside Tier A

Tier A characters of Counterside are excellent choices for your teammates and they deliver outstanding performance in the existing game meta. These gaming characters follow in the footsteps of the ones belonging to Tier S. Moreover, tier A characters may easily win battles over other tiers except for tier S characters. Tier A has the following demanding Counters/Heroes:


Counterside Gaeun

Gaeun is a type of SSR Counter and she is an in-game Ranger. She uses a Pistol weapon in her basic attack and deals only one targeted damage. Prestissimo is her ultimate ability and it is her AOE-targeted damaging skill. She shoots several projectiles at randomized enemies handling damages. Quarter Note is her passive skill, which lets her third basic attack handle AOE damage to every enemy surrounding her target. She also reduces the enemy’s attacking speed by about 10 percent for approximately 4 seconds.

Kyle Wong

Counterside Kyle Wong

Kyle Wong is also an SSR grade counter and he is an in-game Ranger. He selects ground for movement and ‘All domains’ is the prime attacking domain. Kyle Wong is also an excellent semi-tank unit and his basic attacks use rifles to handle targeted damage to his in-front enemies.

Gravity Gun is his ultimate skill and it handles damage to every enemy who may be hit by the released projectile. Active Expansion is his passive ability and it works as an ultimate unit for many PvE fights. He casts buff on himself for about 4 seconds for each of his basic attacks. When the buff approaches 4 sacks, Kyle Wong may deal with additional damage to 6 percent or more enemies of their existing HP.

Counterside Tier B

Counterside Tier B will include Heroes or Counters, which are neither the best nor the worst. Players may use Tier B characters when they cannot get other good alternatives, as they are relatively inferior to the ones present in Tier A and Tier S. However, Tier B Counters may help newbies in progression despite their value reducing with the further progression of players into the Counterside game. Two of the demanding characters of Tier B include the following:


Counterside Terminator

Terminator is a soldier of SSR grade and he is an in-game Striker. He uses ground for both attack and movement. Terminator is an excellent tank available in the Counterside game. The increase in the value of Terminator depends solely on the increase in the tank’s value. His basic attack uses a shotgun for dealing AOE-targeted damage to every enemy present in front and also knocking backward. Indomitable Will is his ultimate skill and it states that Terminator will increase his Defense by about 60 percent which has an inverse relation with his MAX HP.

Shin Jia

Counterside Shin Jia

Shin Jia is an SSR Grade Counter and she is an in-game Ranger. ‘All domains’ is her prime attacking domain and ground is her domain for movement. She uses Rifle for basic attacks and handles only one target to her in front of enemies. Special Bullet of ALP 001 is her ultimate skill. It deals AOE targeted damage and knocks the opponents by hit backward. The passive ability of Shin Jia is Alphatrix Leader and it states to increase her Attack Speed and allies permanently by about 7 percent.

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Queries on Counterside Global Tier List 2024

What is the launching date of the Counterside game?

Counterside is a role-playing game launched in the year 2021 on Android phones.

Who launches the game Counterside?

Zilong Game Limited is the developer of Countryside’s role-playing game.

What are the gaming characters belonging to Tier B of Counterside?

Tier B gaming characters of the Counterside are Terminator and Shin Jia.

What gaming characters can we find in Tier A of Counterside?

The characters of Tier A in the Counterside game are Gauen and Kyle Wong.

What characters of Tier S are present in the Counterside game?

Tier S characters of the Counterside game are Nanahara Chifuyu, Yang Harim, Seo Yoon, and Xiao Lin.