150+ Kahoot Pins & Game Codes (March 2024)

Kahoot Pin is necessary to play your favorite Kahoot game if you are an avid user. This site has everything you need if you are wondering where to find Kahoot Pins. If you are one of them, you have come to the right place.

Moreover, I would like to explain what Kahoot game pin is and where you can find them before revealing a list of random and updated Kahoot game pins (codes). Keep reading!

Kahoot Pins

Kahoot Pins

Kahoot pin is a six-digit pin which is generated automatically and can only be accessed by the host. To allow others to join and participate, the host must share the entering pin. Kahoot games consist of a question, followed by an option to answer multiple-choice questions. Then, rich media such as pictures, videos, and diagrams can be included to make the game more interesting and enjoyable. It is called a ‘Kahoot’ game.

As soon as you enter the correct pin, you’ll be able to answer the questions on your own device while a shared screen shows the questions. In addition to Kahoot’s app and website, you can play Kahoot games on mobile devices, Chrome books, laptops, tablets, and desktop computers.

Official Website – https://kahoot.it/

Kahoot Game Pins (Codes)

Kahoot Pins are widely used by users around the world. Most people who host Kahoot Games often use the same codes because it’s difficult to keep a unique code for each session. It is highly unlikely that these live game pins will not work, since we’ve gathered them from reliable and genuine sources. Since the demand is very high, the pins might expire after a while and the host will remove them.

Let us know in the comments section if this is the case, and we will provide you with new and updated Kahoot codes as soon as possible. Here are some of the new pins available right now.

Live Kahoot Pins:

  • 746882
  • 706288
  • 442410
  • 314714
  • 065386
  • 401117
  • 764351
  • 372935
  • 891363
  • 306650
  • 279560
  • 014605
  • 760375
  • 466929
  • 360089
  • 061743
  • 279560
  • 041098
  • 850137
  • 416099
  • 905773
  • 930641
  • 065352
  • 267921
  • 746183
  • 220571

How to Play the Kahoot Game?

It is easy to play Kahoot anywhere: in the office, at home, or at school. This is a great tool for group activities because everyone can participate and get some exercise. With Kahoot, you can test the trivia knowledge of your friends.

  • Create a Kahoot with questions and answers. There is nothing students enjoy more than creating their own questions and marking the right answers. Furthermore, Kahoot games are enjoyable for students, and they are more likely to remember the questions they ask. The more rounds they play, the better they become at the game, and they will have more fun. It will also provide teachers and students with valuable feedback.
  • Moreover, Kahoot templates can be designed and edited. With Kahoot, you can create your own games online for free. By using this feature, you can make practice questions and problems that students can use in their classrooms.
  • Your students can also practice their knowledge by creating practice problems. By doing so, students will learn how to solve problems more effectively and improve their knowledge. You can easily create and edit questions in Kahoot.
  • You can play Kahoot on your smartphone or computer after downloading the app. The app works better on mobile devices than on projectors, so it’s ideal for business meetings or family gatherings. There is a desktop, laptop, and mobile version of the app.

Join the Kahoot

The Kahoot game requires a unique pin to play. It is possible to do this by either using the browser version of the site or by downloading the Kahoot app for your mobile device. Kahoot games can be played without PINs as well.

The following tips will help you find your game’s pin. The first step is to obtain the game PIN. Playing Kahoot requires a six-digit PIN code that identifies your game.

  • Once you have entered the game, you can choose a nickname and get started playing. Afterwards, the server will know what game you’re playing. On the screen, you will see the PIN. Enter it and you’re ready to go!
  • By creating an account on the Kahoot website, you will be able to launch games. On the website, you can also create challenges that can be shared with your students. In addition to quizzes, polls, and discussions, you can also create challenges.
  • Every time you create a game, you can assign students to complete goals. The student will have the option of earning points or completing a challenge after completing the quiz or game.
Kahoot Codes

Kahoot Codes

  • 7374510
  • 5488439
  • 3659589
  • 2979437
  • 9640750
  • 8524157
  • 2493191
  • 8606341
  • 4170701
  • 4122686
  • 7673277
  • 1391772
  • 6418665
  • 3619740
  • 6424553
  • 5058151
  • 8273157
  • 7087455
  • 9250789
  • 5894619
  • 7982954
  • 5274459
  • 1797313
  • 8903050
  • 8148650
  • 4827828
  • 1313002
  • 8120530
  • 7734515
  • 2028682
  • 6154112
  • 9868808
  • 3200681
  • 2651970
  • 6498540
  • 4096713
  • 2039080
  • 3890553
  • 5122413
  • 9805730
  • 4692465
  • 1399469
  • 6067999
  • 8407000
  • 8674021
  • 1521393
  • 9672964
  • 4594399
  • 4077260
  • 2596345
  • 8205409
  • 2441050
  • 5774074
  • 1654122
  • 6385429
  • 3599729
  • 8243315
  • 4570467
  • 9005378
  • 7510866
  • 8883121
  • 5598166

Where to Find a Kahoot Pin?

Due to the fact that Kahoot Pins are temporary codes, players often have difficulties finding a valid code. You must be present when someone is hosting a Kahoot if you want to get your favorite Kahoot pin. It might be impossible for some to obtain valid Kahoot pins at any given time, so we’ve discovered a couple of ways to get you valid ones.


You can find random Kahoot Game Pins and codes on YouTube if you’re looking for them. There are countless YouTube channels dedicated to running live Kahoot sessions and giving away random codes.

Kahoot codes can be found by searching on YouTube for “live kahoot to join right now”. You will be able to see a lot of YouTube channels on your screen once you have done this. In that section, you will see a few channels streaming live Kahoot codes that are valid and working.


The Discord platform is a favorite among gamers. There are many channels dedicated to Kahoot on Discord, similar to YouTube. Furthermore, Kahoot Discord bots are available to find working and valid Kahoot game pins.

Enter your Kahoot Pins Codes

There is only one and most important reason why you need a Kahoot Game PIN.

The Kahoot PIN serves as your game pass. Playing Kahoot wouldn’t be possible without it! When they are finished creating all the questions and answers, they receive a six-digit code that allows the players to play the game and take quizzes.

  • You can either use your web browser to access kahoot.it or open our mobile app and tap ‘enter pin’.
  • You will be asked to enter a game PIN.
  • Please provide the requested player identifier if the host allows it.
  • You can choose a random nickname by clicking or tapping the ‘spin’ button if your host has enabled the ‘friendly nickname generator. You can type a nickname of your choice if it is disabled.

FAQs: Most Asked Question

How many digits are in a Kahoot pins code?

The Kahoot pin is a six-digit code. By entering a 6-digit code on the (Kahoot.it) website, students can participate in a specific quiz.

Is it possible to join a random Kahoot game?

The only thing you need to do is enter a valid Kahoot pin in order to use a random Kahoot game.

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