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CoWIN App Download

Download CoWIN Apk – How to Register for COVID-19 Vaccine in India – Download Link

CoWIN Apk Download Link, How to Register on CoWIN Apk, How to Register for COVID-19 Vaccine – Recently, Indian drug regulators gave his approval for COVID-19 vaccine in india by Serum Indian Institute and Bharat Biotech for limited usage on this saturday, sunday. To allow a simple and easy implementation of the campaign, the Center has come up with a digital platform referred as CoWIN app.


What is CoWIN App?

CoWIN is the acronym for Covid Vaccine Intelligence Network and it is the extension of the eVIN network operated by the Indian Government. The government launches this Co-Win app solely for the upcoming drive of Covid-19 global pandemic vaccination to monitor and track beneficiaries in different regions of the country. Everyone has to register on the respective app to get a vaccine.

On 23rd of December, Mr. Ravi Shankar, the IT Minister of India has imposed a challenge for strengthening the network timely to rollout the vaccination. He even announced a cash prize for two top contestants i.e. Rs 20lacs and Rs 40lacs. Only, you have to acquire the following knowledge to register and operate the app.

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How to Download CoWIN App for Android/iOS

You should never scan either of the Apple Store or Google Play Store to get CoWIN App, as it has until now not released officially. Instead, the Co-WIN app is in its pre-product stage and approximately 75lacs of health officials, who are at the top priority to receive vaccination, have registered on it already.

How to Register on CoWIN App?

Step 1: To do your self-registration you need to download the CoWIN app. As soon as it is released on the Play Store, you can install & open it on your device.

CoWIN App Download

Step 2: After successfully downloading the app, just open it. To complete your self-registration process, you will have to upload one of your government identity.

CoWIN App Registration

Step 3: Now you have to upload your Official government identity, for this you can use the Aadhaar card. This can be done in the following way, through Biometric, OTP or Demographic. In this way you can complete your identity verification.

Step 4: After the registration is complete, you will be told a date and time. You have to go for vaccination at the right time that day. This fixed time will also be told to you by SMS on registered number.

Step 5: If by any circumstance you are unable to go there on the day of appointment, then you can change the time and date for the next appointment for vaccination.

Four Different Modules of the CoWIN App

As the app is in its pre-product phase, common people cannot register it. However, once you get it ready for the download, it will contain four different modules, which include:

  • User administrator module
  • Vaccination and beneficiary acknowledgement
  • Beneficiary registration and
  • Status update

Three Options for Registration of the CoWIN App

Whenever the app starts operating, you will get three different options for registration, which include the following:

  • Individual registration
  • Self-registration
  • Bulk registration

Mandatory Documents to Download and Use the App

If you want to register on CoWIN app, you have to get photo identification. Here, many documents will work, such as Driving License, Aadhar or UID Card and PAN Card.

How to Register on CoWIN App
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Key Aspects of CoWIN App for Health Workers and Frontline Workers

1. District authorities will upload the data in bulk to allow health and frontline workers’ registrations. Each of the medical facilities will add details of the workers. Accordingly, the pp has automated process for filtering duplicate entries.

2. People qualified to get vaccination will receive SMS to know where and when it will occur. If anyone fails to attend, he/she may get vaccination at any of the later dates. The app updates the database whenever vaccination completes.

3. One can download CoWIN app free to record the date of vaccination.

Details of Five CoWIN Modules

The CoWIN app has five different modules, whose operations include:

  • People do not remain at frontline or healthcare has to register to get vaccination with the help of Registration module.
  • To complete the registration process, users have to provide their identity proofs and photos. Administrators will track the respective information by the help of Administrator Module.
  • After you complete registration, administrators will create vaccination sessions and the respective managers and vaccinators will get relevant alerts and notifications.
  • The Vaccination Module available on the CoWIN app will verify the beneficiary details and update the status of vaccination.
  • The Beneficiary Acknowledgement module will send you an message (SMS) to beneficiaries and generate certificates QR after completing the jabs.
  • Finally, you have Report Module will prepare various reports related to the number of vaccination sessions conducted and the number of people attended the sessions or dropped out and other relevant information.

Therefore, with CoWIN app download, you will get valuable pieces of information on COVID-19 Vaccination for india.