Cookie Run Kingdom Codes (May 2024) NEW CRK Codes

Cookie Run: Kingdom is a constructive game that includes aspects of role-playing games. You’ll have to build buildings and assign Toppings and teams to fight and boost your cookies to become strong on the battlefield.

Cookies Run: Kingdom has an interesting game-based story, an RPG player-versus-player (PvP) combat mode, and various ways to export the goods you’re producing within your kingdom.

With so many things to accomplish in Cookie Run Kingdom Codes, the beginning can be overwhelming. So, we’ll help you learn the basics to keep you on track toward building a robust and enormous kingdom.

Cookie Run Kingdom Codes

CRK Codes

When you begin as a new player with Cookie Run: Kingdom, you can select from any two servers available. Pure Vanilla is the first server in existence, while Hollyberry is the more modern option.

Players who play Pure Vanilla tend to be more advanced in the game, which means PvP content is more complicated. Hollyberry is relatively new, meaning you won’t meet highly veteran players who’ve been playing since day one.

Everyone must choose the same server to have fun with their friends.

ArticleCookie Run Kingdom Codes
GameCookie Run: Kingdom
Last Update3th May 2024
CRK RewardsCrystals, Cubes, Bombs, Coupon Codes & More
CRK Codes7 Codes are Active in May 2024

Cookie Run Kingdom Codes that Never Expire

Cookie Run Kingdom Codes – Alongside Cookies and toppings, you carry three treasures with you to fight, each with unique effects. Particular Treasures passively increase the defense of your character or attack. In contrast, others erect barriers, heal your group and revive members of your party or apply the ability to disable opponents. These are important as certain bosses can have capabilities that can be weakened or require an additional layer of protection when you are fighting a difficult stage.

You can exchange your Treasure in the team edit screen, which appears before you begin the level. The three hexagons that are above the cookies are your treasures. Ensure you are equipped with Treasure upgrades when you receive duplicates in your Treasure Gacha.

How to Redeem Cookie Run Kingdom Codes

It’s simple for you to get Cookie Run: Kingdom codes. However, we’re here for you if you need some extra assistance.

  • Open Cookie Run: Kingdom.
  • Click the icon in the screen’s upper-right corner.
  • Select settings.
  • Make a note of your player ID.
  • Go to DevPlay’s coupon page.
  • Input your Player ID and Cookie Run: Kingdom code.
  • Hit claim reward.
  • Go back to Cookie Run: Kingdom to collect your goodies!

New Cookie Run Kingdom Codes

Our team is here to assist if you’re running short of crystals and require assistance filling your game bank account. We have a Cookie Run Kingdom code list filled with gifts, including crystals and experience, sugar gnomes, and many others. This guide will be updated frequently, and we ensure that our codes are valid. So, bookmark the page and revisit it regularly if you enjoy crystals as we do.

CRK CodesRewards
NEWUPDATEISAHEAD1500 rainbow cubes 3000 crystals
CRKINGDOMWITHBTS3,000 crystals, 1,000 Army Bombs
1015CKCOOKIELIVE2500 Army Bombs
THANX200MPLAYERS2,000 crystals and 2 000 rainbow cubes
MEETSORBETCOOKIEAdded on December 9th, 2022

Cookie Run Kingdom Codes are only valid for a limited time. These gift cards expire after a couple of days. Therefore, you must redeem them as fast as possible and claim rewards to continue playing the game. We monitor the most recent valid codes, which is why we suggest checking this page frequently.

To ensure that you do everything correctly with the code, ensure that you input the CRK codes into the game exactly as shown in the table and include the unique characters and the letter case.

If you need help with Cookie Run Kingdom codes, let us know in the comment section.

How to Redeem CRK Codes on Android

To redeem CRK codes for redemption on Android:

Step 1: Start CRK or Cookie Run Kingdom on your device.

Step 2: Click the menu button at the upper-right corner and press the “Coupons” button.

Step 3: You will be taken to the Devplay website, and you can use Cookies Run Kingdom Coupons.

CRK Codes

Step 4: You must enter your Devplay account or the linked email address (check the game settings> information)

Step 5: Use the coupon code.

Step 6: Press the button to claim the reward to redeem the reward code.

Step 7: Visit the game.

Step 8: Visit the game’s mailbox and take advantage of the codes’ rewards.

Redeem CRK Codes on iOS?

  • It’s easy to redeem your Cookie Run Kingdom Codes on iOS.
  • First, copy coupons from the list.
  • Go to the coupon redemption official Devplay website.
  • You’ll need to fill in two fields, your DevPlay Account (linked to an email account) and the coupon code.
  • The account can be found in the game itself. Press the menu button at the top- right corner of the screen -> settings -> click the info tab. Under user information, the game will show the DevPlay account’s name. If you’ve used your Google Play Games account, your account’s name will be your email address.
  • Sign in to the DevPlay account, and then enter the codes. Next, go through the codes listed above. When you’ve entered your code, press the green button to claim the reward. After restarting the game, you will see the coupon reward on your in-game account(mailbox).

CRK Redeem Codes Wiki

Although it may be tempting to upgrade your entire building immediately, don’t! While upgrading facilities that provide raw materials such as Roll Cake Wood, and Sugar is okay initially, wait until you upgrade the structures that allow you to make products such as Robust Axes or Jellybean Jam.

Remember that the buildings you have should create something.

Keep your buildings cooking. They will continue to create things even when the app closes. Therefore, queue whatever you can in the meantime. It’s best to keep plenty of stock instead of making things to be ordered, so make sure you have enough.

CRK Coupon Codes

If your cookies need to be stronger, ensure that there are as many toppings available to them as possible.

Toppings are an equipment system used in Cookie Run: Kingdom, and various Toppings can boost multiple statistics. Place defensive Toppings on your frontline cookies and Cooldown or attack Toppings on healers and attacking cookies.

Queries on Cookie Run Kingdom Codes: FAQs

What exactly are Cookie Run Kingdom codes?

Cookies Run Kingdom codes grant you freebies in the game, such as sugar gnomes, crystals, and additional experiences. We suggest you save this page to your bookmarks and regularly visit to get tons of rewards.

How do I get new CRC codes (Cookie Run Kingdom codes)?

The game’s developers announce new CRK codes often via Facebook, Reddit, Discord, Instagram, or their YouTube channel. We keep an eye on all codes and have them all for you in one location. In addition, we’ll update the coupon page when an updated coupon code pops up. Therefore, it is recommended to bookmark this page and regularly check for the most current Cookie Run Kingdom codes list.