Dead Island 2 Goat Pen Master Key Not Showing Up! (Fixed)

The pen master key is a crucial finding in Dead Island 2 and one of the difficult ones to track in the game.

If you’re playing Dead Island 2 and happen to find yourself at the influencer house of Beverly Hills, affectionately known as the GOAT Pen, you might encounter a little challenge: locating the elusive master keys. This task can be arduous for even experienced players.

At first, visiting the mansion for the first time may prove challenging. You won’t discover the master key at once because they have been carefully concealed within. But let me provide some inside information that may assist your search efforts!

Dead Island 2

To get your hands on the GOAT Pen Master Keys, you’ll need to take on the Creature Comforts side quest for Curtis. Curtis will ask you to swing by the GOAT Pen to fetch some wine during this quest. That’s when the magic happens—the keys magically appear on a Zombie downstairs or in the bedroom.

Many players have encountered Dead Island 2 Goat Pen Master Key not showing, making it frustrating to proceed with the game. Don’t despair if you find yourself caught up in an unfortunate circumstance! We have solutions which may assist in alleviating it.

Dead Island 2

Fix 1: Completing Sinclair’s Quest

The foremost important thing when you want to avoid the master key not showing the error is completing Sinclair’s quest. If you don’t complete the task, you will never see the master key. However, when the quest has been accomplished, speak to Curtis Sinclair to acquire Creature Comforts Quest. Here, you will head to the GOAT Pen mansion, where you will find the master key locked in the master bedroom. Several chest drawers are inside the bedroom, and only one contains the key.

You will start by heading to the roof by climbing the staircase present on the building’s left side. The only method by which you can access the bedroom is by breaking the windows. You will be doing it once you have entered the balcony. You will be triggering an alarm when you break the window. Be ready to fight the zombies and then collect the master key.

Once you have collected the key, you can proceed with the Creature Comforts quest!

There also lies another way to obtain the key. You can head to the wine cellar and search for a note stating that a zombie has the keys to the bowling alley. You can move to the alley and look for GOAT Pen Jamie zombie. He may drop the keys when you find him. However, if the spawning is incorrect, the only way to get the keys is by following the above-discussed solution.

If you get the keys from the zombie, you can open the wine cellar and pick a bottle for Curtis. Furthermore, you can use the keys to open all the rooms within the mansion and explore. Apart from the wine, Sinclair also loves cigars. When you venture into the master bedroom, do pick up one!

Fix 2: Updating Dead Island 2

The other method to fix Dead Island 2 GOAT Pen Master Key not showing up is by updating the game. You are getting the error in the first place because the game became outdated. Follow these steps if you have not performed any updates:

  • Launch Epic Games Launcher and navigate to “Library” within its menu. You will notice “three dots” beside Dead Island
  • Click it to proceed to the settings section.
  • Here, ensure that the “Auto Update” feature is active. If it is not active, make it functional by switching the button.
  • After that, the launcher will check automatically for updates and install if there are any.

Fix 3: Repairing the Game Files

The reason why you could not find the master key is because of corrupted game files. There are instances when you fail to recognize that malware and virus on the computer can cause trouble to any file. Several reasons exist why repairing the files is essential. Not only will it help in the system’s smooth operation, but it will also ensure trouble-free access to programs and games.

As you are facing Dead Island 2 GOAT Pen Master Key not showing up issues, checking for corrupted gaming files is preferable. You can do it by following the details outlined below:

  • Open the Epic Games Launched and choose Dead Island 2 from the game library.
  • Click on the three dots that appear beside the game’s name.
  • A list will pop up, and click the “Manage” option from that.
  • You can begin scanning the gaming files by clicking the “Verify” feature and address problems if there are any. The process will end after the check is complete.
  • All the essential updates will apply after this step, and the game will continue to run smoothly.


After you have learned how to solve Dead Island 2 GOAT Pen Master Key not showing, it is time to put them into practice and test whether you can find the keys. You can complete the quest, update the game, or rectify corrupted gaming files. Either way, you can now get the master keys!!!

FAQs: Most Asked Questions

What is Dead Island 2?

Dead Island 2 is a zombie-infested world. Here, you are trying to survive by fighting against all the odds the zombies throw.

How can I find the Goat Pen Master Keys in Dead Island 2?

To find the Goat Pen Master Keys, complete the Creature Comforts side quest for Curtis. The keys will spawn on a Zombie downstairs or be found in the bedroom during this quest.

I’m experiencing the issue of the Goat Pen Master Key not showing or spawning. Is there a solution?

You can overcome the problem by implementing the solutions outlined in this article.

What is the influencer house in Dead Island 2 called?

The influencer house in Dead Island 2 is known as the GOAT Pen, located in Beverly Hills.

Do you have any general tips for playing Dead Island 2?

Yes! These include having a prominent presence of medicines and weapons and working with fellow gamers in multimode to increase the survival odds.