Dislyte Tier List – Best Characters | Espers (May 2024)

If you are a newbie of Dislyte, you should dedicate some time to know a few of the best Espers there based on information shared in the Dislyte Tier List. The list consists of a table to show each of the Dislyte Espers and their performance in diverse gaming modes. Make sure that you may use the SS tier of Espers for carrying your entire team without even bothering about underlying strategies.

Dislyte Tier List

Dislyte Tier List

Dislyte fans who want to read the list should know the names of Espers or Heroes present in different tiers of the game. Here, Espers will represent their respective power and the details of them are as follows:

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Tier SS

Espers belonging to the SS tier are overpowered ones. They possess superb abilities to change battle results without any issues.

Tier S

Heroes of tier S are the most powerful Espers and they come with game-changing abilities. However, heroes of this tier should stay in the right teams.

Tier A

Tier A Heroes or Espers have solid utilities and they do their jobs excellently.

Tier B

Espers of the B tier come with relatively less ability than those of the A tier but possess game-changing qualities.

Tier C

Heroes/Espers of tier C are average ones. These heroes have a few decent utilities but do not have any game-changing quality.

Tier D

Tier D include situational Espers, who lack utilities and players need a big investment to let them work properly. These Heroes are useful in only a few teams.

Tier F

Tier F contains useless Espers and players should try to avoid using them while playing the Dislyte game.

Names of the Best Dislyte Espers

Based on the explanation of Dislyte tiers, we should say that the best Espers of the game are Clara, Gabrielle, Li Ling, Ahmed, Lin Xiao, Lucas, Narmer, Fabrice, Tiye, Chloe, Laura, Long Mian, Ye Suhua, Ren Si, and Sander. Key features of the Espers are as follows:


Dislyte Lewis

Lewis sacrifices HP regularly to increase the attacking power to become a glass cannon. However, its usage is of huge worth and his move of fire palm is the best example related to lowering HP for any attack boost.


Dislyte Sally

Sally is an excellent healer in the Dislyte game based on a country mile. She has the move of ode to joy to provide an HP boost to the teammates. Simultaneously, Sally removes debuffs to become a table-turner of the game.


Dislyte Gabrielle

Gabrielle is the best supporting Esper in the Dislyte game. It may buff and de-buff teammates and opponents respectively. For instance, Gabrielle’s rush move provides a defense boost to a maximum of two teammates.

Ye Suhua

Dislyte Ye Suhua

Do you want to protect your teammates from the attack of your opponents? You should use the shield of Ye Suhua and her star dancer, as they cover against every opponent while allowing their fellow fighters to continue attacking their opponents.

Lin Xiao

Dislyte Lin Xiao

Lin Xiao is the best DPS attacker in a Dislyte game. The character is horrified to handle a one-on-one type of situation. Moreover, Lin Xiao’s tiger fist attack may deal with a maximum of 150 percent attack. Hence, the tiger fist attack becomes the hardest-hit attack in Dislyte.


Dislyte Gaius

Gaius is the inheritor of the mythical strength of Zeus. It is also a potent warrior and may switch into King or God mode and strike many thunderous attacks on its enemies.

Espers Performance as Per Synergy, State, and Relics

Overall, ranks of the best Espers in the Dislyte game are according to their strengths, popularity, and weaknesses separately when every hero stays at the best relics and best states. Furthermore, a few Espers fail to deliver their best performance in specific modes. However, if they have strong synergies, they perform a few insane jobs and are better than the performance of other gaming characters. Synergy matters a lot in Dislyte. Other than that, a few of the Heroes/Espers appear to be excessively weak initially without any proper relics or when users fail to invest their skills appropriately in specific points.

In contrast, some Espers may become game- changing once players invest in their skills. In particular, Heroes who have significant cooldown reduction while leveling up and increased popularity may prove to be game-changers.

Based on the valuable pieces of information on the Dislyte tier list, we recommend you always choose Espers belonging to Tier S and Tier SS categories. They play the role of life saviors when gamers use them wisely for every gaming mode.

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Queries on Dislyte Tier List 2024

Who is the best buffer in the Dislyte game?

Gabrielle is the best buffer in Dislyte. It makes your team strong with ATK Down and DEP Up. Besides, the Esper provides DEF Down and De-buff Immunity.

Do I follow resonance in the game?

Yes, your gaming resonance should follow the mentioned priority: Your skills scale per unit, HP for Controllers and Supporters, DEF for Defenders and ATK for DPS.

When I should use Chang Pu or Heng Yue?

Your teammates may use either Heng Yue or Chang Pu, as both stay on equal grounds in a vacuum. However, the use of Heng Yue will be worth you if you already have Gabrielle. Otherwise, you should prioritize using Chang Pu.

Do Sally and Clara play the same role in Dislyte?

No, Clara and Sally fulfill diverse roles in Dislyte, as Clara beats Sally Esper in speed or heal and defensive buffing. In contrast, Sally offers a few offensive buffing and is awkward according to tempo.

What is the role of Sander in a particular Dislyte game?

Sander is a good unit and is a single target. Hence, your teammates should avoid using the respective character in the Story.

Who are Dhalia and Suhua in Dislyte?

Both Suhua and Dhalia are excellent buffers or healers in the Dislyte game.