Disney Plus FREE Trial (May 2023) 7 Days Free Streaming

Disney Plus Free Trial

Looking for Disney Plus Free Trial Offer in 2023? Seeing this much love of people towards online streaming, we have prepared this exclusive content, in which you can activate disney plus free trial in just three simple steps. Earlier, we had successfully shared tricks to enjoy hotstar premium account for free, hope you have used it. People think that disney plus has discontinued the free trial offer, but this guide may be a miracle for you, which is described step by step about free trial.

Disney Plus Free Trial

Streaming has become a favorite activity among many people after the hit of COVID-19 global pandemic. Many people started developing addiction towards the media and entertainment industry, which resulted in the rise for needing a large number of streaming platforms. Disney plus has started providing excellent free trials for all users passionate to streaming platforms and related shows.

However, the streaming platform has stopped it’s free trials from June 2020. This created a doubt among worldwide users about the right way to get Disney plus trial. Positively, streaming lovers may get an excellent alternative from Disney+ platform by availing of Disney plus free trial for 7 days. Here we have discussed simple and easy steps to get the latest Disney plus free trial.

How to Activate Free Disney+ Trial for 7 Days

After all, you can activate the Disney Plus Free trial by following these steps, remember that this trial period is only for 7 days. Meaning you can enjoy all the original content of disney plus by accessing it for next 7 days.

Step 1: Visit Disney+ Official Website to Select a Plan

To start the procedure, you must visit the Disney+ official website. Here, you must select s plan to move forward. We recommend you to select the Disney+ subscription, which costs you $13 (INR 948). The plan not only has Disney Plus but also Hulu and ESPN Plus streaming media contents.

Disney Plus Free

Step 2: Complete the Required Payment Procedure

You must enter the details of your card and complete the mandatory payment process to enjoy the weekly Disney Plus plan.

Disney Plus Free Trial 7 Days

Step 3: Cancellation

Cancellation is the last and the easiest step of all. Accordingly, you must cancel your subscription before 7 days of the end of your trial. This let’s you to enjoy Disney+ streaming without spending a single penny.

Disney Plus Free Trial Activate
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  • Sign in by using your account
  • Visit the billing details followed by your user profile
  • Click on the option that shows cancellation of the subscription

On doing so, you will get refund of your paid amount in your account.

Alternative Platforms to Get Disney Plus Free Trial

Many platforms today collaborate with Disney plus to provide free or reduced prices to their users. Some of them are:

Verizon Wireless Users

Verizon Wireless has multiple ways, by following which its users may claim Disney+ at free of cost. If you select its starting unlimited plan or do more with it, you may even get Disney+ Free for a period of six months. Besides, Verizon has few other unlimited plans to give you free access to Hulu, ESPN and Disney+, while the offer remains lifetime without any expiry.

The US Mobile Device

The US Mobile Service gives complete lines in one account to its customers. Accordingly, you get Disney+ with the bundle of ESPN Plus and Hulu, all of which lets you to get free $13. Users in this case have three complete lines for their accounts. Later, one can select anyone from different streaming services available on offer.

Chromebook Buyers

If you are one of the new chromebook buyers, you may claim free Disney+ for three months. While establishing your Chromebook, you may visit to its Offers webpage and get the promotional code by Disney+. Later, you must download Disney+ available on the play store. You must enter the promotional code to start your free Disney+ of three months.

Free Disney Plus for Disney Park Employees

If you are working in any of the Disneyland parks or Disney world, you get the opportunity to make claim for a free trial in Disney plus. However, employees must select between Disney+ subscription or family gate pass offered by Disney park.

Special Offer for Delta SkyMiles Members

Delta SkyMiles Members offers are available only in the case of new members. Accordingly, new members may get special two week trial than regular one week trial available for all. You have to visit Disney+ official website and enter the respective code to get the trial. You may even choose to flight viewing on specific routes for Disney+.

Queries on Active Disney Plus HotStar Free 2023

How to Watch Disney Plus Free?

As we told you how you can claim disney plus free trial offer. This is the only way to watch disney plus free for nonstop 7 days. A lot of users feel that they can enjoy disney plus for free with iphone, but no you have to activate the subscription plan or use the free trial. With the help of this guide you can start disney plus free trial and this is the best way.

Disney Plus Free Trial Not Working?

If you have used disney plus trial for 7 days then it will no longer work. Disney Plus closed its free trial in june 2020, this could also be a reason. But we have published this guide only to activate the free trial. Hopefully after this you will not face any problem in using the free trial. After enjoying for 7 days, you can claim a free trial again by creating a new account (Shhhh! Don’t tell anyone, it’s a secret).