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FAUG Game Download Apk

Fauji App Game Download – Release Date Download Apk Download Link & More

FAUG Game Download Apk, Fauji Game Download, Fau G Game Download Kaise Kare – FAU-G is an excellent Indian alternative to the popular multiplayer mobile game PUBG. Even though the game has not yet launched, Akshay Kumar has announced it and created a strong hype between the entire indian gaming community and the game lovers.

The best thing is that one can easily download FAU-G games on almost every mobile device, whether it is iOS or Android. However, the download link will be available after the company officially launches it. In this blog post, you will come to know different steps to the FAUG game download on your phone or PC to enjoy it on the device of your choice.

Faug Game Download Apk

Downloading of Faug Game Apk

To download FAU-G Game from APK you must follow the mentioned steps-

Step 1: Initially, you have to visit the APK store.

Step 2: Type FAU-G in the mentioned search box and then click on the button of Search New.

Step 3: Now, you have to click on the file showing FAU-G APK and then on the button showing Download Now. You have to save the respective APK file on your mobile device.

Step 4: You should visit the Download Folder for opening the file.

Step 5: Here, you have to make sure that your device and APK allows the installation of unknown apps so that you do not face any difficulty in the installation process.

Step 6: Open your favorite FAU-G game and sign up by using your Google or Facebook Account.

Step 7: After you log in, you may start playing your favorite FAU-G game on your device.

Fauji Game Launch Date in India

When Akshay Kumar tweeted that nCore Games is going to launch a battle royal game FAU-G, which is an alternative to pubg mobile, to be a part of the indian gaming industry. There was a panic in all the gamers and gaming community and all were eagerly waiting for its launch. With the launch of faug game, the Indian gaming society will reach a different level. The insanity of youth in gaming has increased in the last 2 years in India, now they see it as a career opportunity.

Rumor has it that the faug game will be launched by the end of December.

Faug Game Download

FAUG Game Download Apk for Android

If you want to download the exciting FAU-G game on your android device, you have to follow the mentioned steps :

  • You have to visit the Android Play Store i.e. Google Play Store.
  • Look for the FAU-G game available in the search box.
  • Here, you will find different apps, from which you have to choose FAU-G available from nCore Games.
  • Once you find this, you have to click on the option of install to get the respective game downloaded on your Android phone and become ready to play.

Fauji Game Download Apk for iOS

Now, let us have a look at different steps to follow to download the FAU-G game on your iOS mobile phone device.

  • To start, you must visit the Apple Store available on your iOS mobile device.
  • Apple Store will open its Home Page on your phone device.
  • Type download of FAU-G App present in the search box.
  • On doing so, you will get the display as Fauji App on the mobile screen of your iOS.
  • Click on the Fauji App Install Button.

By completing the mentioned steps, you will find the successful installation of the FAU-G App on your iOS device.

FAUG Download for PC/Laptop

Before you should follow the download and installation guide, you must check the system requirements to make sure that the FAUG Game runs on your laptop or PC.

Minimum Requirements

  • You must make sure that the CPU of your device should be Core i3 2.4GHz. However, to make the most, you must have a CPU of Core i5 2.8GHz.
  • The RAM of your device should be a minimum of 4GB but to enjoy the powerful gaming features, look for 8GB RAM.
  • Operating System must be of 64bits, and Windows 7, or any other higher version.
  • The minimum requirement related to GPU must be Intel HD Graphics 4000.
  • The minimum hard disk space requirement to download and install FAU-G game on a PC or laptop must be 4GB.

Steps to Download and Install FAUG Game

Step 1: To start the download, you have to visit the official website of FAU-G Game.

Step 2: Download the Lite Launcher of FAU-G from the Visit Here option.

Step 3: In the next step, you have to create an FAU-G Lite account. For this, you must enter the necessary credentials.

Step 4: Once you complete entering the details, you have to register for your FAU-G account.

Step 5: You will get a setup downloaded in the previous step to install the FAU-G Lite Launcher.

Step 6: Click on the Install option for installing FAU-G Lite on your PC device.

Step 7: After you complete the installation process, you have to Restart the launcher followed by Login to your account.

Step 8: Once you login, you may start playing your FAU-G Lite on your laptop or PC.

 Faug Game Apk Download

Key Features of FAUG Game to Make it a Unique One

Even though FAU-G is the Indian alternative to PUBG Game and is scheduled to launch in the coming months, it has a few of the astonishing features to entice game lovers. These include the following.

Realistic Graphics

An interesting aspect of the FAU-G Indian-based soldier game is that it features realistic graphics. We know that PUBG has obtained massive success as compared to its competitors only because of its stunning graphics. Hence, game developers have used realistic graphics in their alternative to provide Indian gamers with tons of interesting aspects and want them to indulge in the soldier’s game.

Real-life Situations

Other than realistic graphics, FAU-G is designed to highlight the real-life situations faced by the real heroes of our Indian Army at the time of dealing with foreign and domestic threats. Game developers will also add the feature of third-person type shooting gameplay combined with various subsequent updates.

Indian Locations and Physical Borders

If you have a look at the first release of FAU-G, you will find that the maps of the game are based on various locations and physical borders of India. The multiplayer and action-based game also highlights the story of Indian soldiers and their sacrifices for the country. What would be better than gaining entertainment and knowing the valuable contribution of soldiers towards the country?

Highlights on Galwan Valley

Galwan Valley is the first map of the upcoming FAU-G game. The map highlights the conflict between the Indian and the Chinese Army in the form of a game. Accordingly, there will be two different soldiers’ team, where soldiers have to fight without using weapons. One team has to protect its soldiers from falling or landslide from the valley. Another team has to move out for taking control of the entire valley.

The valley is at the height of 17,000 feet above the level of the sea and hence, it is a dangerous valley of the Earth. The valley has about a 50percent of loose rocks, because of which one can experience a landslide situation anytime. Furthermore, we know that oxygen level reduces as we reach heights, Galwan Valley has a lack of enough oxygen. Indeed, each of these factors makes any collision in the area a catastrophic experience.

Mission-Based on a Real Story

Game developers have chosen Galwan Valley as its first map for the FAU-G game to highlight the actual incident of Galwan Valley between the troops of India and China. According to the updates on the Indo-China war, both Indian and Chinese soldiers experienced a violent clash on June 15 of 2020 during the night. Here, Galwan Valley belongs to the eastern area of Ladakh.

Gives Support to BharatKeVeer Trust

Along with the fun, entertainment, and the highlight of real-life situations faced by Indian soldiers, the FAU-G game will support the trust of BharatKeVeer. Accordingly, game developers will donate approximately 20percent of its total generated revenue from the title to BharatKeVeer soldier trust.

Therefore, FAU-G has everything, which one can expect from an action-packed game.

FAUG Game Download Apk Link – FAQs

Q1. Fau G Game Download Apk OBB?

All high graphics games’ APK files are distributed in two ways, so that users do not have any problem while playing the game. For this, you must download an android app and another OBB file in the device. The OBB file has to be placed in a file manager in a folder like Android > OBB > com.ncoregames.faug.

Q2. What is the Size of the Fau G Game?

It is being said that the apk file size of Faug game can be maximum 1.5GB for android mobile and 1.8GB data for iOS mobile. In the pre-registration of Faug Game, this issue was coming up with many devices that “This Device Isn’t Compatible with this version”.

Q3. How to Download FAU-G Game from Play Store?

Faug Game Download Apk – After pre-registration of Faug game on play store, now you will get a notification as soon as the app is released on google play store. After that you can download Faug Game by going to google play Store and hit the install button under nCore Games Faug.