Fire Staff Code & Upgrade in COD: Black Ops 3 – Origins (2024)

Collecting all four elemental staffs on Origins can be quite an exciting journey! Climbing robots, shooting glowing triangles, or killing zombies are all part of this thrilling challenge – not forgetting to take part in various puzzles to achieve all four staffs! One of the hardest to come by may be getting hold of Fire Staff due to all its complications! To learn more, continue to study this post that delves into upgrading Fire Staff that has a significant role in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Zombies Chronicles!

Fire Staff Code

Elemental Staff

Each elemental staff on Origins in Black Ops III Zombies is essential to successfully completing and surviving its main Easter egg quest map. You can do it with the help of the elemental staff you can collect in the game, which is powerful and can even be upgraded if used wisely.

About Fire Staff Code

There are eight classic zombie maps in COD Black Ops 3 Fire Staff Code in Zombies Chronicles. You must escape through zombies and collect four elements – one is especially hard to come across amidst all the mayhem! Once you find it, upgrading it using blood from Kagutsuchi is essential.

Building the Fire Staff

Constructing the Fire Staff requires three parts: 1 colored disc, 1 black disc, and the Gramophone. As its name implies, all parts and discs used to construct this staff should be red. Likewise, the portal leading into Crazy Place is also painted in this hue. 

1. Red Disc Location

Red discs always spawn near a church. Their locations vary and may include:

  • Hiding behind a tank that you can move if necessary.
  • Upstairs on the church bench seating area.
  • In a box near the generator 6 that is behind the church.

2. Red Part Locations:

  • Part 1 – Obtained through killing Panzer boss (spawns after round 7).
  • Part 2 – Rewarded for powering Generator 6 behind the church via Soul Box.
  • Part 3 – Collapse after shooting down an aircraft that is lit ablaze. Keep an eye out near an excavation site, for this plane typically appears after opening access to the church.

3. Black Disc

The Black Disc works together with the Gramophone to open up lower-level excavation sites. You may encounter it:

  • Either inside a box, at the foot of an excavation site walkway (Generator 2), or somewhere along its route.
  • On a box at the opposite side of the excavation site near its entrance leading into the church.
  • On top of the excavation site near PaP in a wheelbarrow.

4. Gramophone 

It is always within the central excavation site (dig site), usually one level below.

5. Final Step

Head towards Speed Cola using spawn once you have discs and the Gramophone. Take the tunnel immediately on your left down the Speed Cola side. Place the Gramophone on the table at the bottom left and wait until the red portal forms. Head into Crazy Place, where the Crystal is on a red pedestal, then rebuild the red portal as soon as you emerge back out into the real world by rebuilding red portal!

Once again, return to the central excavation site, descend one level, and construct the Fire Staff in front of the statue.

Upgrade Fire Staff 

In order to upgrade the Fire Staff, return to The Crazy Place. In front of the fire portal are four stone cauldrons connected by metal grating above some lava. Use your Fire Staff to kill zombies that step onto this grating until all four cauldrons light up. At this point, Samantha will provide feedback when completed.

Fire Staff Code Origins

How to Do the Fire Staff Code in Origins?

After completing that step, return to the main map and head for church. On its top floor, you will see seven total symbols – four of which should now be lit. Take note of which ones are lit, then align that symbol with its respective number on our image below. Furthermore, just to the right of our vantage point lies another illuminated two full circles, indicating your code – use these on lower floors to maintain progress!

Below the tank in the area with seven torches with numbers (one will feature blood instead), you need to use the Fire Staff to shoot at them. Hitting any that have already been lit will only make them burn more vigorously – you don’t have to do this in any specific order; just hit all that were lit from upstairs!

Have a teammate hold onto a zombie for you to activate the tank as needed. Hence, it’s not in your way, and light all four torches as quickly as possible so Samantha will notify you as soon as all are ablaze! Samantha will speak up once all four torches have been illuminated!

Once the previous step is completed, a red orb will float within its circle above staff holders at the bottom of an Excavation Site. There are four levers nearby, which you can flip until all four rings illuminate red – then go to the bottom and shoot off an orb to send flying towards the sky!

Now it is time for one last step in The Crazy Place:

  • Make sure that your second weapon, some upgrades, and Zombie Shield are ready before returning there with them.
  • Place your staff on the pedestal where you obtained a Fire Crystal earlier and kill zombies until your staff inventory appears available.
  • Be wary, however; walls often shift around here.
  • Be wary when standing still, as kills may count differently due to shifting walls!

With your upgraded Fire Staff – now known as Kagutsuchi’s Blood – in hand, you can instantly revive fallen teammates from a distance by pressing left on the D-pad and shooting with Sekhmet’s Vigor. Furthermore, its charged shot can send three balls of lava rolling toward enemies for immediate destruction – particularly effective against Panzersoldats.


Now that you understand the Fire Staff code, where and how to find one, and its advantages in gaming, it’s time for you to own one and maximize its use during each match. Make sure that upgrades can be easily added for maximum performance!

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