FREE Flipkart Gift Card Code (April 2024) Voucher Generator

Flipkart Gift Card

Looking for how to get Flipkart Gift Card for free? Here we featured some best sites to earn free flipkart gift card codes. Flipkart is one of the best and favorite online shopping sites in our country. It covers a variety of products. Different types of products are available on this shopping site. In 2007 Flipkart made its start-up on the Internet, and at that it was selling only books, but now it is selling numerous products.

The products are mobiles, Tablets, air conditioners, washing machines, refrigerators, TV, beauty products, baby products, health products, footwear, dress, Kurtis, saree, etc. They even sell the latest and variety of brands.

When we hear about gifts, we all are excited. Because it gives a warm feeling, we can present gifts to our friends, relatives, partners. It provides a warm feeling. It makes family bonding stronger. We all are happy when we take gifts from our near and dear ones. Now when we get a flipkart gift card free of cost and use that voucher in Flipkart like an online shopping site, then it is very exciting.

Free Flipkart Gift Card Code 2024

ArticleFlipkart Gift Card Codes
Last Update4th April 2024
EligibilityFlipkart Users
Gift Card ValueRs 10, Rs 100, Rs 200, 500, 1000, Rs 5000
Redeem RewardGift Card, Flipkart Voucher & Number PIN
Gift Card TodayVoucher Number and Pin

What is Flipkart Gift Card?

Flipkart Gift Card

Flipkart Gift Card is a type of online voucher or coupon code. With the help of this card, we can buy products but with some discount. With these Flipkart gift cards, we can purchase various things from Flipkart with some discount so that we can give the gift to our near and dear ones. We can give gifts on various occasions like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, anniversaries, birthdays, etc.

Again, it is helpful to give corporate gifts. We usually get confused when we need to give gifts to our Boss or clients. We can give them Flipkart gift voucher so that they the clients can purchase any products according to their choice in Flipkart.

Flipkart Gift Card Voucher Today

Gift Card NumberGift Card PINAmoount

Flipkart Gift Card Number and PIN Free 2024

Gift Card VoucherPIN Code

How to Buy Flipkart Gift Card in 5 Steps

If you want to gift a Flipkart Gift Card to one of your special person in your life, then you can send gift card details directly to them by email. For this, you have to buy a gift card from as well as the value of the gift card in it. First of all, open Flipkart Gift Card official web page.

How to Buy Flipkart Gift Card
  • Enter the name and email address of the person you want to send flipkart gift card.
  • Select the value of flipkart gift card to purchase.
  • Now click on “Proceed to Pay” button.
  • There you’ll see many payment options. select your preferred option form debit card, credit card, ATM card and NetBanking.
  • Complete the Checkout process to revive your gift card by email.

If you need to change the gift card value later, you can modify it by clicking “Edit”. After successful payment, you will get the gift card number or gift card pin on receiver’s email.

Best Websites to Get Flipkart Gift Card Free

There are so many sites where we can get Flipkart gift cards free. Some of the sites are discussed below.


This site pays for free Flipkart gift card vouchers. We need to open an account on this site. For email confirmation, we need to open our email and click on the link sent by this website. Then our registration will be completed. We need to participate in online surveys. We will get cash reward on the completion of each survey. Once the reward point reaches $10, we can redeem it for a Flipkart gift card.

We need to log in to our Flipkart account. Then we need the select the items which we need to buy and then go to the payment section. In the payment section, we need to select the pay by gift card option. Then we need to enter a 16 digit gift card number with the pin.

So, in this way, we can get Flipkart gift card free vouchers and do online shopping on Flipkart.


Flipkart Gift Card Generator

We need to visit this website, and we need to select the Flipkart gift card vouchers according to our choice. After that, we can make payment by Debit card, credit card, or any other payment option. We can use this gift card voucher after logging into the Flipkart site. We need to add a gift card code and pin to have a discount on the products which we want to purchase.

3. Prize Rebel

How to Get Free Gift Card in Flipkart

This is another website where we can get Flipkart gift card vouchers free. We just need to open an account on this website. After opening an account, we need to log in to our account. We need to sign up for a brand or watch videos or complete a market research survey. After completing any of these things, we will get some points, and after that, with those points, we can purchase a gift card. That gift card we can use while buying products in Flipkart.

4. SwagBucks

How to Buy Flipkart Gift Card

This website also allows you to get gift card vouchers. We need to sign up on this website by completing all the basic details. We can sign up here by our email id and password. We need to complete surveys or watch games or watch videos. After completion, we will get some points. With the help of those points, we can get a gift card voucher. We can use that voucher while buying products on Flipkart.

5. Life

Flipkart Gift Card Code

This is another website where we can get Flipkart gift card vouchers free of cost. After joining this site, we instantly get 10 points. Then we can earn more points by completing different surveys. After completing 560 life points, we need to need to claim five hundred rupees as a Flipkart gift card. We can use that gift card while purchasing products in Flipkart.

6. Idle Empire

Free Flipkart Gift Card

This is another website where we can get Flipkart gift card vouchers free of cost. These sites don’t take any money from the user while buying these gift card vouchers. We need to complete here all the registration details and sign up for the account. Then we can complete different surveys, play games, watch videos, or test software and earn some points. Then it’s time to redeem the Flipkart gift card. The gift cards are issued within 24 hours to the user. This site has even a bunch of other rewards other than Flipkart.

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Flipkart is a website that offers a wide range of products. We can shop there right from our lingerie’s to headphone, smartphones, health, and wellness. Cosmetics, apparel. All the household goods, sofas, dining table, tablet, and so many things. So, there are so many websites that give gift card vouchers.

We can get those gift card vouchers free of cost and can use those vouchers while doing shopping on Flipkart. Those sites are very easy to use. No one will have any problem is using those websites and earning some reward points as vouchers. We even can present these vouchers to life partners, our loved ones. So, these vouchers are very exciting. We all should take advantage of these websites and earn flipkart gift card free vouchers.

Happy Shopping!

Flipkart Free Gift Card Number and PIN – FAQs

What is gift card wallet in flipkart?

The flipkart gift card wallet is just like a vouchers that you can use as a wallet. If you get a gift card of ₹500, then you can use that card to shop with flipkart, you can spend the entire ₹500 in shopping. If you have won a free flipkart gift card, you can put them to good use, it’s simple.

How to use flipkart gift card?

If you want to use all your flipkart gift card vouchers, simply click on drop down menu from top of the screen > Now tap on Gift Card > Scroll down and click on Add Gift Card to Wallet. Now check your Gift Card Vouchers email, there you have received your Gift Card Number and Gift Card PIN > Enter Card Details and Hit the Apply button.

How to buy flipkart gift card in 2024?

First of All, Go to the Flipkart Gift Card Buyer link.
Enter Name or Email if the person you want to send the flipkart gift card.
Select the value of card.
Click on Proceed to pay.
Select your preferred payment method.
Complete the Checkout process.
Now you received your flipkart gift card details on email.

How to add gift card codes in flipkart?

You can use the flipkart gift card in your order payment. For this, add any new item to the cart on and click “Proceed to Pay” to checkout. In the payment method, select the option of ‘Pay by Gift Card’. Now enter your 16-digit gift card number and 4-digit pin number and complete the order.