FREE Netflix Gift Card Code [May 2024] Codes Generator

Netflix Gift Card

Netflix Gift Card Free, How to Buy Netflix Gift Card with Discount – Netflix is a subscription streaming platform for movies and series in high definition. It has a diversity of categories in action content, comedy, romance, horror, among others.

Netflix has become one of the great entertainment venues worldwide, with premieres of some of today’s most popular and essential series. The usual thing is to pay a subscription with your bank card and receive the charge on a monthly basis, but it is not the only option: you can use a Netflix gift card with which to activate a new account or with which to pay an account that you already have.

ArticleNetflix Gift Card Code
Last Update3th May 2024
EligibilityAll Users
Gift Card Value$25, $50, $75, $100, $150, $200
Redeem RewardGift Card, Unlimited Netflix Original Series, Movies
Gift Card TodayWays to Get Netflix Gift Cards for Free

What is Netflix Gift Card?

Netflix Gift Card

Netflix gift card allows you to help someone pay for an account on the streaming service, or you can directly enable them to have one and try it to watch series, movies, documentaries.

A Netflix gift card is nothing more than a subscription for the amount you choose, which you can give to a new user or an existing customer to save the next instalments.

A Netflix gift card is a physical card that you load with the amount you want.You can use it to gift someone or simply if you’re going to pay for Netflix, but you don’t have a credit card, and you want to pay it in cash. In both options, the operation is the same: you buy a gift card in a physical establishment, enter an amount of money and then redeem it from your Netflix profile, adding this balance. You can enjoy the account until the balance runs out.

Unfortunately, many users do not have enough money to pay the monthly subscription with all this. That is why, in this publication, we will teach them how to get gift cards for Netflix without paying anything and enjoy months of Netflix on their bill.

Netflix Gift Card Codes

  • T3WE27DFENBL – Redeem Code To Get Offer
  • 3CPNE8F5LBXT – Redeem Code To Get Offer
  • 5FPEE9F5LBVN – Redeem Code To Get Offer
  • 0DPGQ2F8LXXT – Redeem Code To Get Offer
  • N12YMN7ULJ7Y
  • 89I11CZEVUX3
  • 9M9Y9H894C0M
  • Y5N5SHRW7P13
  • JG1V5P5DV469
  • GJQ45737UWDH

How to Buy Netflix Gift Card

Well, first you need a valid Netflix Gift card to use it on your netflix subscription (you can buy it from amazon, paypal etc). Here’s how you can redeem a Netflix gift card to recharge your account and enjoy its OTT service on demand. In this way, you can pay for the service without the need to use a credit card, paypal or paid subscription on Google Play or iTunes.

Buy Netflix Gift Card Online from PayPal

If you want to use netflix gift card as a netflix free subscription then you will need to recharge your gift card. So that when the membership renewal time comes, the gift card gets paid automatically and your Netflix service will continue without stopping. Here’s simple steps to buy gift card using paypal.

Buy Netflix Gift Card
  • First of all, visit the paypal website’s gift card page.
  • Direct Link – PayPal Netflix Gift Card
  • Don’t forget to signup or login to your account.
  • Select the amount you want to carry on your gift card.
  • If you want to gift this gift card to someone else, then type its email address, name and personal message here.
  • You can also choose the time and date of sending the gift card.
  • Tap on “Add to Card” button & complete the payment to successfully send your gift card to your loved one.
  • If you are buying this gift card for yourself, then you can proceed by clicking on “This is for Me”.

Easy Steps to Use your Netflix Gift Card

Remember that there are also gift cards for other online services, such as Spotify, Amazon and many more. A modern and undoubtedly convenient gift.

Whether you’ve been gifted a Netflix gift card or bought it for yourself for other reasons (for example, to pay cash or if you don’t trust online purchases), redeeming gift cards is a process pretty straightforward, and it doesn’t take more than a couple of minutes.

1. Scratch the PIN Code

Netflix gift cards can be physical or virtual, but it all comes down to a PIN code in both cases. If it is a virtual card, you will receive this PIN code by email, while in physical cards, you will have to scratch it with a coin to read it. The code is generally made up of eleven digits that can be numbers or letters.

2. Add the Code

Once you have the gift card code, open this page in your web browser to add the credit to your account. All you need to do is write the code in the form and press the Redeem button.

3. Login or Create a New Account

If you were not logged into Netflix in your browser, you would see the previous screen, which gives you two options. You can create a new account, including your name, surname, email and password, or log in with an existing account. The credit from the gift card will be added to the option you choose, and you will not be able to change it, so think about it.

Best Sites to Get FREE Netflix Gift Card in 2024

This list focused on the best free sites that you can join to get free Netflix cards. And as you may have already guessed, most of the sites on this list have good income potential.

King of Prizes

Netflix Gift Card Free

King of Prizes is a decent GPT site, in my opinion. It has many offers that you can regularly make to win a wide range of rewards. Their site is also relatively easy to use and is available worldwide.

It is a very user-friendly platform, where your only job is to collect coins every time you complete tasks, surveys and offers. You can exchange these points for ten gift cards like Netflix. Although if you prefer cash, you can claim it through PayPal.

The main point in favour of Rewards 1 is that it offers decent earnings and is available worldwide. Also, the site will pay off the longer it is active, as your membership level will update. Therefore, it is an excellent long-term commitment.

Official Website –

Point Prizes

Netflix Gift Card India

Points Prizes is a GPT site that is quite similar to Rewards 1 in that you can also earn game codes as rewards in addition to gift cards and cash.

And since it is a GPT site, you will naturally have several income options available. The main downside to this site is that you will need a bit of patience to start redeeming the rewards due to its high payout limit ($30).

Official Website –


Netflix Gift Card Code

PrizeRebel is one of the most popular sites today, and for a good reason. This site offers plenty of earning opportunity you can do every day. This is the main reason why it is very popular today. And as I’ve mentioned earlier, the availability of opportunity is the driving factor in helping you earn rewards a lot quicker.

The more opportunity you can have access to, the more rewards you can get. The downside is, the payout is quite high for gift cards/codes from Netflix. But you won’t have a hard time reaching that threshold since it has a lot of earning opportunity offered, as mentioned.

PrizeRebel, in my opinion, is one of the most reliable sites in terms of earning potential, and it’s one of the best sites you can join if you want to get free Netflix Gift Card or earn online for free.

Official Website –


Netflix Gift Card Generator

This is a very straightforward paid survey site. You sign up and then get access to paid surveys either on the website. You can also earn extra by creating content and participating in contests and games. Just be aware that only offers Netflix gift cards as a reward in limited countries. But if it is not available in your country.

Rewards One

Netflix Gift Card Codes

One major drawback about the Rewards one is the fairly high payout threshold to redeem gift cards from Netflix. But as I’ve mentioned, that’s quite common for Netflix rewards. You also have to adjust to the site’s usability because it can be a bit confusing at first. It would help if you got used to it first before working on it comfortably. But once you’ve done that, earning rewards will be a lot easier. The selling of Rewards one is that it has a decent earning and it is also available globally.

Official Website  –


Netflix Gift Card Redeem

It won’t take as much time to start redeeming Netflix gift cards. So, you will be able to join regardless of where you live. It is a decent site to join because it offers good earning potential. It’s a site, so expect to earn rewards the same way you would from PrizeRebel.


Netflix Gift Card Hack

Prize is a site that’s similar to Rewards one in the sense that you will also be able to earn game codes as a reward aside from gift cards and cash. And since it is a site, it will naturally have several earning.


Worldwide Min to get Netflix gift cards info: Read full review summary: It is another site you can join if you want to earn free Netflix gift cards. It also has a higher payout threshold, but reaching the threshold won’t be too much since it is a site.

That’s because there are plenty of earning opportunity you can do on a daily basis. The one major drawback of this site, though, is it has quite a poor service in terms of customer support based on experience.

Be that as it may, mainly it’s still a good site to join because there is a lot of earning opportunity available. So, you will be able to earn regularly.


Netflix Gift Card Amazon

US and Canada Min to get Netflix gift cards: not indicated More info, but I’ve decided to include it on this list mainly because you will be able to earn Netflix gift card conveniently on your gift box. It can be a good choice if you don’t want to keep working in front of your computer to earn rewards.

The downside of this app is it is purely a shopping rewards app. So, in order to earn rewards, you will have to spend money. But, it can be a beneficial app if you frequently shop online. And as a bonus, you can earn Netflix gift cards assuming you’ve reached the required number of points to the said rewards.

But overall, I only recommend using this if you live in the US or Canada and shop.


How to Get Netflix Free Gift Card

The last site on this list is PayPrizes. Like all the sites on this list, PayPrizes also offers several earning opportunities you can do regularly, which is really what makes it an appealing choice. And as you can see, it has a lower payout threshold than most of the sites on this list. It is also available globally, so becoming a member won’t be an issue. It’s not as good as sites on this list, in my opinion, but it is good enough as a secondary site you can earn Netflix gift card from.

Official Site –

Netflix Gift Card Generator

I know it sounds very tempting and appealing to click a button and then get unlimited Netflix gift cards. However, this is just not realistic. Just think about it clearly; it will not be possible to create a generator that can create codes automatically. Netflix is a billion-dollar company. They will, of course, have high security, and even if someone managed to create a gift card generator, you can be sure it would quickly be shut down. So in stay away from the called netflix gift card generator.

How to Redeem Netflix Gift Card Easily

Below are steps to Redeem Netflix Gift Card:

Redeem Netflix Gift Card


If you chose to add the gift card credit to an existing account, you would need to sign in to Netflix in the next step. As always, you only need to include your email address, password and press the button. If you were already signed in, Netflix assumes that you want to add the credit there, although you can change it in the next step.


Next, you will see a window asking you for confirmation. There is not much text: it tells you how much money is included in the gift card and which account to add. You still have time to cancel or apply for a different account. If everything is correct, press Redeem.


That’s it. From the Netflix account section, you can see that credit has been added to your account. It will be used in the next invoice -and successive- until it is consumed. When it ends, the subscription will be terminated or will continue to be charged by other available means (credit card, etc.).

That’s all about Netflix Gift Card, hope you’ve loved it.

The newly crowned king of entertainment is Netflix, the heartbeat during the covid -19 pandemic. Everyone during this time is caged at home and far away from the theatre and entertainment world. But we don’t have to worry about our loneliness because entertainment has found space with our family in our home. Yes, it is Netflix. This media services provider giant has risen as one of the most used entertainment providers worldwide.

So, naturally, people are very interested in how to get Netflix for free. Fortunately, there are, however, ways to get free Netflix gift cards. This can be opted by paying a monthly subscription. And there are also you need to stay away from. It will help you figure out the best site to join so you can earn free Netflix gift cards. It will list the eight best sites where you can get these gift cards completely for free.

FAQs: Queries on Netflix Gift Card Generator 2024

How to get free netflix gift card?

And yes, you will also be able to earn cash on most of them. In mind that all the site listed in the article are to join. All you need is a bit of your time. A few of the sites below are considered the best ones, but just as an option to earn free Netflix gift cards if you want to join as many as possible.

How many netflix gift cards you can get?

With and survey sites, the number of Netflix gift cards you can get will depend on how active you are. And by active, what I mean is you complete more offer. The logic is fairly simple. The more offers, surveys, tasks and you do, the more rewards you will get.

Can you trust netflix gift card generator?

Well, there is no gift card generator that will create valid cards for you. You will find many tools online that claim “working netflix gift card generator”, but personally I have done all the tests and I have not found any such tool.

Is netflix gift card available in india?

You cannot buy a gift card from the official site of Netflix. Because they have not started selling it in India, if you already have a gift card, then you can definitely redeem it there. You can take the help of paypal, amazon or any online retailer to buy the netflix gift card india.