Footle Game Today Answer (Jan 2024) 5 Letters Football Words

Footle Game Today Answer – Wordle helped in the creation of word games in a multitude of segments. For instance, you can play Sweardle to enrich your vocabulary or Quordle if you like tough challenges. In the same path comes Footle Game, which focuses on football fans. It is helpful for football lovers who want to indulge in word games that specifically challenge their love for the game. Although the game is not tough, it will be interesting for football fans and everyone who watches the top leagues.

The football-themed clone of the Wordle game was created by Hannah Park. However, it was later modified by Fantasy Footballers Podcast.

Footle Today

Footle Game Answer Today

Hannah Parker and Fantasy Footballers Podcast release football-related words daily and offer a maximum of 6 attempts to solve the puzzle. You have come up with all the correct answers to the puzzles and never lost a game. However, there will be a time or a day that you need help to complete the task within the maximum attempts provided.

If you are stuck with Footle today’s answer, you are at the right place. We have solved the puzzle for today and provided you with the solution. We recommend you visit the official website to play the game and enter the correct answer. We will be updating the page regularly and publishing all the solutions accurately. Below is the mentioned answer to Footle related game:

GamePlayFootle Game
Also Known asWordle Football Version
CreatorHannah Park and Fantasy Football Podcast
Puzzle Time12 A.M. local time
MonthJanuary 2024
Recent Answer Added on2nd January 2024
Correct AnswerGUARD

How to Play Footle Game 2024

Footle is a word game that tests your skills in football. You are provided with 6 tries to guess the football-related word or player. You do not require any account to play the game. Footle is available for free, and you can access it from a computer or mobile.

Once you open the official Footle website, you will see a phyllo dough puzzle game appearing on the screen with 6 attempts. Each guess will require you to arrange the words correctly. After every guest, the color of the tiles will change to green to make you understand that you are getting closer to the actual word. Every day, you will be provided with a 5-letter word related to American football.

Footle Today Answer List (January 2024)

Date5 Letters Footle Words Football Related
2nd January 2024
1st January 2024

Footle Game Answers with Example


As in the above Puzzle B is the correct word answer in the right spot.


The Letter I is the correct word of this puzzle but in the wrong spot.


Footle Today Wiki

You might be hearing about the start word in Footle Game. The start words in the gameplay significantly give you a high score. Only a few people use it, but the theory is that if you choose an optimum letter at the beginning, you will narrow down the options and guess the correct word right from the start of the puzzle.

Occasionally, Footle confuses the players by giving two answers. It means that a few people can get one solution while others will get another. Although this is not a deliberate design, it does cause frustration. Such a scenario arises because of the construction of the game. The word list you see when you open the browser is listed in the source code.

How to Cheat Footle Game

Footle Game

Yes, it is possible to achieve in Footle Game. As said earlier, the puzzle is embedded in the source code and changes according to the date on your computer. Therefore, if you change the date, you can solve tomorrow’s puzzle effortlessly. Alternatively, you can access the Footle Game website in an incognito browser tab and complete the puzzle without the limited six attempts restriction. Once you get the answer, you can use the regular window and enter the correct letters. The other way to cheat in Footle is by looking for today’s Footle game answer on the Internet.

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What are the rules for Footle?

Footle is a word game; you must guess the word in 6 attempts or less. Every time you enter a word, Footle will tell you which of the word is correct and whether it is in the right place. If you cannot find the 5-letter word in 6 attempts, you fail to complete the puzzle. You can only solve it by visiting the website the next day and answering the new word.

Where to play the game?

You can play PlayFootle on the website using any browser on a PC, Mac, or smartphone. However, there is no app available to download and play the game. Therefore, if you see any such apps on the Play Store and the App Store, they are fake.

How many times can I play Footle in a day?

You can play Footle only wants every day. The game resets each day at midnight. Therefore, if you are eager and like to complete the task before others, you can stay up all night and complete the task.

What are the different modes in Footle?

Footle is not a feature-rich puzzle. However, it has a dark mode and a hard mode. The hard mode is for people who love tough challenges. You will have to play with the correct letters on subsequent guesses in this mode. For instance, if you start with the letter D and it is green, you will have to keep playing with the same letter from then on.

And, if you have the letter S in the word and it is yellow, then all your subsequent guesses should include the letter S somewhere.