10+ Best Free Fire Diamond Earning App & Website 2024

Free Fire by Garena has always remained a popular Battle Royale game in almost every region of India. The game possesses unique features and may operate on every low-end device. Moreover, Free Fire allows you to earn diamonds or make plenty of in-game purchases to stay ahead in your game. For this, you should use free fire diamond earning apps to earn diamonds or use coins for diamond top-ups.

What is Free Fire Diamond Earning App?

free fire diamond earning app

Free Fire is the most played game in India and BGMI‘s name is enough to compete with it. To increase their experience in any game, players have to work hard in their account inventory along with skills. And this is such an attractive thing for which we need to invest money to make our account better. But we have researched and found some such free fire diamond earning app which give you the facility of diamond top up for free.

List of Best Free Fire Diamond App 2024

Free Fire Diamonds Earning AppFF Diamond Reward
D Gamer AppEarn Upto 500 Diamonds Daily
Google Opinion RewardsRs 10, Rs 100, Rs 140, Rs 500, Rs 800 Redeem Code
M Gamer AppGet Up to 300 Diamond
Joy Wallet AppEarn Coins & Redeem into Diamond
Royale Pass AppFREE Elite Pass & Diamonds
Lucky SpinComplete Tasks & Earn Diamonds Daily
Gift PlayGet Free Google Play Redeem Code
Sports Guru AppComplete tasks & Buy In-game currency
M Cash AppEarn 50 Free Fire Diamond Daily
Spin GamerRedeem 150 Free Fire Diamonds

D Gamer

D Gamer is a popular free fire diamond earning app. The app let users complete various tasks, missions, and games to get coins and do diamond top-ups. Besides free fire, you may get options to top up other popular Battle Royale games. You may even use Paytm to withdraw money from the D Gamer app. Later, you may use the earned amount to buy free-fire diamonds. You have to follow the steps for earning free fire diamonds via the D gamer app.

  • Download and install the D Gamer app on your mobile phone.
  • Once you complete the installation process, you may see the respective application interface.
  • Complete various missions and tasks, which may display on your mobile screen to receive in-app coins.
  • Click on the app’s wallet section to view the option to top-up free fire diamonds.
  • Click on top-op to view varieties of top-up packages. Here, you may find a maximum of 50 diamonds top-up at one time.
  • Select a particular package and enter the IGN.
  • You may receive diamonds in your Garena free fire account within only one day.

Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards Hack

Are you looking for an easy-to-use, trustworthy, and secure app to get free fire diamonds? You should choose Google opinion rewards powered and developed by Google LLC. The app allows you to earn a few Google play points by completing online surveys. Once you receive the points, you may use them for acquiring diamonds in your free-fire game. The steps to follow are:

  • Download the app of Google Opinion Reward from the app link.
  • Use your Gmail account to log in or sign up.
  • Complete the assigned survey regularly.
  • Earn at least INR 30 from the app to obtain free diamonds.
  • After you get INR 30, you may even try the top-up of a special airdrop to get a maximum of 300 free diamonds.

M Gamer

M Gamer app offers game currency for many Battle-Royale games. You may use the app to earn diamonds easily by completing the in-app activities and tasks. M Gamer app is also popular for offering free redeem codes to its players. You may even transfer your earned amount to your PayPal account by using the app. You may get plenty of options in the M Gamer app to earn free fire diamonds. You only have to select a particular one and start winning diamonds.

  • Visit the Google Play store to download the M Gamer application and open it on your phone device.
  • Complete the available in-app activities and tasks to earn coins.
  • Now, click on the app’s wallet section and then on free fire diamonds.
  • Use your free fire account and enter the respective UID.
  • Choose the number of free-fire diamonds you want.
  • Click on Redeem Now to receive the diamonds in your existing free fire account immediately.

Joy Wallet

Joy Wallet is a lucrative app to let its users earn free fire diamonds and other rewards. The app offers in-app coins by completing a few surveys or typing type of simple tasks. As the name itself, the app adds your earned coins to your account created with Joy Wallet. You may withdraw the earned coins in your Joy Wallet account or use them to top up your games without paying anything extra.

Royale Pass

The Royale Pass application lets you earn or top up a pool of rewards for Garena free fire or any other Battle Royale game. You may even redeem vouchers to win prizes by completing your gaming missions and in-app tasks. Other than that, you may use the Royale Pass app for earning in-game currencies related to varieties of Battle Royale games. The steps to follow are:

  • Download the Royal Pass app from its official website or any relevant link that may redirect you to the app.
  • Open Royale Pass on your phone device
  • Complete the game’s missions and other relevant tasks to earn the coins.
  • Depending on your requirements, you may choose a particular package.
  • Enter the IGN of your free-fire game.
  • Click Redeem Now to receive the in-game currency related to your selected package directly.

Lucky Spin

Lucky Spin free fire diamond earning app is downloadable directly from the Google Play Store. It allows every Google Play user to earn diamonds without the use of Paytm or any other payment app. It is one of the famous apps to obtain online free fire diamonds. You may even use the app in Garena Free Fire Max. The steps to follow to earn free fire diamonds are:

  • Visit Google Play Store to download the Lucky Spin free fire diamond earning app.
  • Open the app and log in to it by using your existing free fire account.
  • Now, you will see a wheel to spin on your Lucky Spin homepage.
  • Earn at least 50 points to save them in your Lucky Spin account.
  • Select the Diamond Converter Tool option and enter the required number of diamonds to earn in your existing free fire account.
  • You may earn 25 diamonds by paying 50 in-app coins in your existing free fire account.
  • After you enter the number of diamonds you want, you should enter the IGN and click on the button showing convert diamonds.

You should wait for a minimum of 5 minutes for using the converted diamonds in the existing free fire account.

Gift Play

The Gift Play app is for all gamers, who want to obtain game credits. The app allows you to obtain many tools and weapon skins to improve your performance in Battle Royale games. You may even use the Gift Play app for earning skins for GO and other similar online games. Similar to Lucky Spin, one can get this app on the Google Play Store. After you download, you should create your new account and complete in-app tasks and surveys to receive game credits.

Sports Guru Pro

Sports Guru Pro is another favorite online earning app present on the Google Play Store. The app allows you to earn diamonds in the free-fire game by placing bets on different teams and following their games, like football and cricket. However, you have to use the option of Google Play redeem code to exchange the in-app currency with the obtained redeem code. After you obtain the redeem code, you may use it to receive free fire diamonds in your free fire game.

M Cash

M Cash is a free fire diamond earning app, where you may earn 50 free fire diamonds by using both the website and the app every day. You initially should earn money simply by completing your gaming missions and related in-app tasks. Later, you should convert the earned money into free fire diamonds with the help of the game’s top-up feature.

Spin Gamer

Spin Gamer is an excellent free fire diamond earning app, where you may earn free diamonds in no time. The app allows you to complete tasks and other gaming missions. The coins allow you to do top-ups for many other games or withdraw the coins into money via Paytm. You may earn many rewards through the Spin Gamer application. The steps to follow include:

  • Download the Spin Gamer application from the Play Store.
  • Once you complete the download process and install it on your device, you may open the application.
  • You will also see the app interface, from where you should complete your gaming tasks and missions.
  • The spin Gamer app will then reward you with multiple coins and rewards.
  • Now, you should click on the app’s wallet section and on the coin to view options related to game top-ups.
  • Click on the top-up option and view the available free fire packages.
  • You may top up between 50 diamonds and 150 diamonds.
  • Choose the package you want and enter the free fire account’s UID.
  • Click on redeem your diamonds to earn them within one day in your free fire account.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the Google opinion reward to earn diamonds?

Yes, you may use the Google opinion reward app to earn free fire diamonds. It is also the best app to gain rewards.

Can I use diamond-earning apps without Paytm?

Each of the apps mentioned here is useful to earn free fire diamonds without using Paytm.

How we can get or install any Free Fire Diamond earning app?

You may click on the download link of every free fire diamond app on your mobile phone.

What are the charges of free fire diamond earning apps?

Most of the free fire diamond earning apps are available free of charge. However, users have to complete some tasks to get rewards in the form of diamonds.

What is an easy-to-use diamond earning app from Garena Free Fire?

Google opinion reward is an easy-to-use diamond-earning app for Garena Free Fire.