Free Fire Diwali Event 2020 – How to Participate & Win FREE Skins & Diamonds

Free Fire Diwali Event

Get FREE Skins, Diamonds & More Gifts using Garena Free Fire Diwali Offer

Free Fire Diwali Event – Free Fire powered by Garena is one of the popularly played Royale battle titles on various mobile platforms. The speciality of this game is that it introduces players frequently to many new events, which feature varieties of free in-game items. The events also motivate players to stay hook up with their favorite games.

Free Fire Diwali Event

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What is Free Fire Diwali Event 2020?

Free Fire is recently coming up with Free Fire Diwali Event for its Indian players for this year. The event will bring many in-game rewards, which one can win by participating in different challenges.

Whether it is a free reward of Emote, costume, bundles, and in-game skin, players participating in the Diwali Event 2020 will get plenty of rewards, as the event will continue up to November 15.

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Categories of Free Fire Diwali Event

Diwali Preparation

Free Fire Diwali Preparation

Diwali Preparation is the first category of Diwali Event 2020. Accordingly, players should collect Chakri crackers available from the map.

Later, they may redeem the crackers for different purposes. These include Character Level 4 Card and Character Level 8 Card for only once, Supply Crates for maximum 99times, and Weapon Royale Voucher for maximum 3times.

The event has started on November 7 but it will continue till November 9.

Diwali Ludo

Free Fire Diwali Ludo

Diwali Ludo sub-event of this year’s Free Fire Diwali Event will start from November 6 and will end on the last day of the entire event i.e. November 15.

Free Fire India has until now not highlighted any other detail related to this event. However, if you look at the in-game event picture, it hints at many rewards.

These are weapon skins, crates, and usable players’ cards.

Lighting Up Bermuda

Free Fire Diwali Light Up Bermuda

Lighting up Bermuda event has also started from October 30 and it remains available for players until November 15.

According to the challenge associated with the sub-event, players should collect Diyas from various in-game missions available.

Later, they can redeem the respective Diyas to get a free Magic Cube. Along with this, players will get the opportunity to redeem various other in-game items, like gun skins, emotes, and many more.

Rewards for Players by Winning Light Up Bermuda

Light Up Bermuda not only lets you win Magic Cubes but it also allows winning a few of the additional rewards, which include-

Gun Skins

You may redeem one Gun skin by simply exchanging your 30tokens. Gun skin rewards include M4A1 Scorching Sands, Scar Water Elemental, MP40 Lightning Strike and AK Flaming Red.


Players may redeem one Emote by exchanging their 20tokens. Moon Flip, Shake with Me and Party Dance are the three different Emote rewards available for you.

Other than Emote and Gun skins, you will get two popular types of consumables, like Gold Royale Voucher and Pet Food.

Diwali Balloon Burst

Diwali Balloon Burst event will commence from November 11 and will continue to November 15. According to the picture, we can say that its sub-event will reward players with varieties of in-game costumes.

Additional Gameplay Modes

Along with the aforementioned sub-events and events, you will find three unique types of gameplay modes to participate in Free Fire Diwali Event. These modes are available for players between November 11 and November 15.

Magic Cubes – The Prime Attraction of Diwali Event 2020

Free Fire Diwali Event 2020 will reward free Magic Cubes to the players and give them chances to win free Magic Cubes for redeeming limited rewards, like bundles and skins. The event has already started on October 30 but will end on November 15.

Magic Cube is especially the most-coveted item, which every player wants to win, as it is too hard to collect. Accordingly, you have to accumulate 100x Magic Cube Fragments, which you may earn with the help of lucky spins and various other types of limited events.

In normal cases, winning a Magic Cube involves a big cost i.e. huge amounts of diamonds. Moreover, with the help of special Magic Cube, players may redeem varieties of bundles and staggering items available easily from the store of Magic Cube. Along with Magic Cubes, players will get the scope to win free Emotes and free Gun Skin available in Indian themes.

Steps to Participate in Free Fire Diwali Event 2020

Participants of Free Fire Diwali Event 2020 have to follow the mentioned steps to participate in Free Fire Diwali Event 2020.

Step 1 – To start, you have to open a Free Fire game and click on the icon showing different events i.e. on the right-hand side of your gaming screen.

Free Fire Diwali Event 2020

Step 2 – You have to click on the tab showing 14/11 Diwali in Free Fire Diwali Calendar and press on Light Up Bermuda. Later, you have to choose the ‘Go to’ button.

Free Fire Diwali Offer

Step 3 – You have to start accumulating Diya Tokens right from the commencement of any event to up to the end date i.e. November 15 by completing your daily missions. Players may even collect extra tokens by completing Diwali Missions available on November 14.

Step 4 – You will get a chance you exchange your tokens to claim for varieties of rewards mentioned here right from November 14.

Free Fire Magic Cube Shop

If this is not enough, when you progress in an event, especially in the Lighting Up Bermuda event to reach 100 percent, you will get a Magic Cube on November 14.


Free Fire Diwali Event 2020 has brought a pool of events and reward programs for its players. If you have not started playing it, just download the game on your Android or iOS phone and grab the opportunities today.