Free Fire Elite Pass Season 32 Specter Squad Rewards List

Free Fire Elite Pass

Fire Fire Elite Pass Update 2021 – All You Need to Know About Free Fire New Update

Free Fire New Update, Free Fire Elite Pass Specter Squad – Free Fire powered by Garena has now highlighted its first Elite Pass for the latest 2021 season. Game developers have named it as the Specter Squad Elite Pass. The new pass will present a ghost theme and revolves around the specters world.

Garena is now set to create a complete backstory as well as lore for the Elite Pass. The pass will help players to understand Hugo and Enid storylines while venturing the realm of Specter.

If we talk about the trailer of Elite Pass highlighted by Garena, you will see two protagonists entering an empty laundry store as investing something before they disappear. The female protagonist seems to be pulled to the Specters realm.

Free Fire Elite Pass 2021

Official Release of Free Fire Elite Pass for 2021

The Elite Pass of the latest Season has already started on 1st January 2021, because of which it refers to the Elite Pass. If you are a fan of Free Fire, you would likely know that developers have come up with tons of quality items, including the Elite Pass. The pass will continue up to 31st January 2021.

List of Rewards for Free Fire Elite Pass 2021

According to the updates, Free Fire Elite Pass 2021 will have the following rewards.

  • Bundles of Specter Raider and Specter Basher
  • Ghost Basher and Ghost Gamer Loot Box
  • Specter Squad Surfboard
  • Specter Squads of Thompson and Motor Bike
  • Ghost Trapper
  • Specter Mischief of Grenade

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Badges Requirements for Free Fire Elite Pass 2021

If we talk about the badge requirements related to Battle Pass Rewards of Free Fire Game, game lovers will get Motor Bike skin without any single badge. However, you may unlock the Female skin by availing 50 badges. On the other side, game has reserved it’s highest unlock to get the Male skin at total 225 badges. Along with this, you may have other variants in your backpack at total 200 badges for both Elite Pass and Free Pass users.

Price of the Rewards for Free Fire Elite Pass

The Elite Pass of the season will cost about 499 diamonds and the Elite Bundle will cost you 999 diamonds. You may pre-order the bundle of Elite Pass for about 999 diamonds.

How to Pre-order for Free Fire Elite Pass 2021

Free Fire users may pre-order the Elite Pass in-game Specter Squad to claim a special reward called the Specter Heart Granade. Everyone has to purchase it prior to the official launch of the Elite Pass. The steps to follow to pre-order the pass include the following.

  • Click on the Play Store highlighted on the device main screen.
  • Now tap on the banner that shows Specter Squad.
  • Click on the option or icon that shows pre-order now
  • At last, click on the device buttons that highlights the diamonds’ costs.

Therefore, Free Fire Elite Pass of 2021 named Specter Squad Elite Pass brings lots of thrills and excitement among Free Fire game lovers. With simple and easy steps, you will expect to claim and win plenty of rewards to make the most from the Elite Pass season.