Free Rename Card Trick – How To Get Rename Card in PUBG Mobile

Free Rename Card

Trick to Get Free Rename Card in Pubg Mobile

PUBG Rename ID Card, Free Rename ID Card, How to Get Free Rename Card in PUBG Mobile – To change the character name in pubg mobile, you must have a rename card. If you go to buy the rename card from shop, then you have to pay 180 uc, meaning its price is up to about 200 to 220 INR. So if you want to see a new and stylish name on your player, then we have given some working tricks here, you can take a rename card by following them.

Free Rename Card in PUBG Mobile

How to Get PUBG Mobile Rename Card Free 2020

If you are waiting for the trick of free rename card in Season 15, then you can get free rename card using these best tricks of 2020. There is always a solution of every problem, maybe it will work for you.

[Trick 1] – Use VPN for Free Rename Card

How to Get Rename Card for Free
  • First of all, Download FAMOUS VPN in your device from Google Play Store.
  • Install & Open it.
  • Now Look for the Free Server and connect it to UK (United kingdom).
  • Close the VPN App.
  • Now open your pubg mobile & tap on settings and check your country/region (It must be Uk).
  • Now go to the events section.
  • There you will see new event of BEYOND ACE Challenge.
  • Now Collect All the Flowers by completing missions with your friends.
  • You will get free rename card on 30 flowers.

[Trick 2] – Complete Crew Challenge

Free Rename Card PUBG Mobile

With the help of the Crew Challenge, you can win unlimited rename cards. Not only a rename card, you can also earn many rewards, gifts, skins and pubg uc for free. For this you will need to participate in the crew challenge. Will try to get up to 300 points in every match. Do as many medicine, medical care, healings as you can, give revive to your teammates and try to get into the Top 10.

  • Open your Pubg Mobile.
  • Click on the Crew Challenge.
  • Tap on Shop.
  • There you’ll see Rename Card.
  • You can buy it from crew challenge points.
  • The price for the free rename card will be 200 points.

[Trick 3] – Reached level 1 to 10

PUBG Rename Card for Free

This is the easiest way to get a rename card. You have to complete in-game matches daily. And as your level will go from level 1 to level 10. pubg will gift you a rename card which will be available for free. If you have a new account or a new player, then you will get a rename card after completing 10 levels.

  • Make a New Account
  • Reached 10th level.
  • Now Goto the rewards section.
  • Then tap on collect rewards.
  • Now you successfully get a free rename card.

[Trick 4] – Buy Rename Card worth 180 UC

Pubg Rename Card Free

pubg keeps a lot of gifts, rewards in its shopping section, the only deal is that you don’t get anything free there. You have to pay for everything. For rename card, you have to buy uc first by investing money.

  • First of all open your pubg mobile.
  • Goto the Shop.
  • Find the rename card there.
  • Now tap on it & Pay 180 Uc for getting the card.
  • Finally, tap on use rename card for changing your appearance.

How to Change Name in PUBG Mobile

Well, You have earned the rename card, now it is time to use the rename card. To change the name, you must follow these steps.

1. Open your Pubg Mobile.

2. Goto the Inventory.

3. Tap on Use Rename Card.

4. Now Enter your New Valid Name.

5. Finally, click on done.

6. Congratulations!

FAQs – Free Rename Card

Q1. What is Rename Card in PUBG Mobile?

A rename card is an id card under which we give literacy to change the name of the player. rename card, clan rename card All these cards are used to change the name.

Q2. Where we Get Rename Card in PUBG?

To get the rename card, you can participate in a new challenges in events section, where you can get the rename card by completing missions with teammates. Apart from this, you can also buy id card from shop, through crew challenge and bonus challenge too.

Q3. Can Rename Card be Gifted in Pubg Mobile?

No, you cannot gift a rename card to another player or friend. However, you can gift pubg uc to your friend or any character id, with the help of which your friend will be able to afford the rename card. You know na guys! Sharing is caring.

Q4. How to Get Rename Card without Uc?

Luckily, You can also get the rename id card without wasting any uc (unknown cash), for this you can also use the VPN Trick, Crew Challenge and Bonus Challenge mentioned above. There you can win free uc along with rename card.