Google Pay Go India Full Map [Trick] Collect KM Kilometer in Go India

Go India Full Map Google Pay City Tickets

Go India Full Map Google Pay, Google Pay Go India Map, Go India Full Map – Hey lootero, are you all playing google pay go india offer? Right! I hope you have been successful in collecting all city tickets and KM Kilometer. Google pay India has mush stared their diwali festival games like Go India and Har Din Diwali Stamps. Where you need to collect 12 stamps to win ₹1001 in your bank. You should must check out both games to win assured cashback.

Google Pay Go India Full Map – Go India Game is all about to collect city tickets as well as Kilometer KM to complete the game. In today’s article, we will tell you some official methods to collect 1000 KM (kilometer) everyday. And try to solve some common questions about Google Pay Go India Map.

Google Pay Go India Full Map

Google Pay Go India Full Map

There are total of 30 cities in the Go India game, which you can visit and complete the go India map. However, it takes us 4000 KM to roam 3-5 cities of india, so for most city tickets, it is very important to have your KM (kilometer). Here you can see a list of All Go India City.

City List of Go India Map
1. Dharamshala2. Kachchh
3. New Delhi4. Vishakhapattanam
5. Imphal6. Srinagar
7. Amritsar8. Bengaluru
9. Sohra10. Surajkund
11. Bhopal12. Hyderabad
13. Tawang14. Chennai
15. Kochi16. Bastar
17. Puri18. Jamshedpur
19. Kolkata20. Goa
21. Varanasi22. Gangtok
23. Kaziranga24. Kohima
25. Agartala26. Champai
27. Jaipur28. Amritsar
29. Kochi30. Mumbai

Go India Full Map

How to Collect City Tickets in Go India

There are many ways to collect city tickets in go india game. You can make any qualify transaction to collect rare city tickets like Kochi etc. Which one will be get by referring friends.

  • Make mobile recharges on google pay.
  • Use Google Pay method on Flipkart & amazon shopping
  • Purchase google play recharge codes
  • Pay at any nearby shops using QR code
  • DTH Recharges or Bill Payment
  • Share go india photo & map with your friends
  • Request a city tickets from friends
  • Gift extra city tickets to your friends
  • Join Whatsapp Group links to get more tickets.

How to Get KM Kilometer in Google Pay Go India

There are many easy ways to get KM Kilometer in Go India. You will use them on daily basis and get 1000 KM comfortably everyday.

  • Google Pay Good Morning Offer – Daily visits give you free city tickets and KM Kilometer.
  • Make a bank transfer
  • Pay to another user’s UPI ID
  • Gift City tickets to your friends
  • Share Go India City photos with Your friends
  • Visit your friends city to collect free KM Kilometer in Go india
  • Add money in PayTM Wallet using Google Pay
  • Join Telegram Channel links to get Kilometer.

Google Pay Go India Whatsapp Group Link

If you are looking for a Google Pay Go India whatsapp group link, then you can join this new group. Here you can gift City Tickets with other members and help each other to complete the Go India Full Map. You have to follow these rules to stay in the group.

  • Do not abuse anyone.
  • Do not share any kind of scam or links outside the subject.
  • Help each other to get city tickets.
  • Do not share any adult content.
  • Do not make any payment deal with any member of the group ( will not be held responsible for it).
  • The group is limited to Go India offers only.

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