Good Girls Season 5: Release Date, Netflix, Cast, Confirmed!

Good Girls is an American crime comedy-drama TV show that follows three suburban mothers as they heist a supermarket and work with law enforcement agencies and crime lords to pull off a successful theft heist.

Fans eagerly anticipate the Good Girls Season 5 release date after four phenomenal seasons from Jenna Bans’ creation which ran on NBC from February 26, 2018, until July 22, 2021, across four seasons.

Christina Hendricks, Retta, and Mae Whitman star as its primary characters, with Bans, Dean Parisot, and Jeannine Renshaw serving as executive producers from Universal Television.

NBC announced in June 2021 that Good Girls Season 5 had been canceled after four seasons. The following is everything you will learn about the show’s fifth season.

Good Girls Season 5

Good Girls Season 5

Good Girls has attracted viewers of different age groups from various countries. Produced by NBC, the show started off with poor ratings. However, it did pick up slowly and invited everyone who was found of crime-thriller induced with comedy. After successfully running the show for four seasons, NBC announced that it would no longer produce the show and canceled the fifth iteration. Therefore, no additional or the Season 5 of Good Girls will exist.

Where to Watch Good Girls? The audience chooses the show to be a popular binge-time entertainment among other series in its category. Even after the show gathered much appreciation slowly, NBC decided to cancel the show for unknown reasons.

Good Girls Season 5 Release Date 2024?

Name of the SeriesGood Girls Season 5
Original NetworkNetflix
Seasons4 Seasons, 50 Episodes
GenreCrime, Comedy Drama, Thriller
Season 5 Release Date Good Girls will not be renewed for Good Girl Season 5 by NBC
The CastRetta, Manny Montana, Mae Whitman, Christina Hendricks, Matthew Lillard, Isaiah Stannard & More
Watch NowOnly Available on

Show’s Cancellation Reason

The Good Girls Season 5 release date will only come up if NBC does not cancel the show. Throughout its four seasons, the show aired without complaints. Likewise, the storyline ensured that the series would continue for another one or two seasons. But NBC announced the cancellation without providing any official record or the exact reason for the termination of the series.

Nonetheless, gossip across the Internet stated that the reason for NBC to take down the show was because of poor ratings. Suppose the actual statistics were to be made available. In that case, we will likely see a good viewership of the show from different regions. A few theories emerged during this process, most of which linked the show’s cancellation to financial issues.

With Season 4 ending like there will be another season, viewers are unlikely to get the actual conclusion of the show. Fans are asking NBC how they could end the series without a proper conclusion! If NBC had listened to all our feedback, it would have continued the show along with others that ended abruptly.

Good Girls Season 5 Release Date

The Imagined Plotline for Good Girls Season 5

Jenna Bans is the creator of the groundbreaking American comedy-drama show Good Girls. In this captivating story, three brave suburban moms appear in the role of Christina Hendricks, Retta, Mae Whitman, and Reno Wilson. The women are caught in a crisis where they must make bold choices to restore their power. The life of Beth, Ruby, and Annie is presented in the TV show.

The trio are residents of the same area having a myriad of issues. Beth is a housewife, and her husband has separated from her for a new bride. Due to her husband’s gambling addiction, Ruby’s relationship is falling apart. Annie has a job, is a single mom, and is juggling between two children and dealing with the aftermath due to her ex’s illegal actions.

The three decide to rob a grocery store for money in desperation to solve their problems. They also get greater than they had hoped for.

Many fans were interested in knowing what exactly occurred following the end of Season 4, as the final season of Season 4 was not without concerns. Although it’s too early to determine what’s to come during Good Girl Season 5, this cancellation announcement means viewers will probably not see an exciting finale to the popular show.

While they try to achieve the right balance between their daily life and the potentially dangerous consequences of their nefarious actions, the script could have led them into adventurous criminal pursuits.

Every question of the fourth season is expected to be resolved in the fifth season. This includes questions like whether Rio will ever be freed from jail or what happened with Stan’s money.

Viewers are also interested in knowing if Annie and Gregg can live together or whether Beth and Dean’s union can continue. Season 5 of Good Girl hoped to add new excitement for viewers by adding an added dash of exciting events and twists in the story.

However, we know nothing about it now, including the new character addition and the number of episodes. Many fans predicted that season five would draw the curtain on several characters.


We often strive to give you the latest and updated information about everything that means so much to you, which includes the Good Girls Season 5 release date. It will be disappointing to note that NBC canceled the next season of the series, which did capture viewers’ attention slowly. The show was a hit among homemakers, and the three characters represented women’s lives in the real world.

The compelling plot, narration, acting, and direction are up to the point and will keep you glued to your television set! Watch the four seasons of Good Girls today, in case you missed it!!

FAQs: Most Asked Questions

When is the release date for Good Girls Season 5?

The official release date for Good Girls Season 5 is unavailable because NBC canceled the show.

Where can I watch Good Girls Season 5?

Good Girls Season 5 is no longer available for streaming on Netflix. However, watching the previous four seasons is possible on the same platform.

Are there any changes in the broadcasting platform or schedule for Season 5?

Any broadcasting platform or schedule changes will be communicated through official channels. The previous seasons aired on Netflix, and should the fifth season come up, you can expect to watch it on the same platform. However, these are speculations because NBC canceled the show.

Will any promotional activities be leading up to the premiere?

Yes, fans can anticipate a variety of promotions leading up to the show’s premiere. The show’s social media pages will offer behind-the-scenes videos, exclusive interviews, and teasers designed to create eagerness.

Do we get to see new members in Season 5?

After NBC has officially ended the series, saying anything related to the cast and the addition of new members is challenging.