[Trick] Google Pay 2020 Stamps – How to Get Disco & Selfie Stamp

How to Get Disco Stamp in Google Pay

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Google Pay 2020 Stamps

Google Pay 2020 Stamps to Complete the Cake

Hey Lootero, you already know about Google Pay 2020 Offer that’s why you are reading this article to collect all the 2020 stamps for complete the cake quickly.

Google Pay has recently Launched it’s 2020 Offer to all users. And every Google Pay User trying their luck to get assured cashback upto ₹2020 directly in bank account. For winning this Google Pay 2020 Game you need to collect all the Google Pay 2020 Stamps including Disco, DJ, Sunglasses, Balloon, Pizza, Toffee or Selfie Stamp.

There are 7 Diffrent types of 2020 Stamps, if you complete the cake by collecting all the stamps. Google Pay deposit the game winning reward of ₹202 to ₹2020 cashback in your bank account.

Collect 7 Google Pay 2020 Stamps

  • Ballon Stamp
  • DJ Stamp
  • Sunglasses Stamp
  • Disco Stamp
  • Pizza Stamp
  • Toffee Stamp or
  • Selfie Stamp.

First of all let me clear one thing, there is no perfect or exact way to getting Disco & selfie stamp in Google Pay. But don’t give up right now, try your luck & put some efforts to collect the stamp and I believe you can.

There are many of my friends who have facing some difficulty in collecting google pay disco stamp. Here I will tell you How to Get Disco or Selfie Stamp in Google Pay 2020 Offer. Its all about your luck, I can’t give you 100% guarantee that you can surely get Disco and Selfie stamp.

[Tricks] to Get Disco or Selfie Stamp in Google Pay

Hey Guys I will give you some simple & easy methods which I already used in Google Pay Diwali Offer. I shared this tricks to my friends and they got Disco or Selfie stamp in Google Pay 2020 Stamps. I hope this will work for you, so give a try and get assured Cashback of ₹202 to ₹2020 directly in bank.

Google Pay 2020 Offer Game

How to Get Disco Stamp in Google Pay

Google Pay Provides many ways to get Disco Stamp. Open the Google Pay app & click on 2020 offer. There are 6 methods to collect the stamp use any of them you will get Disco, Selfie or another stamp. (There is no 100% chance to get Disco Stamp).

  • Pay ₹98 or More 5 Times to any Business or Shop you get 1 unique stamp per transaction.
  • Pay Bills & mobile recharges with at least ₹300 you will get another unique stamps.
  • Gift the Stamps to your friends and ask them for send you Disco or Selfie stamp.

How to Get Toffee Stamp in Google Pay

Toffee & Selfie is second level stamp and it’s very rare to collect both of them. You can get Toffee Stamp by Exchanging 2020 offer to friends. Tell your friends if they have extra Toffee Stamp so he’ll gift you. If you don’t have enough friends Request me to Gift (Click here to Request me). When I get 1 more Toffee Stamp I’ll instantly send you. Or Join our New Telegram Channel to get latest tricks on Google Pay 2020 Stamps.

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How to Get DJ Stamp in Google Pay

DJ Stamp is very easy collect. You’ll get it by doing merchant transaction or listening to Google Ads on Air. Also exchange some rare stamps with your friends you’ll get DJ Stamp easily. Pay ₹98 or more & mobile recharges & DTH Recharges. Bonus – Request me & I can Gift you DJ Stamp.

Google Pay 2020 Stamps

How to Get Pizza Stamp in Google Pay

First of all, invite your friends to Google Pay, Share your Invitation link with your friends. They must enter your Google Pay Referral CodeGH5GE.

Google Pay Disco Stamp

When he makes his first transaction of ₹98 or more you will get Pizza Stamp in Google Pay 2020 Stamps.

Google Pay Pizza Stamp

How to Get Selfie Stamp in Google Pay

Method 1 – First of all, download the Cred App in your Android Device.

Enter your PayTM Number & Pay ₹98 or more using your Google Pay UPI.

After you successfully makes your transaction, you will get a unique stamp on each payment.

Google Pay Selfie stamp

Method 2 – Listen to On Air Ads on YouTube. (You can do this task 2 times Everyday)

Catch any Google Pay Ads on TV or Google Pay India Youtube Playlist.

How to Get Sunglasses & Balloon Stamp in Google Pay

Open the Google Pay App & Click on 2020 Offer.

Google Pay 2020 Scanner

Tab on Scanner button, and scan any of 2020 images you will get sunglasses stamp.

Scan below Images to collect a stamp.

Google Pay 2020 Offer Image
Google Pay 2020 Image
Google Pay 2020 Image
Google Pay 2020 Image

When you complete the 1st layer of Google Pay 2020 Cake. You will get a scratch card worth upto ₹1000. Scratch them and claim your Reward.

1. You will see “You Completed your 1st layer! Claim your bonus reward by 31st December 2019!” Click on it.

Google Pay 2020 Stamps

2. Choose any of one bonus reward, in my case I’ll choose the HNY Scratch Card worth ₹10 to ₹101.

Google Pay 2020 Stamp Trick

3. After it, tab on Claim button.

Google Pay Disco Stamp

4. You can unlock your Reward on 3rd January 2020.

Google Pay 2020 Stamps

Final Words on Google Pay 2020 Stamps

We are back soon to update this post with more tricks & working methods to collect Disco or Selfie stamp in Google Pay 2020 Stamps. If providing tricks are not well for you, so I’m sorry for this give me some time to find more working tricks & easy ways to collect the Selfie or Disco Stamp. Until then, you can Gift me your extra stamp i will gift you my stamps. Use this link – Send or Request Me for Google Pay 2020 Stamps.