Google Photos Unlimited Storage – 15 GB FREE Storage Update

Google Photos Unlimited Storage

Google Photos will update its existing storage policy from June 1 of 2021. Accordingly, any new video or photo you upload on Google Photos will categorize under the free storage of 15GB. The rule will be applicable in almost every Google Account. However, if you exhaust 15GB of free storage space across Google Photos, Google Drive, or Gmail, you have to buy extra storage to upload your HD photos further.

Google Photos Unlimited Storage

Google Photos is one of the OG platform in the industry as well as my favorite tool to store all my private photos and videos. But after the new update of Google after 1st June 2021, you will not find Google Photos much special. This is because google used to provide us google photos unlimited storage earlier, now we will get only 15 GB of free storage. If you fill the free storage capacity, then you will have to upgrade the plan for additional storage, for which you will have to pay.

Many google users are now looking for a best free google photos alternative, and those who still love google photos will continue to use it. This trick will prove to be very helpful for those special people who are still using Google Photos.

How to Get Google Photos Unlimited Storage

However, Google has a free tool, on which you have to apply a hack to get google photos unlimited storage space even on your android device. Besides, the hack will allow you to upload your photos and videos in 4K and original quality. The hack also unlocks the lens feature of Google in Google Photo applications. Only, you have to get a rooted type of android phone to perform the hack.

Step 1: Collect the Essential Things

  • Any type of rooted Smartphone operates on Android
  • Install any type of root file explorer, like for instance the MiXplorer
  • A Nexus XML file of your choice

Once you complete the first step, you have to move ahead to set up your files.

Step 2: Setting Up of the Files

  • To start, you have to download and then, install the root file explorer, like for instance MiXplorer.
  • After this, you have to download your Nexus XML file.
  • You have to open MiXplorer, visit Downloads, and copy your recently downloaded nexus file.
  • Now, you have to swipe your phone from the left corner for opening its menu.
  • You have to click on the arrow showing drop down on the phone’s right corner at the top.
  • Here, you have to choose the root option.
  • Visit the system and select its configurations to paste the Nexus file.
  • After this, you have to select apps and press on Google Photos for a long time to open the respective app information.
  • You have to choose storage and clear each of your app data.
  • After you complete everything, you have to reboot your phone device.
  • Later, you get a prompt after opening Google photos, “You may use unlimited storage for google photos on your Google Pixel device.”

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Step 3: Alternative Method

If you fail to get the desired outcome with the aforementioned method, you may try the alternative method here to get google photos unlimited storage. However, as the method is a bit complicated, you have to follow each step exactly with proper care.

1. To start, you must get a Build Pro application. Luckily, you will get the respective link from the Google play store.

2. You have to open the Build Pro app and on doing so, you get a pencil icon on its top right corner. Here, you also get a list of various codes.

3. Now, you may find a few of the important values manually or select the find option from the right corner present in the menu.

4. Change the values you find or get from the available options, click on Save and close your Build Pro app.

5. You have to wipe your user data related to Google photos to reboot your device.

Overall, increasing the storage space of Google Photos Unlimited storage is easy. Only you have to get a rebooted Android phone and get knowledge to increase the storage space for storing HD quality photos and videos on Google Drive.

I hope you liked this guide of google photos unlimited storage. A rooted phone may be required to use this trick. If you want to choose an easier way than this, then I would say that upgrade the plan of google photos, all of us can afford the plan up to 100GB storage. If you do not want to spend money for extra storage, then you can access google photos unlimited storage by following this trick.

Queries on Google Photos Unlimited Storage Hack 2022

Is Google Photos Still Free?

Yes, google photos is still free. You will need to upgrade the plan when you run out of free 15 GB storage. google photos no longer offer unlimited storage, my opinion is that you should store your personal and important photos and videos only. This free 15 GB storage policy is applicable to all google accounts.

What are the Paid Plans of Google Photos?

If it matters to you what’s on your phone. So you will have to store it somewhere safe, so google photos is the first option for everyone. If you upgrade your plan then you will have to pay something like this. 100GB storage at ₹130/monthly and ₹1300/annually, 200GB Storage at ₹210/monthly or ₹2100/annually, 2TB storage at ₹650/monthly or ₹6500/annually.

What is the New Policy of Google Photos?

Under the new policy of Google Photos Unlimited Storage, all users will get only 15 GB cloud storage in which they can store their photos and videos. After the storage runs out, the user will have to upgrade to the paid plan.

Is there any Google Photos Alternatives?

There are many such google photos unlimited storage alternatives in the market that you can try after google photos policy update. You can also use amazon photos, pcloud, apple cloud or microsoft one drive for best alternative. Choose any software only after checking all free storage plans and paid plans.