GPO Map: All Islands & Locations (April 2024)

Welcome to GPO (Grand Piece Online), where thrilling adventures await at every turn! If you love online multiplayer games, this article is your ticket into GPO maps, location & codes experience. Today, we will explore its expansive maps, captivating locations, and intriguing codes, which provide an engaging gaming experience like no other!

What is Grand Piece Online (GPO)?

GPO is an engaging game with an unforgettable and captivating experience. Set against an expansive world filled with islands, each sporting distinct features and mysteries for you to uncover, GPO allows players to delve into its fascinating lore while engaging with a vibrant community and testing their combative prowess through intense combat scenarios.

GPO Maps

Overview Of the Map System In GPO

Prepare yourself for an incredible voyage through GPO with its meticulously created map system and explore its key components together.

The World Map

Prepare to be amazed by GPO’s virtual universe! Your world map serves as your entryway into this vast space, giving a bird’s-eye view of various regions awaiting discovery and serving as a navigational aid so you can plan adventures accordingly.

Islands And Locations

GPO’s world consists of many islands filled with treasures and mysteries. These islands act as important hubs within the game – offering quests, challenges, and chances for interaction among fellow players.


Delve deeper into specific areas and dungeons with the help of GPO’s mini maps. These handy tools provide a detailed and localized view of your immediate surroundings. So, whether navigating a treacherous dungeon or exploring a hidden corner of an island, the mini-map acts as your guiding light.

Major Islands and Regions

East Blue

Embark on your GPO adventure in East Blue, the starting region known for its calm waters and peaceful atmosphere. This area serves as a training ground for budding adventurers, allowing them to hone their skills before venturing further afield into more perilous territories.

Grand Line

Once you are up for more significant challenges, brace yourself for what lies in store with the Grand Line. This legendary stretch of ocean presents a formidable test for even the most seasoned players. Its unpredictable weather patterns, treacherous currents, and fearsome enemies make it a true crucible for aspiring pirates.

New World

For those who have proven their mettle and seek the ultimate test, the New World beckons. This unstable region is reserved for the most skilled and daring players. Brace yourself for intense battles, discover uncharted territories, and unveil the secrets of this mysterious realm.

Unique and Hidden Locations

Secret islands

GPO harbors remote islands shrouded in mystery and teeming with untold treasures. These secluded paradises are not marked on conventional maps, requiring you to uncover their existence through quests, clues, or sheer exploration.

Legendary locations

As you navigate through GPO, you will come across renowned places that have significantly impacted the game’s story. These sites are significant and often crucial to unlocking powerful abilities or unraveling deeper narratives.

Pirate hideouts

As a pirate in GPO, you’ll have the opportunity to uncover hidden pirate hideouts. These covert bases are concealed within remote islands or disguised in bustling towns. They serve as meeting grounds for pirates, allowing you to interact with like-minded individuals, form alliances, and partake in exclusive pirate-themed activities.

Exploring the Locations

In Grand Piece Online (GPO), players may embark on epic quests that take them over vast oceans, to uncharted islands, in search of legendary treasure. However, this vast and diverse landscape might be overwhelming without a reliable map.

GPO Map First Sea

The First Sea is the starting point for all GPO explorers, a vast and diverse world fraught with dangers and rewards. Here, players will explore many islands in order to gain experience, level up their skills, and get better equipment.

GPO Map First Sea
  • Origin City

All journeys must begin at this moment. In-game currency may be used to purchase rowboats, caravels, and healing medicines to aid players on their travels. They must also defeat the Bandit Boss to get the coveted Eye Patch.

  • Great Town

A safe place where no one has to worry about being judged. Players may utilize this time to recharge their resources and plot their next moves, since there are no boss battles or other ways to squander gold.

  • Sandora

This is a level 10+ adventurer only zone. They may have to fight the enigmatic Lucid and his Bazooka.

  • Shell Town

Visitors with at least level 20 may explore this island and look for valuable things like Galleons, Hammers, and Barrels. However, they should be careful of Logan because of his Metal Jaw.

  • Zou

This island includes everything you need to train in the Mink Combat Electric Fighting Style and reach level 30 or higher in martial arts. However, the natives of Zou provide challenges that must be met.

  • Orange, Baratina Village

In order to join the mysterious Star Clown and his group, one must attain level 50. The legendary Buggy Cape can be reached if they can take this island.

  • Discreet cliff

Adventurers of any status may learn Rokushiki combat on this mystery island.

  • Roca Island

All ranks of players may visit this island and get access to the mighty One-Sword-Style and the Katana.

  • Colosseum

This region is also open to explorers of any status, and it is notorious for its deadly clashes.

  • Isla del Pirámides

Explorers of level 65 and above are welcome here. Anyone who dares to confront the Gorilla King has a good chance of taking his title.

  • Arlong Park on Sphinx Island

Challenge Arlong after you’ve reached level 70 to get the powerful Kiribachi.

  • The Kori Islands

Those who use it reach level 80, at which point they have access to the powerful Busoshoku Haki.

  • Castillo de Peces

At level 20, you get access to a hidden underwater passage full with loot. Only explorers of level 20 or above are allowed to descend into the Earth’s core and discover its hidden treasures.

Fishman’s Island

A magnificent underwater world inhabited by fishmen and marine monsters awaits beyond level 50. Only at level 50 will you be able to go into the depths of this aquatic paradise and do battle with the terrible enemies that lurk there.

GPO Map Fishman Island
  • Neptune’s throne

At Level 80 and higher, Neptune, the mighty deity of the oceans, rules over this region. Travelers of level 80 or above may worship the all-powerful king or battle dreadful enemies in this sacred country.

  • Marine Station G-1

At Level 90+, the Marines have a well fortified military outpost. Those of level 90 or above who are seeking challenging encounters versus formidable opponents are welcome to go here.

  • Coco Island

It’s a lush, distant island with mysteries on every level. Players level 30 and above may explore this intriguing island and find hidden treasures.

  • Rough Waters,

In the Rough Waters, players at Level 200 and above will encounter a gigantic sea serpent. Adventurers of level 200 and above may slay this titanic beast and get rare rewards.

  • Holy Place

At a high level (Level 325+), there is a mysterious and out-of-the-ordinary region that has not been fully explored. Those who have made it to level 100 or above may find exciting new challenges waiting for them there.

  • Inverted mountain

Water flows both up and down the sides of this amazing mountain, which may be found at Level 325 and above. Players of level 325 and above may enter its treacherous waters and go to the peak in pursuit of rewards.

Land of the Sky

Skypiea Island, often known as the Land of the Sky, is a fantastical and otherworldly vacation spot located far above the First Sea. Players who go into this celestial world will encounter fascinating beings, breathtaking landscapes, and formidable opponents.

GPO Map Land of the Sky
  • Pearly Gates

Travelers enter the Land of the Sky through the Heaven’s Gate, an interdimensional portal.

  • Grand Piece

The first stop for every traveler should be the Land of the Sky, where supplies of Eternal Poses and Potions may be obtained.

  • Floating Citadel

Magical encounters and rare riches await adventurers of level 110 and above in this ethereal mansion.

  • Malcom’s Cave

If you are level 145 or above, you may challenge Malcom for his Shotgun.

  • Deep Blue Sea

At level 325, a player is eligible to enter the Second Sea. Here you will find not just uncharted islands and greater riches, but also thrilling new dangers.

  • Rovo

A unique gaming experience on a level-free island.

  • Duchy of the Sands

Adventurers between levels 325 and 400 will find enough to keep them busy in this realm.

  • Barking Scarecrow

Between 325 and 500, you’ll find a haunted region that will give you the creeps.

  • Rhode Island

Spirit Island is a tranquil oasis where explorers of all experience levels may recharge, learn new skills, and level up to the latest version of Busoshoku.

  • Stadium of Arras

This arena is open to all players, regardless of their level. There are no stores, but gamers may test their fighting prowess in gladiator contests.

  • Insula Foro

Foro Island is not for sale, but it is a wonderful site for adventurers of all experience levels to unwind and learn about the world.

  • Soul King’s Ship

Combating the Soul King or Brook Boss on Soul Kings Ship does not need a certain level, and those who do so may be rewarded with the Soul King’s attire, top hat, violin, guitar, and more.

Decoding Location Codes

Location codes in GPO are alphanumeric combinations that represent specific points within the game world. These codes serve as a shortcut for players to quickly access and teleport to desired locations. In addition, they act as digital coordinates, allowing you to quickly pinpoint and travel to various destinations.

You can obtain the codes through various means within the game. NPCs, quests, or hidden discoveries may reveal these codes as rewards. Additionally, you may stumble upon codes shared by other players or find them in forums and online communities dedicated to GPO.

Practical Use of the Location Codes

  • Fast travel system: Location codes are the backbone of GPO’s fast travel system. Once you have acquired a location code, input it into the game’s interface to instantly teleport to the corresponding destination. This feature saves you valuable time and effort by bypassing the need for lengthy journeys.
  • Sharing codes with friends: Location codes also facilitate seamless communication and collaboration with your friends in GPO. You can share codes with your fellow players, allowing them to join you at specific locations or participate in group activities. This simplifies coordination, enabling you to embark on quests, conquer dungeons, or explore new areas together.
  • Quests and missions: Location codes often come into play during quests and missions within GPO. NPCs may provide codes as a quest requirement, leading you to hidden objectives or secret areas. You unlock new challenges, rewards, and storylines by inputting the codes correctly.


The GPO maps, locations & codes are crucial to the immersive gaming experience. By understanding the map system, including the world map, islands, and mini-maps, players can confidently navigate the vast virtual world of GPO. Embrace the power of GPO’s maps, explore the diverse locations, and master the art of location codes to embark on unforgettable adventures in the captivating world of Grand Piece Online Map.

In Grand Piece Online, you have a lot of freedom of movement and options for entertainment. A detailed map is a crucial tool for adventurers sailing the seas of GPO, since it might lead them to incredible riches or terrifying dangers.

FAQs: Most Asked Questions

How do I access the world map in GPO?

The game’s interface or menu can access the world map. Look for an icon or option that allows you to view the world map and explore its regions.

Are all the islands in GPO accessible from the beginning?

No, some islands may require progression in the game or completing certain quests to unlock them. As you advance, new islands and regions will become available for exploration.

Can I mark specific locations on the map?

While GPO may not have a built-in marking system for the world map, you can note essential locations, codes, or coordinates externally, such as using a notepad or digital tools.

How can I obtain location codes in GPO?

Location codes can be obtained through various in-game means, such as completing quests, interacting with NPCs, or discovering hidden treasures. Additionally, you may find codes shared by other players or in online communities dedicated to GPO.

Can I share location codes with my friends in GPO?

Yes, you can share location codes with your friends. This allows them to teleport directly to specific locations, making coordinating activities easier, embarking on quests together, or exploring new areas as a group.

Which island in GPO is the largest?

Sky Island, also known as Land of the Sky, is a massive cloud formation that floats in the sky. It’s the largest island in the game right now, and it has its own mini-islands and everything. Unlike other islands, the Knock-Up Stream is the primary means by which players go to this location.

Where does Sandora GPO stand?

Sandora, the game’s second island, is described below. The minimum level required to accept the island’s first mission is 10, while the minimum level required to accept the island’s Lucid quest is 15.

What is Pika max level GPO?

Pika’s maximum is 521, but for maximum burn damage, you should aim for 856 (Lunge does 123, Light Kick does 103, Mirror Kick does 155, Ray does 16 each hit, Jewels does 26 per hit).