GTA 6 Leaks 2025: Map, Footage Leaked, Reddit, Pictures

It’s been a decade since GTA 5 hit the market, radically changing video games. Yet there is not a sequel on the horizon. It is the longest gap in the Grand Theft Auto franchise, which has never happened earlier when launching a sequel of the title.

If we believe in GTA 6 leaks and hints, the delay in the game’s release will be worth the wait. The newest entry in GTA’s franchise will have an extensive yet familiar map, distinct characters, and much more. As of now, we’ll stop beating around the bush and discover the information we have concerning Grand Theft Auto 6 (GTA 6).

GTA 6 Leaks

The Fascinating Leaks of GTA 6

A few crucial leaks about GTA 6 came into the light, and most of them have hooked the community. These leaks have started discussions in the fan community and led to massive rumors and speculations. The following are the fascinating GTA 6 leaks:

1. The In-game Music

SanInPlay (Twitter/@DjSan_), a famous insider, announced on the 15th of May 2023 that Rockstar Games is collaborating with Timbaland, who is a well- known American rapper, songwriter, recording producer, and recording executive, to handle the music for GTA 6 Leaks.

According to the report, Timbaland will create game-specific radio station music and exclusive tracks and sounds specifically for the game.

SanInPlay has also revealed that Rockstar invested significant money to offer a more enjoyable gaming experience for the upcoming yet-to-be-named Grand Theft Auto game. Timbaland will produce the majority of the music that plays in the game.

2. Water Surfing in the Game?

According to a leak from Aleix Venturas, Rockstar Games will incorporate water surfing as a leisure sport in GTA 6. Take-Two Interactive, Rockstar Games’ parent company, has invested in an innovative gaming system and plans to include it in the sixth installment of the game.

The water-related physics of the game is also being improved to create more real-life gaming. Although the Grand Theft Auto franchise has numerous water-related activities like boating and swimming, surfing will become one of the latest additions to the 6th GTA iteration.

3. The Whopping Budget!

The plans to infuse $1 billion into developing GTA 6 sent shockwaves in the gaming industry. Although the figure is speculative, it can increase further because the game is still developing. Some insiders also have stated that the expected development cost will surpass the one billion mark!

The newest game, Grand Theft Auto 5 Story Mode, released in 2013, was estimated to cost $265 million. The increased 4x production costs for the next title have raised eyebrows.

4. Real-Life Buildings

On the 16th of April 2023, a Twitter user with the username GTA6Videos posted a few Google Earth photos of Miami, Florida, comparing them with leaks of Grand Theft Auto 6 videos. According to GTA6Videos, the structures on the video look like actual Miami buildings.

Several buildings, such as Quantum on the Bay Condominium, Opera Tower, Miami Marriott Biscayne Bay, Marina Blue Condo, and other buildings, can be observed in the footage. GTA 6 is expected to be held at Vice City, the satirical version of Florida. The unofficial building comparison confirmed the speculation.

5. No Dedicated Servers

On the 30th of May 2023, Tez2 (Twitter/@TezFunz2), one of the famous Rockstar Games insiders, disclosed that Take-Two Interactive has rejected the idea of dedicated servers for online gaming for GTA 6. GTA 6 Online will utilize the same system used in Grand Theft Auto Online.

According to the insiders, Take-Two Interactive cited the idea as too expensive to run dedicated servers regularly. It is not looking to invest cash in these technologies for specific purposes.

6. Potential Gator Keys Appearance

Numerous users have posted the leaked footage online, pointing to spots like Malibu Club and Ocean’s View Hotel, making it look like GTA Vice City. If this is the case, it shouldn’t be surprising to learn that places like Starfish Island might also return.

However, Rockstar games may expand over Vice City and enter the neighboring regions this time. One of these locations can be “Gator Keys,” an area close to Vice City. It was initially planned to join the earlier GTA but got eliminated in the finalization. But Gator Keys could be included this time, and players will see it for the first time.

7. Character Movement

There are whispers about the character movement in GTA 6 leaks. Many users on Twitter pointed out that the NCP movement is more natural and like that of GTA 4. However, as this is speculation, it is hard to believe that Rockstar Games is using the older physics engine for their new iteration. We should wait and watch these updates because there are rumors. Rockstar Games may have developed an entirely new physics engine for GTA 6, which might account for part of its delay in production.

GTA 6 Map Leak

GTA 6 Map Leak


GTA remains one of the hottest topics, and fans always strive to spread rumors and speculation about its development whenever news of future iterations surfaces. Many fans have awaited updates since Rockstar Games unveiled the current iteration a decade ago. GTA 6 leaks provide all the crucial information about the game. But they or they may not be accurate because of the origin of the source. Please keep visiting our site to stay updated about GTA 6 leaks, and more!!

FAQs: Most Asked Questions

What do we learn from GTA 6 leaks?

GTA 6 leaks revealed that the new iteration of the famous videogame will have two protagonists and that the developer is considering expansion of the game.

Did Rockstar Games confirm GTA 6 leaks?

Rockstar is refusing to announce the development activities of the game officially. Even when so many leaks and rumors spread around the Internet, the company is choosing to remain silent.

When and how did GTA 6 leaks?

There was a data breach at Rockstar Games in September 2022. The data caused a massive GTA 6 Leaks gameplay and source code collection.

What is the investment for GTA 6?

According to reports, Rockstar Games is developing GTA 6 with a whopping budget of $1 to $2 billion. It is a significant amount, and the developer is infusing so much to ensure the game is close to reality and supports all major gaming hardware.