3 Methods: How to Get Headless Head in Roblox (2024)

Roblox, an immersive virtual playground where creativity thrives, permits players to customize their avatars in infinite ways. One of Roblox users’ most sought-after and distinctive looks is known as Headless Head Appearance. Not only can this distinct aesthetic add mystery and intrigue, but it can also serve as an unmistakable indicator of uniqueness within Roblox. In this guide, we will go into further depth about attaining such a look as well as methods available for doing so.

How to Get Headless in Roblox

The Headless Head Phenomenon

Before undertaking the journey of creating the “Headless Head” appearance, it’s essential that we grasp its core concept. Contrary to what the name may imply, “The Headless Head” doesn’t involve leaving oneself genuinely headless. Instead, it relies on strategically selecting character accessories in order to give an illusion of an absent head and stand out in Roblox.

Players often adopt this look to stand out and display their creative genius among its numerous members, spark curiosity, and show off creativity among their peers in Roblox!

Method 1: The Traditional Headless Design

Traditional Roblox users looking to replicate the headless head appearance can pick “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” from the “Headless Horseman” package using Robux. It is an illusion-inducing package from Washington Irving’s book that allows their avatars to have a pumpkin head instead of an “actual” head, creating the appearance of headlessness! You can buy the “Head-less Horseman” package by heading to the Roblox catalog and searching for the package. Use Robux to get the package into your account.

Method 2: DIY Headless Helm with R15 Scaling

Roblox Studio’s R15 scaling feature can provide players seeking more customizable and hands-on methods of creating Headless Head characters with its ability to adjust character scaling and manipulation. However, this method requires knowledge of Roblox Studio as well as skills with manipulating character scale settings in order to attain it successfully.

Here is the guide for script changing:

  • a) Launch Roblox Studio and design an entirely new place.
  • b) Navigate to the “Explorer” window and search for “StarterPlayer”.
  • c) Locate and add “StarterPlayerScripts,” found inside “StarterPlayer.”
  • d) Create a script to alter Head size easily, for instance:



character:WaitForChild(“Head”).Size = Vector3.new(0, 0, 0)



  • e) Save and run the script.

This script reduces the size of a player’s head to zero, creating the impression of having no head at all.

Method 3: Accessor Manipulation

For those on a limited budget looking for ways to create the illusion of headlessness without breaking the bank, manipulating character accessories provides another method. By strategically choosing and combining accessories together to form this effect, this technique creates the appearance of having no head.

Here is an easy step-by-step guide:

  • Unleash your imagination with Roblox accessories by visiting its catalog and searching through various available accessories.
  • Search for accessories that cover or obscure an avatar’s head, such as hoods, masks, or headgear.
  • Experiment with layering these accessories to conceal your head, creating the appearance of being headless.
  • Adjust the positioning and rotation of accessories until they produce the desired result.


Roblox offers players an engaging and creative way to express themselves as individuals through customizing avatars with Headless Head looks, from classic Horseman packages such as Headless Horseman or R15 scaling in Roblox Studio. There are so many creative expression possibilities afoot! When embarking upon your quest to acquire this distinctive look, remember that personalizing is an act of creativity and self-expression in the dynamic world of Roblox. Embrace its mystery while distinguishing yourself in this virtual realm by personalizing your avatar’s appearance!

FAQs: Headless Head Roblox Code?

What are the specific features of Headless Head in Roblox?

Roblox offers users a creative customization choice called Headless Head that gives the impression of having no head. There are various ways, such as purchasing specific packages, manipulating accessories, or altering character scaling to achieve the desired look.

Can anyone explain how I can obtain the classic Headless Head avatar in Roblox?

To achieve that iconic headless appearance, purchase Roblox’s “Headless Horseman” package and install an avatar wearing a pumpkin helmet instead of their regular avatar’s head – creating the classic headless appearance!

Can I achieve the headless appearance without incurring Robux costs?

Yes, some alternatives don’t involve spending Robux. Players may try different accessory combinations that create the appearance of being Headless Avatar-like. Also, manipulating character scaling within Roblox Studio allows a more DIY-based solution.

Can accessories help me achieve a Headless Head appearance?

When manipulating accessories on Roblox, players select items from its catalog that cover or obscure an avatar’s head, such as caps. Combining and adjusting these accessories together helps form the illusion of headlessness for their avatar. This method requires creativity and experimentation from players.

Are there any scripting techniques to achieve the “Headless Head Appearance?”

Yes, players with scripting knowledge can utilize Roblox Studio to craft scripts that customize character features such as size or visibility of heads – giving players more options when customizing Headless Head appearances.

Can I return to my original avatar appearance after trying the Headless Head look?

Absolutely, and this can easily be reversed by uninstalling or changing accessories, packages, or scripts used to achieve your Headless Head look. You can reverse the modifications made by using Roblox Studio by altering its script or switching back to an earlier save file.

Are any community trends associated with Headless Head appearance?

Absolutely! The Roblox community engages in trends and challenges related to avatar customization. Staying current by keeping an eye on social media, forums, and in-game events will enable you to keep abreast of these developments as they pertain to Headless Head appearances.

Are there any additional avatar customization options beyond Headless appearance?

Roblox presents many customization choices that enable participants to define themselves creatively in the virtual world and make their avatar distinctive, such as clothing items, hairstyles, and accessories. Players can explore adding flair and individualism to the avatar that best represents themselves in Roblox.