Top 10 FREE Instagram Video Downloader (April 2024)

Instagram Video Downloader

Insta Reels Download – Top 10 Online Instagram Video Downloader Apps

Instagram Video Downloader tools refer to different applications, by which you may download Instagram videos and photos. If you are an Instagram lover, you must give time to know a few of the popular downloaders as mentioned here.

Instagram Video Downloader

Instagram is considered the queen of social media platform, which is managed by Facebook itself. Like YouTube, millions of people share long and short videos on Insta too, and ever since Instagram included the feature of insta reels, the number of its active users increased rapidly. Nowadays all insta users keep themselves busy in making reels & short videos so that they can have a good personality on the internet.

We watch many videos on Instagram every day, many of which we also like. But can we download them and save them in our device? Currently Instagram has not provided us any kind of feature or tool to download instagram videos. But still we can download our favorite videos and use them anywhere by using online tools like Instagram Video Downloader. If you want, upload them on your own insta profile, or publish them on facebook reels, or on youtube shorts.

Here is a list of all the fastest Instagram video downloader apps, along with the best features. You can download your favorite insta video by choosing any converter.

How to Download Instagram Video to Watch Anytime

Step 1: First of all, choose any instagram video downloader of your choice.

Step 2: Otherwise, you should choose, it is a great online instagram video downloader.

Step 3: Now open Instagram and copy the link of the video which you want to download in your device. To copy the video link, click on the three dots icon and tap on the copy video link.

Instagram Video Download

Step 4: Paste your Insta Video link in the green box.

How to Download Instagram Videos

Step 5: Finally, tap on Download MP4 button to start downloading instagram video.

Instagram Reels Download

Now if you want to know which of the best Instagram video converters you can use to download your favorite or saved videos, then here is the list of top 10 downloaders (all time favorite).

List of Best Instagram Video Download Reels/Stories

S no.Insta Reels DownloadLink
24k Stogram
5Free Instagram Download
6Downloader for Insta
7QuickSaveDownload from Play Store or App Store


Hashtags is a web based or online Instagram video Downloader tool, which lets you to save almost every Instagram story, photo or video. Exclusive Features of this Instagram Video Downloader:

  • You may download quality videos and photos directly by using Instagram.
  • The app let’s you copy the video or image URL for downloading Instagram photos and videos.

4k Stogram

4K Stogram application let’s you downloading each of your Instagram data according to your choice. Accordingly, you get the opportunity of downloading your photos or videos based on username, hashtag and location. Features of this Instagram Reels Downloader tool:

  • 4K Stogram software application helps you to save your shared memories by using any private account created on Instagram.
  • You may store your Instagram stories and highlights easily.
  • The app let’s you view Instagram feed by any other people easily.
  • Users may easily create backup of their Instagram accounts.
  • By using 4K Stogram you may save various Instagram posts according to date.


FastSave is one of the Android based Instagram Video Downloader application for saving videos and photos. The best thing is that it allows approximately 10 millions of downloads and save Instagram videos and photos to your Android tablet or base mobile devices. Features of this Instagram Video Downloader Online:

  • FastSave let’s you to see the quickly collected stories in the bar present at the top of your device main screen.
  • You have to use a long press on your saved photos and videos to collect details of your users.
  • The tool gives you the fastest possible download speed.
  • FastSave has its dashboard to manage quick saved photos and videos.
  • You may share, repost, delete any photo or video and even may hide the saved ones.


Inngramer service saves almost every type of Instagram media content on different types of devices. The online app collects both photos and videos to iPhone, Android  Mac and PC. You only gave to past the respective kink to get videos or photos in your device automatically.

Features of this Instagram Video Downloader – The app or tool let’s users to save any picture on Instagram to any type of gadget.
You may download photos and videos to your Android, iPhone, iPad and other devices.

Free Instagram Download

Free Instagram Video Downloader is an easily usable windows app to download Instagram snapshots and videos.

  • Free Instagram Download not only allows you to download single videos but also the complete users’ channels.
  • The tool let’s you to save photos.
  • An interesting feature of the app is that it can customize the name of output easily.
  • Free Instagram Download can work via VPN and proxy servers.

Downloader for Instagram

Downloader for Instagram app on Android allows users to download images and videos directly from different Instagram links. As the tool downloads every type of media directly, you may save them in the device of your choice.

  • A prime benefit of the app is that it is simple and easy to use. You only need 2 steps to download it in your device.
  • Users may download images and videos directly from different links of Instagram.
  • You may explore, share and delete downloaded files on Twitter and Facebook.


Quick Save is an Instagram download app available for all Android users. The app gives additional facilities to save or download videos and images by using the application.

  • With the help of this app, you may share your downloaded videos or photos to any of your selected social apps from QuickSave app.
  • The app features InstaSave for Instagram, by which you may easily save or download your loved videos and images on Instagram.
  • The app features easily usable material design and user interface concept.


InstaLoadGram is an Instagram marketing tool and a downloader program for Instagram.

  • The Instagram online tool can export data available on Instagram to Google or Excel Sheet.
  • With the help of InstaLoadGram, one can upload images and generate to a maximum of 30 Instagram related hashtags.
  • The app allows you to ass lists, hashtags, whitespace, emojis and copy to clipboard.


Apphi is an Instagram downloader app available on iOS devices. The app schedules as well as auto post videos, photos and stories on Instagram.

  • The app automatically post your stories and feeds.
  • With Apphi, you may plan everything visually by using its drag and drop feature.
  • You may add people, hashtags, location and products to auto post while ser the repeat post’s time.
  • Apphi gives scope to schedule everything in bulk and allow more than one video or photo at once.
  • You may give comments to your video or photo based posts.


Instaoffline is a web-based application for downloading Instagram videos, photos, IGTV online and save to use them offline.

  • Instaoffline allows you to download Instagram videos and photos without any limitation.
  • As one of the easily usable websites, Instaoffline eliminates the need of installation.
  • The web app encrypts to provide a secured connection and protects your privacy level while you browse websites.
  • Instaoffline may work on almost every device whether it is Smartphone or tablet.

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Therefore, depending solely on the type of device you have, you may use any of the Instagram Downloader apps to view varieties of photos and videos of your choice.

FAQs: Most Asked Question

Can we download Instagram reels?

Yes, we have 2 options to watch Instagram reels at any time. If you want, you can use the feature of Instagram which is called “Saved”. Saving any photo or video allows you to revisit it later by going to the “Saved” collection. And the other option is, can be stored any video in your device using any downloader app.

How to download Instagram video to mp4?

To download Instagram videos in MP4 format, you have to take the help of third party applications. In this guide, we have told you about all the best insta video downloaders along with how to download instagram videos. Any Instagram to MP4 converter can be used.

Is online insta reels downloader are safe?

Mostly all safe, but full of advertisements. Advertisement is a source that helps the developer of that tool to earn some money, if you use any free tool then you will definitely get to see ads. Rest Instagram video downloader is safe for you, download the video of your choice and enjoy & ignore the ads.

How to copy link of Instagram reels?

First of all, open Instagram and go to the reel you want to download. In the right corner of that video, you will see three dots icon, click on it and tap on the option of Copy link. Finally, paste that video link in any video downloader and download it in MP4 format.

Is there any Instagram stories downloader?

Instagram reels converter or video downloader is the same tool, where you copy the link of the video, copy the link of the reels and download the insta reels by pasting it in the video downloader tool. There are some of the best Instagram reels converter like – 4K Stogram, SaveVideo, which provide you all the same features.