Jio Data Loan May 2024: Get 1GB Emergency Loan Online

Jio Data Loan

Jio Emergency Data Loan Update Get 1GB Data Loan Jio – Pay Later

If you are using regular data on your Jio sim, then you do not have to worry as you have an active data to browse the Internet. Jio sends messages before the end of the validity so that you can recharge your number with the preferred pack to continue with the services. But what if you do not have a data pack? What if you are recharging your Jio number with non-data recharge packs?

The Internet has become essential usefulness in everybody’s life. We use it for online transactions, sending emails, using different apps throughout the day, and watching videos. However, suppose you are not using the Internet pack or exhausted with your limit. In that case, you can opt for the Jio data loan under emergency situations.

Jio Data Loan Number 2024

ArticleJio Data Loan
NetworkReliance Jio Infocomm Limited
Emergency Data LoanGet 1GB, 2GB, 5GB for Free
How to ClaimApply it Online through My Jio App
To Get 10GB Jio Data Loan Miss Call NumberDial 1299
Jio Data Loan by SMSGive a missed Call on 1299
Jio data Loan Customer Care NumberCall 1800 891 9999

What is Jio Data Loan?

jio data loan

Reliance has come up with a new service to facilitate its customers by allowing them to borrow data without any additional cost when they cannot recharge immediately. As per the plan, a user can utilize the service by receiving 1GB of data, which is accessible through the MyJio application. Furthermore, it is possible to activate it by clicking the menu button and heading to the “Emergency Data Loan” tab.

The emergency Jio data loan functions as “Recharge Now and Pay Later.” Such a step is helpful for people who run out of data suddenly and find it difficult to recharge. Simply put, you can get the data loan after exhausting your current data and pay later.

Jio Emergency Data Loan 2024

jio data loan number

Jio recently introduced its “Jio Emergency Data Voucher Facility”. Now jio prepaid users can get 2GB data additionally without any upfront payment. Jio customers can borrow 2GB emergency data pack that costs Rs.25/Pack. Users whose data is exhausted and if you are not able to recharge due to any reason, then you can take the advantage of “Recharge Now and Pay Later” facility.

For this, you have to download the My Jio app in your smartphone or you can also take data loan from its jio’s official website. Install and open my jio app, click on the menu, on the dashboard you will see the option of “Emergency Data Loan”. From there you can claim an instant loan of 2GB Data.

How to Get Free 1GB Jio Data Loan

Jio keeps releasing new offers and features that comfort its customers. Jio data loan was started for the same purpose. If you also waste your data watching videos, movies, and web series on the Internet, then you should not stop your entertainment in the middle. If running out of daily data is your problem, you can now take 1GB of data as an emergency loan.

jio emergency data loan
  • First of all, download or install the My Jio app in your device.
  • Now login with your jio mobile number.
  • Tap on the menu option which is on the top left corner.
  • Go to “Emergency data loan” and proceed to continue.
  • Click on “get emergency data loan”.
  • Now you’ll see a banner of “1GB High Speed Data” tap to continue.
  • Press submit or Pay Later button.
  • Congrats! You will instantly get free 1GB Jio data loan code.

How to Repay the Loan Amount?

Jio data loan is available through the MyJio app. Users can activate it instantly when they run out of data and find it difficult to recharge with another data pack. Although there is no timeframe to repay the loan amount, Jio sends reminder messages. A user can refund the loan amount by opening the MyJio app and heading to the Emergency Data Vouchers tab. Here, they can select the “Pay” button to repay the amount. If there is any existing balance, it will be displayed, and the user can repay the amount.

How Does Jio data Loan Works?

Per customer service, Reliance Jio is offering its customers the “Recharge Now and Pay Later” offer. The exciting factor is the repayment period. There is no timeframe for repaying the amount for the recharge. As per the service representatives, the repayment option depends on the customer, who can choose when they want to pay back the amount.

However, the source stated that the customer who recharges under this facility will receive reminders for the repayment of the loan. Jio data loan is applicable for a user for 5 times, with each recharge coughing up to 1GB of data. Therefore, a total of 5GB is available under this package.

It is essential to remember that a user can borrow 1GB at a time or the entire 5Gb as per the need by activating the emergency data loan for five times in a single instance. Jio charges INR 11/- for 1GB of data under this plan, making the entire data of 5GB at INR 55/-.

Additionally, as per Jio service representatives, the emergency data loan applies to customers with a valid existing plan. It means that the current pack is not expired, and only the data is expired. So, suppose a customer runs out of data and pack validity. In that case, they cannot opt for the emergency Jio data loan feature through the app.

5GB of Jio data loan is sufficient for any customer who finds it difficult to recharge immediately.

What Happens If You Do Not Repay the Loan Amount?

Jio data loan is helpful for anyone who needs Internet access and runs out of their data pack. With a total of 5GB up for grabs, with 1GB of data for each activation, it is sufficient to fulfill a requirement. However, if a customer fails to repay the data loan, Jio will stop offering it unless they clear the past dues. Additionally, suppose a customer does not pay for a prolonged period. In that case, Reliance has the right to take legal action against the customer.

Who is Eligible for Jio Data Loan?

Every customer of Reliance Jio is eligible for the Jio data loan. However, as the package is available through the MyJio app, it is essential that a user downloads it on their smartphone and registers it using their mobile number. Afterward, they can head to the menu and activate the emergency data loan.

The Jio data loan offer does not apply to users not using a smartphone. Additionally, one cannot recharge it for other numbers, as there is no provision.

The Jio data loan is a blessing for every customer because it replenishes the exhausted data pack with 1GB without payment. Simply put, it is lending data to the user with a promise of repaying the amount later. So, if you are a Jio customer, you can use this package when you run out of data. However, remember that the plan is available only through the MyJio app. You will receive a total of 5GB as a data loan, and you can pay the amount later. Ensure that you have a valid main pack to utilize the data loan option.

Jio Data Loan (FAQs)

Is jio data loan free?

Not at all, you have to reapply within some time after taking emergency data loan. In emergency data loan, you will have to pay up to ₹25 for 2GB and it is same as Jio voucher.

How to Claim the Emergency Jio Data Loan Without MyJio App?

Currently, activating the Jio data loan only through the MyJio app on a smartphone is possible. There is no facility for users to activate the data loan without using the app, such as SMS or USSD code.

What Happens If You Do Not Use the Jio Data Loan?

Jio data loan is available for users who run out of their existing data. When they opt for emergency data through their MyJio app, Jio credits instantly with 1GB of data. Now, this is valid only if the current pack is still active. If you no longer use the emergency data, it will expire along with the main pack validity.