Kerry Condon Net Worth: Movies and TV Shows, Income 2024

Welcome to a closer look at the remarkable career and Kerry Condon net worth, an immensely talented Irish actress. Condon has earned high critical acclaim for her impressive performances across film, television, and theater, earning admirers with her ability to flawlessly embody multiple characters. Join us as we delve into her journey by investigating notable roles she’s taken on over time and her impressive success within the entertainment industry.

Kerry Condon has distinguished herself as an actress of unquestionable talent, effortlessly charming audiences with every project she undertakes. Condon boldly inhabits each role she undertakes and brings their stories alive – leaving lasting impressions upon viewers of all types. Through the course of her career, she has shown an impressive range of dramatic roles as well as comic roles to keep audiences enthralled with every performance!

Kerry Condon

Early Life and Career Beginnings

Condon was raised in an environment that encouraged her natural talent, and her family supported her quest to pursue acting. Through them all, she began the long road to becoming an actress.

Condon became immersed in theatre during her early years, honing her craft and gathering experience through local productions that allowed her to showcase her skills while thrilling audiences with her raw talent. These early roles on the stage allowed her to develop a deep appreciation for storytelling and ignited her passion for the performing arts.

A notable achievement propelling Condon’s career was her breakthrough performance in a critically acclaimed theater production. Her exceptional portrayal of a complex character garnered rave reviews and showcased her immense talent to a broader audience.

These early achievements and breakthrough moments laid the foundation for Kerry Condon’s burgeoning career. They proved her commitment, passion, and tireless quest for perfection in her craft. With each step forward, she cemented her position within the industry while carving a unique path and developing into one of Ireland’s premier talents.

Kerry Condon Net Worth 2024

Personality NameKerry Condon
Net Worth$5 million
Salary$4,00,000 +
Monthly Income$35,000 +
Date of BirthJanuary 9, 1983
Age40 Years
Height1.60m. (5’3″)
Weight52 kg (114 lbs)
ProfessionIrish Actress

Rise to Prominence

Condon rose to stardom through a string of critically acclaimed movies and television series which showcased her capability. Following this success, Condon leaped into television production, where her talent further shone to new heights. Her captivating performances in popular television showcased her command to convert herself between genres and characters.

Kerry Condon quickly established herself as one of Hollywood’s premier actresses, becoming known for quality performances and riveting storytelling. Directors and producers sought her out for her talents, knowing she would bring an unusual perspective and depth to any character she played.

Kerry Condon has demonstrated versatility throughout her career by appearing in many projects. Here are just a few notable ones where Kerry played significant roles and showcased her talent:


  • “Intermission” (2003) – Condon made her feature film debut with this Irish black comedy where she portrayed a young woman caught up in various stories that connect.
  • “Rome” (2005-2007) – Condon earned international renown through her performance of Octavia of Julii in this critically acclaimed historical drama T.V. series from 2005-2007.
  • “The Last Station” (2009) – Condon starred alongside renowned actors Helen Mirren and Christopher Plummer in this biographical drama about the final days of Russian writer Leo Tolstoy.
  • “This Must Be the Place” (2011) – Condon was cast alongside Sean Penn to play an influential young woman aiding in an elderly rockstar’s journey of self-discovery.
  • “Avengers: Infinity War” (2018) and “Avengers: Endgame” (2019) – Condon made her mark with her voice-over part as F.R.I.D.A.Y. in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe for these two blockbuster movies. You will listen to her when Tony interacts with his suit.

TV Shows

  • “Luck” (2011-2012) – Condon made her mark as an actor on this HBO drama about horse racing by portraying Rosie Shanahan, one of Rosie Shanahan’s jockeys.
  • “Better Call Saul” (2015-present) – Condon joined “Better Call Saul” as Stacey Ehrmantraut, daughter-in-law to Mike Ehrmantraut (Jonathan Banks). This role quickly earned critical acclaim.
  • “Bellevue” (2017) – Condon played the part of a transgender high school teacher in this Canadian mystery thriller series that investigated the disappearance of an underaged transgender person.


  • “The Lieutenant of Inishmore” (2001) – Condon performed in the original production of Martin McDonagh’s dark comedy play in London’s West End and on Broadway, earning critical acclaim for her performance.
  • “The Cripple of Inishmaan” (2013) – Condon appeared in the West End revival of Martin McDonagh’s play, receiving praise for her portrayal of Helen McCormick.

Kerry Condon’s Net Worth

Kerry Condon’s net worth is about 5 million dollars. She amassed the amount through acting and performances in various movies, theatre, and television shows. Apart from acting, she lent her voice to several films, adding to her wealth. She is a hard worker and often invests time in improving her skills and accent whenever necessary.


Through notable projects like “Intermission,” “Rome,” and “Better Call Saul,” Condon has showcased her range and versatility, earning critical acclaim and industry recognition. Her talent has been acknowledged with nominations and awards, solidifying her position as a respected and sought-after actress. As reported by Celebrity Net Worth, Kerry Condon’s net worth is about 5 million. Her success and wealth came from her hard work, where she often upgraded the skills necessary to portray roles in several movies, television series, and theatre acts.

FAQs: Most Asked Questions

Who is Kerry Condon?

Kerry Condon is an Irish actress famed for her notable roles across film, T.V., and theatre productions. She has earned praise for her adaptable acting talent in various projects across multiple mediums.

What are some notable projects Kerry Condon has been involved with?

Kerry Condon has worked on various films such as ‘Intermission,” “The Last Station,” and “This Must Be the Place,” in addition to appearing in different television series such as “Rome,” “Better Call Saul,” and “Bellevue.”

Has Kerry Condon received any awards or nominations for her work?

Yes, Kerry Condon has received critical acclaim and nominations for her performances. She has been recognized for her talent with nominations at esteemed award ceremonies, showcasing her skill and contribution to the industry.

What is Kerry Condon’s estimated net worth?

While the exact details of Kerry Condon’s net worth are not publicly disclosed, she has earnings anywhere between 4 and 5 million based on available information and credible sources.

Has Kerry Condon been involved in any endorsement deals?

Kerry Condon has been involved in endorsement deals, as is typical for actors in the entertainment industry. However, details regarding her endorsement deals are not widely known or publicly disclosed.