5 Loyal Ways to Make Money with Instagram

In today’s era, most of the people spend as much time on social media as possible, maybe they will not to do anywhere else. In this situation, If we turn social media (Instagram) into a powerful income source, then how will it be?

Can u tell me the name who will not like to earn more money online by sitting at home?

In today’s time, the person who has the power of money is respected in this society.

Like some people earn money with the help of Youtube. There are many more mobile applications today, with the help of which you can make money while doing your studies, jobs or any other work. Similar mobile applications are ‘Instagram’, with the help of which you can earn good money.

Make money with Instagram

Instagram, is a very popular social platform where you can find and talk to millions of people. In today’s time instagram has become a most popular social site, with the help of 100+ million Monthly active users.

The power of social media has increased a lot. If we want, we can also earn good amount of money through social networking sites. There will be a question in your mind that with the help of this, how much money will we earn?

So let me tell you that if you do smart work + hard work, you can earn monthly thousands or millions.

What do you have to do to earn money from Instagram?

You must have an instagram account which has active followers. Whatever you publish in your account, people will see it and give you feedback. You must have strong and loyal followers for this.

Keeping the account active, take care of these things: –

  • Profile BIO – Write your bio a little unique way including your contact details, where you are from, what you post about. Some keywords and hashtags can also be added.
  • Post Regularly – To increase the number of followers, you should upload daily new content or new captions as well as a good bit caption in the image.
  • Take Good Photos – Before uploading any image, you must check whether the quality of the photo is okay or whether you have added some attractive effects. To make any image attractive, it should pay more attention to its quality and effect.
  • Use HashTags – Without hashtags we can not make a long way to your post. I mean that hashtags are used to reach your post to the maximum peoples which you can include in your post’s caption and profile bio.

By following these tips, you can do well and properly growth of your insta account. Which will make it easier for you to earn money.

Make Money from Instagram with these 5 Ways

1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing means that when you promote a product and a person purchases that product through your given link, then you’ll get commission of it. You must have seen many people put their pics and videos in their instagram posts/bio to the product of a brand. By promoting a brand like this, they’ll get the good amount of money.

Just like in Instagram, you can share image or link of a brand’s product through your post, bio and image caption.

There are many affiliate marketing companies that pay you for promoting their products.

  • ShareASale – Find companies that you want to work with and go to their website to sign up, as soon as you’ll get the approval, then you can earn money by promoting their products. But to get approval on some sites, you should have a website and blog (if not, then ignore such sites) and find some other companies.
  • Ebates – Find people who are interested in great deals & discount, if they take interest in your deal then you will get their commission.
  • Stylinity – This is perfect for fashion bloggers. Here you have to promote a fashion product (like – clothes, accessories and more). You can promote their photos and links by putting them in your bio and posts caption.

You can also share your affiliate link with Instagram as well as on another social platform. The more people will be interested in your product, the more commission you’ll get.

2. Sponsored Post

Instagram users who have good and loyal followers can also publish additional sponsored post and earn extra income.

In a sponsored post, you share the image or video of the brand’s product.

In the posting time we have to include the brand (@mention, branded hashtags and links).

Before promoting any brand and product, upload a personal image of it so that your followers know how it feels in thier lifestyle.

You can find some sponsorship on these sites.

  • TapInfluence – is a great tool for Instagram creators where you can search sponsored content. Here you can create a profile and tell your intuition and details, as soon as a brand wants to work with you, he will contact you.
  • Ifluenz – This is also an amazing tool to search sponsored content where you can earn money by promoting any brand directly.

3. Selling Your Photos

Why do not you use Instagram to sell something?

If you are a professional photographer then instagram is a great place for you to earn money by selling your photo. You can sell your photos to a company or agencies through instagram.

As I said earlier, keep your account active. Publish time to time post and make proper use of hashtags.

There are some websites available where you can sell your photo online.

4. Promote your Business, Product or Service

If you run a business, instagram will prove to be very helpful in the growth and marketing of your business.

To properly promote your product on Instagram, you can add a caption to the image.

You can also put different types of offers and discounts. You can use brand related hashtags in all your posts.

And you can boost your post too. You will find this information in the tab of promotion in your account.

5. Sell Your Insta Account

If you are not interested in the above points then move on, and pay attention to this point.

If you keep your account active and you have done a hard word for it then do not panic. Your hard work will not be wasted, because you can earn money by selling that account.

Some such sites are also available online which gives you the opportunity to sell your account.

  • Fame Swap
  • Viral Account


Finally, you have 5 great ways to know that you can raise your online empire. And you can make online income. So, it’s much better to waste your time on wasteful things.

Of course, you will definitely tell us about which point you are going to pay attention to. If you know any other method about earn money from instagram then tell us in the comment section. Also do not forget to share this post on social media with your friends.